8 proven strategies to build a strong relationship with your virtual assistant for maximum productivity (2023)

Are you a busy founder looking to grow your business and manage your workload efficiently? If so, work with aVirtual Assistant (VA)It could be a watershed.

Unfortunately, building a successful working relationship with a remote VA can be challenging. So one of the most common questions I get from new clients is:"How can I get the most out of my virtual assistant?".

To answer that question, I've compiled eight proven strategies to help you build a strong working relationship with your VA for maximum productivity.

In this post, you'll learn how to share your vision, build trust, set clear expectations, and more. By following these strategies, you can build a successful working relationship with your VA and achieve your business goals. So let's dive in!

1. Share your vision

Your virtual assistant is an integral part of your team, so sharing your vision and goals with them is crucial. This is a great way to help your VA stay motivated and get the results you want.

Sharing your vision can also help your VA understand how your job fits into the bigger picture. This allows them to anticipate your needs and support you more effectively.

To share your vision with your VA, start by outlining your business goals and objectives. Then discuss your long-term plans, what you want to accomplish in the coming months and years, and what help you need to reach your daily goals.

When done right, this will help your VA understand your priorities and tailor the support they provide to help you achieve your goals.

2. Build trust

Trust is key in any employment relationship, but it can be especially important when working with a remote virtual assistant. Since you won't be able to see your VA in person, it's important to establish a level of trust so that you feel comfortable delegating tasks to your VA.

To build trust with your VA, set clear boundaries and expectations for communicating and getting work done. Be transparent about your needs and preferences, and make sure your VA understands your expectations.

As you work together, your VA will have a good understanding of your expectations and will be able to anticipate your needs. In this case, you can gradually expand their responsibilities and entrust them with more complex tasks.

3. Set clear (and realistic) expectations

The next step in building a great relationship with your VA isformulate clear expectations. This includes defining the scope of your responsibilities, outlining the schedule for completing tasks, and establishing communication channels.

Be specific about the tasks you want your VA to perform and the level of quality you expect. It is also important to discuss the times for each task so that your VA knows when to complete each job.

To set clear and realistic expectations, create a detailed list of tasks and deadlines for your VA. You should also discuss the expected level of detail and the timeline for completing each task.

When setting your expectations, be sure to set realistic deadlines that take into account your VA's other responsibilities. Overburdening him with work will only hurt your relationship and keep your VA from doing his chores.

4. Sea flexible

Virtual assistants often work with multiple clients and may have other commitments. As such, it's important to be flexible with your VA's schedule and understand that they may not always be available when you need them.

Let's say you have a deadline or an urgent task. If this is the case, it's important to communicate this clearly and ahead of time, as submitting last-minute orders to your VA is likely to lead to resentment and other problems later on.

To be flexible, create a clear communication plan with your VA that outlines when they will be available and how you can contact them. Consider using project management software that allows your VA to update your availability and workload in real time.

5. Talk regularly

Effective communication is key to building a successful working relationship with your VA. Be sure to use the communication channels established at the beginning of your employment relationship to ensure quick responses.

If you need a video or phone call, please schedule it in advance to ensure that both you and your VA are available. It is also important to set boundaries in communication. For example, let your VA know when you're available and when you don't want to be interrupted, and vice versa.

To talk regularly, schedule regular checkups with your VA. This could be a weekly or bi-weekly call to discuss progress, concerns, and upcoming tasks.

Take advantage of this time to provide feedback and resolve any issues that have arisen since your last check-in. You can also use this time to answer questions from your VA and clarify details about upcoming projects.

6. Provide feedback

Another crucial part of building a successful working relationship with your VA is feedback. This includes providing regular feedback to your VA and taking note of any constructive feedback they give you.

Be sure to provide regular feedback (both positive and constructive) to help your VA understand your expectations and improve their work. It's important to be specific and give examples of what you liked or what could be improved.

To provide helpful feedback, start by identifying specific areas where your VA excels or can improve. Be specific about what you liked or what could be better and give examples.

If you provide constructive feedback, please make suggestions for improvement and provide support. Also, remember to acknowledge the job your VA has done well to keep you motivated.

7. Be respectful

Respect is essential in any employment relationship and it is important to extend it to your virtual assistant. This not only helps reduce stress levels, but also encourages your VA to do quality work for you.

Be sure to treat your VA with respect and kindness, just as you would any other member of your team. Remember that your VA is a professional who will help you and your business prosper.

Start by setting clear expectations for communicating and completing tasks in a professional manner, and be sure to treat your VA as an equal member of your team. In the early stages of your relationship, it is also important to be patient and understanding when mistakes are made.

8. Celebrate victories

Celebrating accomplishments is critical to building a strong working relationship with your VA. If you always focus on the negative aspects of your job and ignore the positive ones, your VA will quickly lose motivation.

That's why it's so important to recognize your VA's hard work and accomplishments! Letting them know that they did a good job makes them feel valued and motivated to keep doing great work for your company.

To celebrate victories, take time to acknowledge the job your VA has done well. This can be as simple as sending a thank you email or saying hello on social media. You can also offer a reward for excellent work, e.g. B. a gift certificate or reward.

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TLDR:Working with a virtual assistant is a great way to manage your workload and achieve maximum productivity. To build a strong working relationship, share your vision, build trust, set clear expectations, be flexible, talk regularly, provide feedback, be respectful, and celebrate your accomplishments.

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