25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (2023)

It's not easy being a virtual assistant!

The subtleties and follow-up work required to complete multiple tasks require focus, dedication, and a lot of patience.

Virtual assistants need to give 100% at all times to get the best results for their clients.

Fortunately, help is available to help virtual assistants manage their tasks professionally while maintaining a level of quality of work. you can use the...CRM systemCentralize the discussion process across departments effectively and efficiently.

We're referring to virtual assistant software tools that are available online for free (well, most are). These tools can help virtual assistants get their work done, whether it's graphic design, managing appointments, communicating with clients, or generating leads.

Experts design these software tools to be simple and easy to use. You can start using some of them within minutes of joining and registering your preferences.

To make it easier for you to choose the best software tools, we have divided them into different categories.

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While this isn't an exhaustive list of all the software tools available for virtual assistants, it's definitely a first stop if you're looking for help better managing your workload.


When communicating, all lines must be open.

Good communication is a key factor in consistently delivering quality work. Understanding your customer's expectations and desired outcome is half the battle.

As a telecommuting professional with over three years of experience, I can assure you that these apps will help you connect with your customers and perform at a high level.


Slack, popular with startups and small businesses, is gradually becoming the preferred means of communication between teams working remotely.

Conceived as an alternative to e-mail, it has more than 750,000 active customers.

Channels are one of Slack's best features as they help businesses create groups around a specific topic and communicate about them without having to clutter up the main chat room.

You can also use it to share files, video call, and communicate directly with key people in the customer's organization.


Billed more as a collaboration tool, Flock has great messaging features that make it perfect for communicating and collaborating with your client on various projects.

It's ideal for situations where you need to interact with multiple cross-functional teams on different projects.

You can also easily integrate Flock with third-party apps to improve your productivity and organize all your work in one place.

With Flock, you can send voice notes, create to-do lists, and even set reminders for tasks. It also offers seamless file sharing and video conferencing with screen sharing features.

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Effective social media management is the key to growing your customers.

As a virtual assistant, social media management tools can help you:

  • The plan &Schedule social media postswell in advance
  • Analyze the performance of individual posts and hashtags
  • Respond to comments and messages from your followers on social media
  • Save time by sharing your posts on different social media profiles

While there are many social media tools out there, the best ones are:


Not only does Hootsuite help you automatically schedule your post at the best time, it also helps you analyze your top performing content with personalized insights into why it's performing.

The inbox feature helps you to respond to customer comments on different social media profiles on a single screen.

you can easilyMonitore todas as hashtags, trends and brand mentions through a customizable dashboard. Hootsuite also helps you plan, schedule, and collaborate with your client's content creation team from a single dashboard.

What makes Hootsuite very useful for a virtual assistant is its extensive library of resources on various topics related to social media management.

You can also master and get certified in new social media tools through Hootsuite Academy.

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puffer fish

As a comparable competitor to Hootsuite, Buffer is also a popular social media management tool.

It's an intuitive and accessible platform for managing all your social media profiles in one place and sharing the content you create on them.

Trusted by over 160,000 small businesses worldwide, it helps virtual assistants measure their social media performance with its social media analytics tools. The best performing posts can serve as a reference for future posts and activities.

Team collaboration, easy scheduling, and faster interaction tools make Buffer a must-have for many virtual assistants. You can even use it to share content with your customers and get their consent before posting it online.

mail planner

Designed to support your content across multiple platforms, Post Planner is loved by 200,000+ businesses to plan posts, save time and increase engagement.

It's also one of the cheapest social media tools, with subscriptions starting at just $3 a month.

According to a Post Planner study, posts published through it received 510% more engagement. This makes it the best option for businesses that rely on social media posts for brand awareness and lead generation.

The auto-scheduling feature schedules and delivers posts at the best times, so you don't have to worry about the best times to post and spam your followers.

You can also automatically recycle your posts without any extra effort.

Go for it if you need a reliable social media post manager.

Hopper HQ

With its simple and productiveSocial media management toolsand propertiesHopper HQIt's a favorite of marketing managers.

This platform's top priority is social media planning, as it allows businesses to get more organized and determine what content is most engaging. The dedicated content calendar offers a drag and drop option, saving managers time and energy.

This UK-based platform provides social media services for 1,000 fantasies from over 55 countries. Help customers create and share relevant content to increase social media engagement and gain followers.

Simplicity, access to multiple social media tools at once, and team collaboration make HopperHQ the perfect place for all business activities across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Audio content creation

(Video) ChatGPT Tools That Make You a PRODUCTIVITY GOD

Podcasting has been booming lately, with over 2 million podcast episodes available worldwide. As a result, many companies began to demand that virtual assistants also be able to perform at least basic audio creation and editing tasks.

If this is something new for you, don't worry. There is a great tool to usePodcastle.ai, which lets you record and edit podcasts and other audio files with just a few taps. You don't need professional equipment or subscription as most of the tool's features are available for free to users.

social teacher

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (4)

social teacherIt is an all-in-one social media management tool with full automation support for 8 social media platforms including; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Business Profile, YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok.

Social Champ allows you to create, edit, publish and schedule your posts with various dashboard features like queue, bulk upload, hashtag manager and much more. A team can also collaborate within the tool, simplifying the workflow by assigning different roles to team members.

Users can easily track analytics for their posts and create presentation-ready reports. The Social Champ's Engage feature allows users to have a quick and fluid conversation with their audience.

project management

"Being a project manager is like being an artist: you have different colored process flows that come together to create a work of art."

Nobody values ​​project management skills and organization more than a virtual assistant, thanks to the multitasking efforts required to manage their clients.

Having the best project management tool available makes the job a little easier, so here are some of the tools we recommend.


Collaborate, manage projects and increase your productivity with this colorful project management tool that you can customize to your needs.

What works for Trello is its flexibility in creating and managing teams, and the ease with which you can delegate, switch, and switch tasks between team members.

It also offers third-party integrations with most popular apps like Slack, Dropbox, Zapier, etc.

It's a custom tool that lets you scale from 2 to 2000 team members at any one time.

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the axes

Always stay in control with that intuitionproject managementTool.

Asana is designed to help you collaborate, share ideas, and work with ease. It is based on drag and drop technology for ease of use.

The timeline feature is a great addition, helping you to see the big picture and see which tasks are dependent and overlapping with others.

Asana also offers a secret project feature to share project details with select members only, which helps keep your project confidential.

What makes it immensely valuable for virtual assistants is its free plan, where you can add up to 15 team members completely free of charge.

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base camp

No list of project management tools can be complete without mentioning Basecamp as it offers many features to help virtual assistants work remotely.

Designed to help teams work remotely, it allows companies to organize everything in one place, eliminating the need to fiddle with small details or look for important files.

You can access Basecamp via the web and even your Android or iOS phones and tablets, making it convenient to stay connected and organized at all times (well, almost).

ProofHub: for project management

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (7)

ProofHubis a robust and easy-to-use platform for team communication and project management. This SaaS solution can help your business save time, money and resources by streamlining workflows with many advanced features in one place. You can do multiple aspects of your work on a single platform on any device.

ProofHub is a brilliant platform for virtual support and increased productivity that offers teams a variety of features that make their daily work easier.

ProofHub encourages better planning through discussions, workflows and Kanban boards, to-do lists and Gantt charts. Notes, calendar and files can help in managing and completing tasks. Thanks to third-party connections like Google Drive and Dropbox, ProofHub provides a central access point to all the different file sharing platforms. Plus, ProofHub's group chat and review features are great for easy collaboration and synchronization.

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (8)

graphic design

If you want to become a great professional virtual assistant, make sure you have a basic understanding of graphic design.

It's a definite bonus to your resume and will help you land the most coveted virtual assistant jobs.

Thanks to the availability of many cloud-based graphic design platforms, you don't have to struggle to create eye-catching designs like you used to. Rather, a basic design sense will go a long way with them.

Here is the best of the many online graphic design tools available online.


Canva is to virtual assistants what MS Word is to writers. An indispensable tool that you will spend hours with every day.

You name the document Canva has a ready-to-use design template. From resumes toimpressive presentations,Logo-Designs, newsletters and posters, Canva has it all and more.

Drag-and-drop editing features, an extensive library of templates, diverse collection of images and graphics make Canva suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Avoid at your own risk.

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (9)

free logo maker

A complete set of logo design tools,free logo makerIt's a favorite of businesses and individuals alike. Using the most sophisticated advancements in AI, this tool lets you createLogo-Designsfor your business.

It works with drag and drop features and has thousands of design templates from all industries that you can customize for your business or personal brand. No prior graphic design experience is required.

skip story

skip storyit's the world's first platform where you'll find only authentic, high-performance images.

It's the perfect solution for any busy virtual assistant; Its AI-powered search engine saves you time you would spend looking for the perfect shot and offers global insurance for all your content.

JumpStory goes one step further and offers a search assistant - if you can't find what you're looking for, they'll find it for you!

For WishUp readers, Jumpstory offers a coupon code: WISHUP20 which offers 20% off all plans for 12 months!


Presented as a photo editing tool with amazing filters and effects, PicMonkey is much more.

As the perfect branding tool, you can also use it to design logos, watermark your images, create branding kits to share with team members, and also create stunning Facebook and Instagram posts.

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With a collection of over 9,000 graphics and textures, thousands of templates, hundreds of fonts, and easy access to images from iStock, Getty, UnSplash, and Pixabay, PicMonkey is a worthy competitor to Canva.


While Pixabay is not a graphic design tool, it is one of those tools that every virtual social media post design assistant should have or know about.

Pixabay offers an impressive collection of royalty-free HD quality images and videos to use in all your creations.

You can search for images based on themes, specific orientations and layouts, colors, and even images without people.

The user-friendly interface is easy to use and you can start downloading images within 2-3 minutes of signing up.

Product managers often struggle to find the perfect tool for their hundreds of needs while managing products.chiselIt is the only solution that will solve all your problems. Product managers had to settle for various project management tools to manage their teamwork longer. Ho Chisel is here to change that.

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (10)

Chisel provides product managers with a platform to manage and track their entire process while working on a project. Chisel's simple interface makes it very easy to use and customize for the team, and project management is done without a lot of work for the product manager.

Chisel offers four tools:

1. Task Management – ​​This tool helps product managers to create tasks according to defined milestones and track their status.

2. User Management: This tool allows you to identify your users, their contact details, user roles, etc.

3. Discussion Forum: This is where the team works on new ideas or issues they encounter when working together on a project.

4. Time Tracking - Track how long each team member took to complete specific tasks, creating custom reports that also tell you who worked on what work and when.

Chisel is not only applicable for product management but can be used across multiple industries. It's versatile enough to accommodate teams of any size, which makes it even better!Try the free version foreverHello!


25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (11)

If you are looking for a platform to create all your branded designs,lowerIt's a great tool! With over 50,000 templates and a growing library of professionally created designs every day, you can create eye-catching images. turn everything offofLogos and videos for your branded social campaign in minutes.

Just select your favorite video template, customize its text, change the color of backgrounds and shapes, and add your images or video clips. You can also adjust the playback speed and number of slides to make an Instagram Story video short or long.

All of their videos are created by a professional team, so you can count on them to be eye-catching templates for your campaigns. After customizing your template, just click the download button.

Main features:

unlimited downloads

Audio sources and selection

· New templates every day


Basic: Free

Unlimited: $12.7 per user/month, $76.23 per user/year


Moose is another resource with millions of photos of every subject imaginable. But does not stop there. Moose installedKI-BildEditor with which you can change the emotions, age and gender of the people in the photo. This editor is popular not only among fans of AI photography tools, but also among virtual assistants. It offers many options to create unique photos for presentations, press releases, newsletters and social media posts. A system based on machine learning ensures that all photos look like regular images created by professional photographers.

File storage and sharing

As a virtual assistant, you need an integrated system to share the files and designs created with your client.

This is especially important when the file size is too large to send via email.

The two industry standard file sharing tools I recommend are:

mail box

Dropbox, one of the pioneers of file storage and sharing, was everyone's default file sharing tool until Google Drive came along.

Dropbox's easy uploading, collaborating, and sharing features have made it very popular among businesses.

While Dropbox's basic free plan offers up to 2GB of free storage, you can opt for a paid standard plan for $12.50 a month and get or find up to 5TB of storage.Dropbox-RabattIncrease offers and savings..

You can also integrate Dropbox with third-party apps like G-Suite, Slack, Trello, Asana, Zoom, and Office 365.

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (12)

Google Drive

Part of Google's G Suite platform, Google Drive is the fast and convenient way to collaborate with your clients and colleagues on the documents and spreadsheets you create.

Fully integrated with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, you can share and edit files with a single click.

Google Drive is also a fast and secure way to store your files, sync them to your computer, and access them from any device.

scale fusion

Integrated content management function withMobile device management softwareIt allows companies to remotely send and upload, edit, publish or even delete business-related documents and data deployed on various distributed devices used by employees, whether owned by the company or employees.

This ensures that content management and collaboration, when needed, are synchronized between the business and employees.

time tracking

"Time is the scarcest resource and if it is not managed, nothing else can be managed." -Peter Drucker

As a virtual assistant, everything you do depends on how efficiently you manage your time.

While multitasking can help you get the best result in a short amount of time, it's worth keeping an eye on the clock, especially if you're billing clients by the hour.

The best time tracking tools are the easiest to use with the least amount of effort.


Clockify is a completely free time tracking tool that lets you add an unlimited number of users to track working hours on multiple projects.

(Video) The best ai assistant of 2023 (New Ai Tools)

The user-friendly interface with two different time tracking options makes it a must-have virtual assistant app.

With Clockify, you can track productivity, attendance and billable hours in a single dashboard and timesheet. You can also set hourly rates on the go and create invoices as you work on multiple projects.

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (13)

weather doctor

Designed for clients and virtual assistants alike, Time Doctor helps you record and analyze your work hours so you can make the most of them.

You can also create project-specific reports with Time Doctor and share them with your clients in just a few clicks.

Time Doctor can also be used on Android phones to track your work activities on the go.

Email me too

Since most small business owners hire virtual assistants, which means they focus on growing the organization, don't you think you need to help too?

One way to help grow your client's business is to generate business leads and interact with customers via email. Managing email campaigns is also becoming a regular part of a virtual assistant's job.

email signature signit plays a crucial role in making a good impression on your audience.

To achieve your customers' growth goals, we share someEmail marketing toolsthat will help you create a win-win situation for them. The overall success of your email marketing efforts depends on the quality of your email address list.

Operationemail validationand regular checking ensures you are only sending emails to real people and not invalid, throwaway, fake addresses. also proactiveClear email listRemove inactive email subscribers from your next email campaigns and keep your remaining list of healthy email contacts warm.

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (14)

post chimpanzee

As one of the first and pioneering email marketing companies, Mail Chimp is the popular choice for planning and sending massive email marketing campaigns with its free forever plan.

Mail Chimp has gradually evolved from an email-only service provider into a fully integrated marketing platform that lets you create landing pages, survey forms, social media posts, and more.

It also has an AI-powered creative assistant that can create custom designs for your brand in minutes.

Automated marketing, deep insights, audience management tools, and in-depth analytics are some of the ways Mail Chimp can help you become the next marketing champion.

send blue

While Mail Chimp is the industry standard for email marketing campaigns, the free template and available design options are limited, as is customer support.

Sendinblue has identified these gaps and has focused its services on providing a more comprehensive and comprehensive intuitive solution for email marketers.

It also has an intuitive customer support team that will proactively reach out to you to help you get your email campaigns up and running as quickly as possible.

In addition to email marketing, it also offers SMS marketing, chat, inbox management, CRM and transactional email to its subscribers.

get an answer

With conversion funnels, marketing automation and website building tools, GetResponse is fully equipped to handle your customer acquisition journey from start to finish.

In addition there isLead Generation Toolsthat helped clients generate over 1 million leads per month.Software marketing email GetResponseIt's designed to work with virtual assistants, small business owners, and even large corporations.

basedgetresponse subscription packageStarting at just $10.50 a month, you can opt for this all-in-one marketing tool.

collaboration at work

As a virtual assistant, you need to make sure your client is up to date on all the tasks and projects you are managing on their behalf.

Also, you need to ensure they share their feedback and information in a timely manner to take action and get things done.

This is where a good work collaboration tool comes into play.

Not only do they help you organize all your work in one place and efficiently share it with your clients, they also ensure that information is available when you need it.

Two of the best and most used tools for collaboration in the workplace are:

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (15)

Google Workspace

The advantage of using Google Workspace is that almost everyone knows and knows how to use it.

Designed for teams of all sizes, Google Workspace is a highly flexible and innovative solution for creating and collaborating on multiple projects.

With built-in email, docs, and spreadsheet tools, you can create and share files with your entire team, and even discuss projects with them through video conferencing apps like Google Meet.

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (16)


Chanty is one of the best tools for collaboration at work and a formidable competitor to Google Workspace.

Chanty not only allows you to work and collaborate with your team but also stay connected with them forever through free chat app.

Chanty can also be easily integrated with third-party applications to set up marketing automation activities.

It also offers detailed search of your chat history, so you can easily track all the messages you've shared with a customer.


25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (17)

Schreiberis a free tool that allows you to instantly document your processes for any reason. It records your clicks and keystrokes and instantly turns them into a guide with screenshots and written instructions. Creating step-by-step tutorials takes seconds instead of minutes with Scribe.

Once a scribe is created, it can be shared via a link or embedded into a CMS.wiki, knowledge base or any other tool. Scribes are commonly used to create SOPs, customer or employee onboarding documents, or training materials.

Online Meetings

While face-to-face meetings are not possible for virtual assistants to discuss work issues, it is better to have a video call with your client.

With today's high Internet connectivity and advances in videoconferencing, it's almost as good as being there.

We share two popular video conferencing apps that became very popular and grew tremendously during the days of lockdown and social distancing.

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (18)


Hosting online video conferences is very easy with this cloud-based video conferencing tool.

Zoom has made the concept of video conferencing and collaboration at home so popular that other apps have taken notice and entered the same space.

(Video) 25+ Website Builders, Tools & Services FOR WEB DEVELOPERS

With the free version, you can schedule and make video calls of up to 40 minutes. Additionally, users have the option to upgrade to a paid plan for longer video calls and other features.

the remote assistantThey can also share their screens with clients to discuss specific projects or showcase their work.

google meeting

Google Meet is a completely free and secure video conferencing platform that is part of the Google Workspace suite.

You can set up an instant meeting in minutes or even schedule calls for later.

You can also send a Google calendar to invite all attendees to RSVP and share the meeting agenda.

If you spend a lot of time on the Google platform collaborating on projects, it makes sense to use this practical and stable video conferencing tool to interact with your clients.

he did:

he didis an intuitive meeting scheduling software that can help you easily schedule meetings and eliminate the need to exchange emails, making it easy to find a time that works for everyone. It's a complete solution that lets you save time and focus on qualifying, acquiring and serving more leads, faster.

With an easy-to-use interface, customers can see your real-time availability in their time zone and schedule appointments 24/7. They can also conveniently manage their meetings by rescheduling and canceling them.

This is not everything! Apointy can also help you send automatic SMS/email reminders, integrate with your personal and work calendars, schedule virtual Zoom meetings, manage your resources, and much more!

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (19)


As a virtual assistant, you communicate with your client and other representatives on their behalf, create and share documents, presentations, etc.

Given the emphasis on written communication, it makes sense to ensure that your communication is accurate and complies with English language norms for better and clearer intelligibility.


While both MS Word and Google Docs have word and grammar checks built in, nobody does it better than Grammarly.

Grammarly is designed to help virtual assistants communicate better and write perfect emailsGrammar Check Tool. They are available as an app andChrome extension.

While the free version is useful for fixing basic spelling and grammar mistakes, you'll need to upgrade to a paid version to be more grammatically correct.

schedule management

Scheduling and attending meetings doesn't have to be a problem for virtual assistants, thanks to the availability of online schedulers.

Online appointment planners are a great help if you want to make an appointment with your client in short time. While Google Calendar is a popular option, some feature-rich planners offer much more.

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (20)


A free appointment scheduling software, Calendly, helps you schedule meetings faster.

It saves you from sending and receiving emails between multiple recipients, allowing everyone to meet at a convenient time for each other.

Calendly also offers premium features like automatic reminders, follow-ups, and sending thank you notes to attendees.

On-demand scheduling helps potential clients schedule meetings at their convenience.

Calendly's convenient and simple reschedule feature also helps reduce cancellations.

document signing

As a virtual assistant, you may need to create legal documents and contracts on your client's behalf, most of which will require your approval or signature to proceed.

While this is easy to do when collaborating, it can also be quite challenging when working remotely.

In these scenarios, using online software tools that help you sign and authenticate documents virtually and in real time is a lifesaver.

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (21)


DocuSign is one of our favorite electronic document signing apps because of its simplicity and ease of use.

To have the documents signed by your client, just upload them in pdf format, in which the areas to be signed are marked. Your customer can electronically sign them and send them back securely in the mail within minutes.

DocuSign can also store your documents online so you can access them when you need them. Also, it is a verified and reliable e-signature app that you can use safely and reliably. it's amazingAlternative to Adobe Sign, another market-leading electronic signature tool.

It currently offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required so you can familiarize yourself with its features.

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (22)

Signo jotform

Signo jotformis the new electronic signature tool in Jotform's extensive suite of applications. It's a free tool that you can try to safely collect electronic signatures. Create unique documents using 600+ templates and further customize them to fit your brand.

Create automated approval flows to get notified whenever a change is made to your document. You no longer need to check that the right person has signed your document. All your data is protected by CCPA, GDPR and PCI compliance. You get access to an audit trail of your documents to track every step of the signing process.

Jotform comes with a free document limit plan that you can try out to see if it's right for your business.

Expense control and accounting

in the shoe box

25+ Daily Virtual Assistant Software Tools (23)

Shoeboxed is a receipt tracking and scanning service withreceipt management softwareWhich uses artificial intelligence and a human verification team to capture data from physical documents and receipts and convert it into a digital format.

Shoebox users can add subusers to their account for bookkeeping or accounting tasks. This means virtual accounting assistants can log into their clients' Shoeboxed accounts and enter expenses, count totals and create expense reports for their clients.

He was recently named the bestreceipt scanner appfor Hubspot's tax season and Crozdesk's "Awarded Quality Choice" and "Trusted Vendor" awards.

All plans include unlimited storage.


From graphic design to project management, from collaboration to running email marketing campaigns, there is a wide range of online tools that will make your job as a virtual assistant more efficient and easier.

Using these productivity tools gives you a competitive edge and enhances your professional skills and experience as avirtual assistant.

I recommend trying these tools at least once to familiarize yourself with their features and benefits.

If you think I missed some tools, please let me know. I will add them to my next blog.

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