Fergus Crawley: A hybrid athlete for a bigger cause (2023)

Fergus Crawley from Scotland is a formerPowerlifter became a hybrid athlete(specializing in strength and endurance), which runs endurance challenges for charity. More recently, he's squatted 500 pounds, run a sub-5-minute mile and run a marathon. all on the same day.

Watch our recent interview with Crawley here:

During his competitive powerlifting career, he competed in eight eventshe won gold in five of them.He only missed the podium twice. His career highlight was his first place in the junior class at the 2016 Global Committee on Powerlifting (GPC) European Championships in the -82.5 kg weight class with a total of 600 kg / 1322.7 lbs. .

His transition to becoming a hybrid athlete was fueled in part by a desire to raise awareness of men's mental health and suicide prevention. He has dealt with major depression firsthand and survived a suicide attempt in May 2016. Today he works with himThe Movember Foundation, a charity dedicated to men's health.

According to a podcast, Crawley went along with itculturismo.comAs of February 2019, his personal mission statement is:

Be a man of words because talking saves lives.

We were lucky enough to get a written interview with Crawley after his last endurance challenge. He shared how this challenge experience was, details about his training process, diet, future goals and much more. But first, if you haven't seen Crawley do the 501-pound squat under 5-minute mile and run the marathon the same day, check out the following video on his YouTube channel:

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From weightlifting to endurance challenges

Crawley's last powerlifting competition was bronze at the 2017 British GPC Finals in the -100kg category. His departure from the sport was due to several reasons, the first of which was the fact that he no longer enjoyed it:

"I used to live in London and took the tube 1 hour 10 minutes there and back to get to a gym with special equipment/environment that I liked and just ended up not having the love anymore, that I once had. ”

After "more standardization of strength-oriented hypertrophy training", he got involved in his first charity challenge for Movember in the summer of 2018.Total squats 500,000 kg/1,102,311 lbs in 24 hours- would be a world record - to represent the annual number of male suicides worldwide. ExpressionSquats 60 kg/132 ​​lbs 2,100 reps in 5 hours for a total of 125,000 kg/275,577.8 lbsfrom a patellar tendon strain and a slight tear in the medial collateral ligament.

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In preparing for such a challenge, Crawley needed to improve his aerobic base and in the process discovered a new love for hybrid training.

"For the past 2 years I've mostly focused on endurance goals, but I've adapted really well, largely due to the programming and management of my coach Jonathan Pain."

Planung des 500lb/sub Squat 5 Minute Mile/50K Run

Crawley did not accept this particular resistance challenge. The Scots native considered the challenge, but it was through constant tagging in a blog post.Garage gym reviewswhich eventually convinced him to commit to him.

Through his training for the challenge, "he found that Adam [Klink] and Dane Smith were also training." In his YouTube video of his entire challenge, Crawley thanked Klink for completing the challenge (minus the marathon) just days earlier.

“I've been following Adam closely out of mutual interest and a healthy competitive interest! He destroyed!"

Adam Klink first ran the mile and then did squats. Why did you change the order?

Crawley mentioned that it was important to "play to his strengths" what was going on for him at the time.

"In short, I couldn't imagine squatting down after a mile of maximum exertion!"


It went unnoticed, but Crawley's younger brother Jamie successfully performed oneOn the same day, he deadlifted 500 pounds and ran 4:53 milesat just 19 years old. Suffice to say, that made him a good sparring partner at Crawley's Home Gym during Concentrate.ten weeks of trainingleads to the endurance challenge.

For most events or challenges, Crawley's training is focused on the summitintensityat the beginning of each week and volume training at the end. Here is an example of what a typical daily routine looked like during its preparation:

Montag -Heavy squats and assisted squats plus a track session.
Mars -strongest day
Wednesday -An hour of running just below threshold heart rate OR a Wattbike session.
Thursday -The Assisted Squat Variation.
Freitag -Upper hypertrophy, running 5 miles, sprints.
Saturday -3-5 hour hike at a heart rate of 130-150 bpm (first 8 weeks only)
Domingo-rest day.

For endurance-oriented events, Crawleyturn up the volumeand reduce strength training.

"Specificity is key and exercise/session selection is the key variable."

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The Crawley Diet is designed for consistency. By himCaloric intake drops from a slight deficit to just above maintenance needsdepending on the need for relaxation. With a body weight generally in the range of 88-93 kg yourThe reference calorie intake is calculated by taking your body mass index (BMR) and its non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT).You will adjust this number based on your current and your specific goalsbody composition.

Your calories during this particular concoction were round5,000 a day. As an athlete who does a lot of cardio, it isattentive to the recovery of calories burned during cardio sessionsso that the fuel does not run out.

Are there any foods that you actively avoid?

Aside from a peanut allergy, there's no specific food Crawley doesn't want to eat: In fact, he ate pizza between running the 5-minute mile and running the marathon on the same day. However, there are foods that he usually resorts to, such as oatmealWhey protein, chicken, bagels and more pizza after Saturday's hard workout. For snacks, he prefers protein bars and shakes.

"Typically, I'll take a carbohydrate source, I'll take a protein source, I'll take a fat source (any source I like), and I'll cook meals that meet my intake goals, it's that simple!"

Do you have frequent cramps or was it a weird day?

When running theMarathonaftersquattingWeighing 501 lbs and running 4:58 miles, Crawley suffered from quadruple cramps that slowed him down. Although it was equipped with a liter and a half of water and several sourcescarbohydratesand electrolytes in his running belt, he blamed the cramps on his body because he didn't know what to expect.

“I've never had this problem before! And having completed Ironman Lanzarote in 22-28 degrees Celsius, I would say that this was a unique issue I had as a result of the confusion/physiological challenge of the pre-marathon squat/mile.

Cramps caused Crawley to complete the marathon in about 5 hours at an average pace of 11:13 per mile.Almost burned the calories of a full day of training.He said at the end that it was"The slowest marathon you've ever run."For context, in early 2020 he ran a marathon in 3 hours and 17 minutes, so it was clear that the stress caused by the squats and the full-effort mile was seriously affecting his performance.

"The squat and the mile had a HUGE effect, but at the end of the day that was the bottom line when you see how it affected me."

Why add 50km/31 miles to an already strenuous challenge?

"I always thought of adding an element of endurance to the challenge even before committing to it and frankly the 50km was enough to fit into the number scheme!"

After Klink "claimed pioneer status" as the first to successfully complete both the 500-pound squat and the sub-5-minute mile in one day, Crawley made the decision to add the larger resistance element to make it more personal .

"I've revised the plan to make it a little bit more in line with my own goals."

The moment the 50K became a marathon

After covering 13.7 miles/22 km in just over 2 hours, Crawley suffered from quadriceps spasms and knew "something was wrong". After about a 1km delay, "he evaluated and lowered [the] target based on the reality of the challenge".

The "big, big endurance challenge" in autumn?

The day after completing his giant endurance challenge, Crawley hinted at a "big, big endurance challenge" he would plan sometime in the fall. Unfortunately, he could not share the exact details. However, he managed to give an idea of ​​how big the challenge will be and that it will be different from all previous ones:

“It will be a continuous 8-10 day quest to become world number 1 and it will take place in the Scottish Highlands from 1st November 2020; Also, my trainer will be with me throughout the year, which will help me. with misery!

The start date coincides with Movember. Crawley is hoping to raise £100,000 for men's mental health and suicide prevention.

"I already have some great sponsors on board as well as some fantastic community partnerships, so it's going really well."

Future plans for additional endurance challenges

As for endurance challenges beyond his Movember challenge in the Scottish Highlands, Crawley has "some crazy plans".

... one step, one year at a time, and see where I end up. I like the process, I like the training, I like the effort, so I'll keep trying until I stop making myself happy!

Crawley's plans to compete in major events this year, including the Celtman Extreme Triathlon in June, have been canceled due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Featured image from Fergus Crawley's Instagram page: @ferguscrawley


How old is Fergus Crawley? ›

26-year-old Crawley has a background in strength and ultra-endurance. For example, he ran a sub-five-minute mile and squatted 500 pounds on the same day. He scored a 1,200-pound powerlifting total directly followed by a sub-12-hour Iron Man.

Where is Fergus Crawley from? ›

Fergus Crawley of Scotland is a former powerlifter turned hybrid athlete (specializing in both strength and endurance), who performs endurance challenges for charity.

How does Fergus Crawley train? ›

Fergus loves to push his body to its limits, par-taking with workout challenges consisting of gruelling triathlons, heavy weight lifting and sprint training.

What is a hybrid athlete? ›

A hybrid athlete is someone proficient in multiple sports or fitness disciplines. This can include anything from running and cycling to weightlifting and gymnastics. The goal of hybrid training is to develop a broad base of fitness that can be applied to any situation.

Who is Fergus real father? ›

Germain (Stanley Weber) is revealed to be Fergus' father.

Are Fergus and Claire related? ›

In the 18th century, Claire winds up married to James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, of Clan Fraser of Lovat. They have several children: Faith, who doesn't survive birth; an adopted son named Fergus; and a daughter, Brianna.

What is Fergus Crawley's morning routine? ›

He combines his meal with early morning hydration, which combines caffeine and electrolytes. Crawley recommends consuming electrolytes first thing in the morning, every morning, if possible. Embarking on a 20-mile run, Crawley consumes snacks every five kilometers that contain 167 calories each.

How do hybrid athletes train? ›

The most common types of hybrid training are resistance training along with either running or cycling. Traditionally, it has always been thought that you can only have one or the other, strength or endurance.

Does Fergus go to America? ›

We follow Fergus from a 10-year-old, brothel-born, French pickpocket with unknown origins, through tragedy in his teen years at Lallybroch, to a savvy smuggler in Edinburgh. Then, he travels to America with Jamie to rescue Ian, marries Marsali on the way and makes a life with his ever growing family on Fraser's Ridge.

Where does Fergus live? ›

Voyager. Following the Battle of Culloden, Fergus continues to live at Lallybroch, and Jenny Murray tutors him with the rest of her children. He sometimes brings food to Jamie, who lives in a cave near the estate.

Does Fergus have children? ›

In July 1767, Fergus leaves North Carolina to fetch Marsali and their first-born child Germain from Jamaica. They come to Fraser's Ridge in the summer of 1768. In September 1770, Marsali gives birth to their second child, a daughter named Joan.

Who owns hybrid athletics? ›

Owner. Rob Orlando is a Strongman competitor, CrossFit Games athlete, and owner and head coach of Hybrid Athletics, a CrossFit Strongman gym with locations in Bridgeport and Stamford, CT. From 2005 to 2010, Rob competed in Strongman events across the United States.

What is the difference between CrossFit and hybrid athlete? ›

CrossFit workouts tend to focus on functional movements, such as squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups. Hybrid Athlete workouts may include a wider variety of exercises, including Olympic lifts, powerlifting movements, and bodybuilding exercises.

Do hybrids have higher fitness? ›

Hybrids can have less fitness, more fitness, or about the same fitness level as the purebred parents. Usually, hybrids tend to be less fit; therefore, reproduction to produce hybrids will diminish over time, which nudges the two species to diverge further in a process called reinforcement.

Why was Fergus replaced? ›

Related Articles. So Berrux simply had to make way for Domboy because an older actor was needed to show the passage of time with Fergus growing up. He would have been around 14 or 15 when Outlander season three was filmed, while Domboy was about 26 or 27.

How old is Jamie Fraser when he dies? ›

Naturally, they answered yes. “He's about 25,” Gabaldon said. It's an interesting response. If you're up to date on the series, then you know that Jamie is not dead at the age of 25.

Does Fergus have a dwarf? ›

Henri-Christian is born as the fourth child of Fergus and Marsali. He is a dwarf and some of the residents of Fraser's Ridge believe he is a punishment for his parents' sins.

Is Master Raymond Claire's father? ›

The mysterious Master Raymond is a "prehistoric time traveler." Not much is known about him, but he is thought to be a common ancestor of both Claire Fraser and Geillis Duncan.

Does Fergus ever call Jamie dad? ›

He may never have called Jamie “Dad,” but Jamie has been the only father figure he's ever known. He's always looked up to Jamie, and this moment shows that Jamie continues to respect Fergus and call him family. There are sadly some who wouldn't view adopted sons and daughters in the same way as biological ones.

Does Fergus know Claire is a time Traveller? ›

Fergus apparently knows Claire is a time traveler in Outlander. Diana Gabaldon mentions now and then on social media that Fergus knows Claire is a time traveler. This is something that happens off-book in the series. Fergus and Marsali have both learned the truth, which is important for later books.

How old was Fergus when he married? ›

Does this get specified in the books? Marsali is 15 and Fergus is 30 when they get married. So yeah, for the era that's probs not that weird. But as a modern reader, it's creepy…

What is the Miracle Morning routine? ›

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is a 6-step morning routine using what are called Life S.A.V.E.R.S.: silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing. A good book to pick up if you're looking to upgrade your mornings.

What is Tony Robbins morning routine? ›

Tony Robbins wakes up between 7 am and 9 am, depending on what time he went to bed the night before. Every day starts with the same 10-minute-long regime of meditation, gratitude, yoga, and incantations. He then does some high-intensity training with a personal trainer for 15 minutes.

How should hybrid athletes eat? ›

Hybrid athletes need a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats to perform at their best. Carbs are the primary source of energy for the body, while proteins help build and repair muscle tissue 💪. Last but not least, healthy fats. They provide sustained energy and aid in nutrient absorption.

What is the hybrid weight lifting program? ›

HYBRID Weightlifting focuses on the competition lifts, snatch and clean & jerk, along with developing the strength it takes to set personal records on the platform. This program is designed for weekend warriors and elite competitors alike. Try it out if you're even a little interested in the weightlifting life.

Is A hybrid workout effective? ›

Hybrid exercise is both more enjoyable and more effective. It's an easy way to fit regular exercise into your lifestyle and get more results. Variety is vital in fitness – we need to do various fitness activities both for optimal health and fitness and to stop us from getting bored.

What is the age gap between Fergus and Marsali? ›

Fergus is 17 years older than Ian and 15 years older than Marsali.

Does Fergus become a drunk? ›

Fergus turned up drunk on numerous occasions. Jamie didn't say anything at first, but it's clear from Marsali's words that she's been handling this for a while and she's getting to a point where she can't cope any more.

Why does Fergus become a drunk? ›

This season has seen Fergus take to drinking in an effort to soothe his fears that he's simply not able to do enough to protect his family, particularly once Marsali revealed what she did in Season 5 after Claire's brutal attack.

What is Fergus known for? ›

It's most famous for its scenic river views, waterfalls, limestone gorge, and annual Scottish Festival. With a population of 20,767, Fergus, Ontario, Canada, has deep Scottish roots dating to 1833 when settlers called it "Little Falls" because of its scenic waterfalls.

When did Fergus lose his hand? ›

Case in point: On Sunday night's episode, “Surrender,” Jamie's young French protégé, Fergus, gets his hand chopped off in a brutal closeup. Romann Berrux, the actor playing Fergus, squeals in pain. The blood spurts. His hand writhes nearby.

Who founded Fergus? ›

Located on the Grand River, Fergus was founded by Adam Ferguson in 1833 who, along with fellow lawyer James Webster, bought 7,000 acres of land and began developing the area. The first house was built in 1833. A hotel followed in 1834 and by 1835 the town had a tavern, grist-mill, church and a school.

Does Fergus stop drinking? ›

Jamie gives Fergus a much-needed pep talk, urging him to stop blaming himself for the attack and the other misfortunes brought on the family. The conversation spurs Fergus into action. He reconciles with his wife and resolves to quit alcohol.

Why does Marsali have a bruise? ›

When Claire finds more bruises on Marsali's wrist, she asks her straight up if Fergus is doing this to her. Marsali explains she was so fed up with him being drunk that she lost her temper and attacked him — he grabbed her to defend himself.

Is Fergus adopted? ›

Fergus, first known as Claudel, is an orphan who grew up in a brothel. Jamie Fraser hired him as a pickpocket and later on adopted him as his son.

Who is the CEO of hybrid apparel? ›

Jarrod Dogan serves as the CEO / President of Hybrid Apparel.

Is the Athletic still in business? ›

The Athletic was acquired by The New York Times for $550 million in 2022.

Who owns hybrid? ›

jarrod dogan - owner - Hybrid Apparel | LinkedIn.

Is CrossFit harder than gym? ›

While considered to be a bit more challenging than traditional gym workouts, CrossFit is designed to start with a person where they are in their health and work their way up, quickly.

Is CrossFit a white sport? ›

The majority of participants in the grueling and popular workout genre are white.

Why are CrossFit athletes so big? ›

Most of us in crossfit are committed to eating muscle building foods as well. We increase our protein intake, lift heavy, train with cardio, and condition our bodies to perform optimally in daily activities. Every day we are working almost every muscle group in our bodies, under a controlled program.

Do hybrids have poor handling? ›

Poorer fuel efficiency and handling

Hybrids and PHEVs are packing two drivetrains into the one car, which means more weight, which can negatively affect fuel efficiency and handling, as well as the aforementioned need to compromise by downsizing both the battery and ICE.

Why are hybrids more powerful? ›

The hybrid uses a bigger 4-cylinder engine than the non-hybrid, and it's mated to two electric motors, ultimately improving both performance and efficiency.

Are hybrids harder to work on? ›

While you can expect about the same amount of maintenance and repairs as a regular engine, hybrid engines may cost more to maintain due to their advanced technology. This is just one of the many things to think about when deciding whether a hybrid vehicle is right for you.

How old is Fergus supposed to be Outlander? ›

He is a 30-year-old handsome, savvy, charming man, still completely devoted to Milord and Jamie's most trusted man.

How old was Fergus when he married Marsali? ›

Marsali was born in 1751 and in the third novel Voyager, she is 15 years old with Jamie and her mother Laoghaire tying the knot the year before in 1765. In comparison, her husband Fergus is double her age at 30 years old with Jamie unsure about the union between them.

How old is Fergus in Season 2? ›

It's sometimes difficult to remember that Fergus is in his 30s in Outlander. Remember he was around 11 when Jamie met him in Season 2 and Season 3 is set 20 years later. As for Marsali, she's around 15.

What is the age difference between Fergus and Marsali? ›

Fergus is 17 years older than Ian and 15 years older than Marsali.

How many children do Fergus and Marsali have in Outlander? ›

As a result, Marsali takes on much of the physical labor of tending the whisky still and minding the animals, as well as caring for her four young children, cooking, and cleaning, while Fergus seeks out odd jobs that take him away from home for extended periods, like acting as messenger or translator.

Why was Fergus written out of Outlander? ›

Related Articles. So Berrux simply had to make way for Domboy because an older actor was needed to show the passage of time with Fergus growing up. He would have been around 14 or 15 when Outlander season three was filmed, while Domboy was about 26 or 27.

Do Fergus and Marsali have a dwarf? ›

Henri-Christian is born as the fourth child of Fergus and Marsali. He is a dwarf and some of the residents of Fraser's Ridge believe he is a punishment for his parents' sins.

How many kids does Marsali have? ›

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Later in the month, Marsali gives birth to her fourth child, a boy named Henri-Christian, who has dwarfism. Some of the residents of Fraser's Ridge believe that the child's condition is a punishment for his parents' sins, and make no secret of their superstitions.

Where is Fergus in season 4? ›

Outlander Season 4 last showed Marsali and Fergus heading to Fraser's Ridge. It was time to leave Wilmington and to a place they were both highly valued — and to a place away from those looking for anyone involved in freeing Murtagh.

Is Fergus a different actor in season 6? ›

Berrux was simply replaced by Domboy because the makers needed an older actor to show the passage of time with Fergus growing up. The actor would have been around 14 or 15 when Outlander season three was filmed, while Domboy was about 26 or 27.

What happens to Fergus? ›

Fans will be pleased to hear Fergus survives through to Diana Gabaldon's novels. In Written in My Own Heart's Blood, Fergus and his family settle in Wilmington in 1779.

Does Fergus hit Marsali? ›

When Claire notices another bruise on Marsali's wrist, she sends Malva out to play with the three kids in Marsali's brood. We learn that Fergus (Romann Berrux) is not getting drunk and beating Marsali. Hooray! Unfortunately, Marsali is the one getting angry at Fergus.

What did Jack Randall do to Fergus? ›

The Encounter With Young Fergus

As if he hadn't committed enough evil acts already, it was revealed in the season 2 episode "Faith" that Black Jack Randall had raped Fergus (which was the reason why Jamie had challenged him to a duel for a second time).


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