America's Best Business Conferences Worth Attending | 2023 (2023)

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With the worst of the Covid pandemic reflected in the rear-view mirror and the world back on its feet, 2023 will be the year that in-person business conferences make a comeback and offer a great opportunity to showcase your business and update your skills bring to.

That might be tempting enough, but if you still need to do some convincing, here are six benefits of attending conferences:

  • Connect with consumers and suppliers in your industry
  • Learn from the leaders in your industry
  • Find the latest trends relevant to your business
  • Find out about your competitors to stay one step ahead of them
  • Be inspired by case studies from your colleagues
  • Experience new products and services in your industry up close

To help you choose the next (or maybe first!) one we're dealing with. Before you start planning your trip, find our ranking below.

1. Consumer Electronic Show (CES) - Best for tech savvy people

Wo?Vegas, Nevada

Which place?Much

When?5–8 January 2023

What is that?CES has been bringing technology entrepreneurs to southern Nevada for more than half a century and has witnessed massive changes in the industry, many of which are being seen in conference rooms for the first time. It gathers participants from more than 160 countries and 40 categories of the technology sector, from artificial intelligence and audio to travel and wellness.

What can I expect?You can visit the stands of a wide range of companies at several locations. In three of these, CES will also host a series of conference sessions. Topics for the 2023 edition include: "How Technology Can Advance Health Equity" and "The Cross-Platform Storytelling and Engagement Universe".

Which big players will go?Samsung and Uber

Which guest should I not miss?Ed Bastian (CEO von Delta Air Lines)

Recording a participant

CES is the moment when the whole world comes together here. All technology leaders can see your new innovations. It was a great opportunity for us to test what we had brought to market.”(sic!)

Charlesa Kergaravata,

- Director of International Marketing at Klaxoon

What is the ticket link?

(Video) Why Hosting The Olympics Isn't Worth It Anymore

2nd HR Leaders Summit – The best for HR admins

Wo?San Diego, California

Which place?TBA

When?24.-26. April 2023

What is that?With over 15 years of experience bringing together North American HR professionals, the HR Leadership Summit is the place to meet (and learn from) the industry's elite. It uses a very exclusive model where the organization puts you in touch with relevant business partners. If your registration is approved, the entry fee will be paid by the sponsors of the event.

What can I expect?Thanks to the model, you will have many one-on-one conversations because it does without the classic conference room model. It also offers many conversations. In 2023, these will include: “Building an Inclusive Workplace Culture from the Ground Up” and “Workforce Stabilization: Organizational Change and Resilience”.

Which big players will go?PepsiCo in SAP

Which guest should I not miss?Wanda Hope (Head of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at Johnson & Johnson)

What is the ticket link?

3rd National Association of Restorers (NRAS) Exhibition - Best for restorers

Wo?Chicago, Illinois

Which place?McCormick-Platz

When?20.-23. Mai 2023r

What is that?With a name like that, you'd assume this gathering would be the 'Who's Who' of the foodservice industry... and you're absolutely right. NRAS is also a major event: over 1,800 companies from more than 900 categories populate North America's largest convention center for three days and present new products and solutions for the industry.

What can I expect?The highlight of the event is the show on the dance floor, where entrepreneurs, chefs and beverage experts take part in exciting live shows. However, the event will also host RestaurantShowXchange (RSX), an exclusive matchmaking program for buyers and exhibitors, available to you at no additional cost should you wish to participate.

Which big players will go?Heineken in Oatly'ego

Which guest should I not miss?Tiffany Derry (chef, TV personality and restaurateur)

Recording a participant

One of the main reasons I always come to the National Restaurant Association Show is to get inspiration from people around the world. The show always offers a new idea, a twist.”(sic!)

wear Britton,

- Owner of Funky Door

(Video) Steve Cohen - America's Most Profitable Day Trader

4. Global Fleet Conference (GFC) – Best for fleet managers

Wo?Miami, Florida

Which place?Intercontinental Miami

When?5.–7. June 2023

What is that?Fewer people attend this event than others on this list, but that reflects the ethos of quality over quantity. We are proud to bring together senior representatives from some of the world's leading fleet management companies. In 2023 it will celebrate its 10th edition and will focus its activities on lectures, with networking events in between.

What can I expect?The strength lies in the keynote program, which is based on case studies. The event has a strong focus on Latin American business integration, with many key players in this region sharing their challenges and achievements.

Which big players will go?Six at Volvo

Which guest should I not miss?TBA

Recording a participant

The GFC was a very good conference, generating many good conversations and building new relationships. I met a lot of new people and spent time with people I wanted to get to know better.”(sic!)

Scott Singsank,

- Senior Global Customer Service Manager bei Wheels

What is the ticket link?

5. ProjectSummit*BusinessAnalystWorld (PS*BAW) - Best for project managers


Which place?Arlington from Brama West

When?12.–14. June 2023

What is that?PS*BAW, one of the largest conferences for project managers and business analysts in North America, offers these professionals a symposium of the highest quality. For three days, experts from these fields will come to the country's capital to participate in important scientific discoveries and to socialize.

(Video) Is Wal-Mart Good for America? (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

What can I expect?The main attraction of the event are lectures and program presentations, but you can also expect workshops. Of the latter, the 2022 edition includes "Learn to manage your requirements before stakeholders manage you" and "Best practices for strengthening strategic thinking in yourself and others."

Which big players will go?Google is van Hewlett-Packarda

Which guest should I not miss?TBA

Recording a participant

I enjoyed meeting other BAs and BA Managers and hearing about their experiences and how they solved some of our problems. Your new perspective makes me realize that we have done a lot of good work at my company, but still have much more to do.”(sic!)

Christopher Gaffney,

- Former operations manager at Equitable

6. Inbound - Best for digital marketers

Wo?Boston, MA

Which place?Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

When?5.-8. September 2023

What is that?This one-day event is a major seminar on sales and marketing trends. Hosted by software company Hubspot for over 10 years, the event is a unique opportunity to meet the world's leading minds and develop important ideas and partnerships for your business.

What can I expect?Although the focus is on conference sessions, you can expect plenty of workshops and networking. Because Inbound supports entrepreneurial communities, the program includes events for Black and Hispanic professionals. Keep an eye out for guest appearances too: past speakers have included world-class figures like Barack Obama and Viola Davis!

Which big players will go?TBA

Which guest should I not miss?TBA

What is the ticket link?

7. Accommodation Conference – Best for hoteliers

Wo?Phoenix, Texas

Which place?JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge

When?18.-21. September 2023

(Video) Top 10 Cities EVERYONE is MOVING TO in America in 2024

What is that?During this conference, hoteliers from across the country flock to sunny Texas for a variety of networking events and conversations with industry VIPs. Speakers for the 2022 edition included Jeff Weinstein (Editor-in-Chief of HOTELS Magazine) and Lawrence Cuculic (President and CEO of Best Western).

What can I expect?A group of hospitality champions in one place trying to outdo each other, resulting in one of the best work-to-play ratios on this list. The event is known for its excellent gastronomic offer and leisure activities for networking. A casual dress code also ensures a relaxed atmosphere, for example at business conferences.

Which big players will go?Hiltona and Hyatta

Which guest should I not miss?TBA

Recording a participant

The accommodation conference is very special because the relaxed atmosphere that prevails here is something that everyone needs and just this year it was very special to meet so many friends and colleagues that you might not have seen in previous years .(sic!)

Gib Rogers,

- AHLA President and CEO

What is the ticket link?

Next Steps

As you have seen, 2023 will be filled with learning and networking opportunities through conferences. The diversity of the events we have selected underscores the breadth of these events. While we've left out your specific industry, we're confident you'll find one that's right for you.

We understand that after several years of economic instability, attending these meetings can be too much of a financial drain. However, many of them (including some listed here) offer at least some of their experience virtually, making it a cheaper option when looking for your next conference.

Frequently asked questions about business conferences 2023

What is the purpose of a business conference?

The business conference brings together industry experts to share emerging trends and foster collaboration. Many of them also organize trade fairs.

Is it worth organizing business conferences?

It pays to invest in business conferences. They offer you great opportunities to showcase your business, hone your skills and expand your network

Are virtual conferences effective?

(Video) Junior Bankers Need to Work 12 Hour Days, J.P. Morgan's Erdoes Says

Face-to-face conferences offer more opportunities for networking. However, if you can't reach them or are more focused on the educational aspect of these events, virtual conferences are an effective way to keep up to date with the latest developments in your organization.


Are business conferences worth it? ›

However, the answer is a resounding "yes". It is important to invest in such business and personal development tools. Particularly in areas like IT, artificial intelligence, and business analytics. Let's explore some reasons why attending conferences is worth a professional's time and investment.

What are the benefits of attending business meetings? ›

Conferences offer many opportunities to develop key life skills such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making. These skills can be beneficial when working in a team environment. They can also be helpful when dealing with difficult situations.

How do I get the most out of an industry conference? ›

From prepping beforehand to having a great time while you're there, here's what you need to know to make the most of your next conference.
  1. Before the Conference.
  2. Gain Visibility. ...
  3. Build Stronger Relationships. ...
  4. At the Conference.
  5. Get Briefed. ...
  6. Choose the Right Sessions. ...
  7. Remember What You Learn. ...
  8. Connect With the Speakers.

What is important when attending a business conference? ›

Take some time before the conference begins to set goals, plan your agenda, and make a list of people you want to meet while you're there. You'll feel more prepared, go into it with increased confidence, and find value in experiences you may have otherwise overlooked.

Do conferences look good on resumes? ›

Adding Conference Details to Your Resume

Whilst it isn't obligatory to list this information you should include something on your resume if you've made a significant conference or workshop presentation. This can make a big difference if your job involves presentation skills or effective leadership.

Should I pay to speak at a conference? ›

Conferences should really pay a speaker's expenses at a minimum, and in some cases an honorarium. For me, expense reimbursemnt is fine as when I am speaking I am looking to help people, share information and give back to the profession which has given me so much.

What are the pros and cons of business meetings? ›

However, despite their necessary nature, there advantages and disadvantages to business meetings.
  • Advantage: Information Sharing. ...
  • Disadvantage: Drain on Time. ...
  • Advantage: Encourages Teamwork. ...
  • Disadvantage: Lack of Leader.

What are 3 benefits of holding business meetings? ›

Meetings provide a valuable forum for a range of different functions, helping people to share ideas, make decisions, build team relationships, and even feel less lonely at work.

Why attending meetings is important? ›

Meetings help share info & Solve problems

Think of your meetings as opportunities to share information, solve problems, and keep the team working together. That's why they're important—they help you build trust, improve communication and get more done in less time.

What are the advantages and disadvantage of arranging a business conference? ›

However, despite their necessary nature, there advantages and disadvantages to business meetings.
  • Advantage: Information Sharing. ...
  • Disadvantage: Drain on Time. ...
  • Advantage: Encourages Teamwork. ...
  • Disadvantage: Lack of Leader.

What is the purpose of a conference in a business? ›

A business conference is held for people working in the same company or industry. They come together to discuss new trends and opportunities pertaining to the business.

Can you make money from conferences? ›

How to Bypass Planning Problems. There are two main ways to make money from conferences: selling tickets and selling sponsorships. However, many people who try to host a conference never get off the ground because conference planning can easily run into circular dependencies with regard to financing and negotiations.


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