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You may think you know the cast ofGrantchester, but we have the real summary of your favorite starsmiYour favorite newcomer is coming soon! Meet the talented stars of Season 5 like Tom Brittney, Robson Green, Tessa Peake-Jones, Al Weaver and more where you've seen them before, their famous family connections and amazing off-screen talents.

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    Tom Brittney como Will Davenport

    Grantchester, Season 5 | Meet the Cast of Grantchester Season 5 | masterpiece | Official Site | pbs (1)

    GrantchesterThe new crime-fighting vicar is played by Tom Brittney, previously known for his role as Jack Rawle in season 3 ofcall the midwife, as the rapist Roger Lockwood inUnreal,and as Lieutenant Jeremy Foster instrange.

    His darkest role inUnrealhe worried about being typecast as a villain, something he thankfully doesn't have to worry about anymore. "I like to play him so well that people believe in the character, but I hope they don't think I'm Roger because he's a horrible man," he admitted.RadioTimes. "However, it's not something I like to do.GrantchesterI enjoyed every day.”

    Work instrangeprepared it for the fan base ofGrantchester. "They have incredibly dedicated fans with both shows," he continued. "strangeThe fans keep sending me birthday cards! I was only supposed to be there for a few episodes, but thanks to the fans they brought me back. to kill me

    When Brittney joined the series in season 4, she replaced the beloved James Norton (Sidney Chambers) as the new vicar of the town. Co-star Robson Green gave Brittney some advice, which the newcomer ignored herself. “Robson advised me not to check any reactions and I ignored him and went straight to Twitter,” she spy.

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    Luckily for him, everything worked out well in the long run. "You hope people want to see more, so it was great that they asked me to come back and play with mine."Grantchesterfamily again. It's just a dream."

    Find out more fun and surprising facts about Brittney here!

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    Robson Green como Geordie Keating

    Grantchester, Season 5 | Meet the Cast of Grantchester Season 5 | masterpiece | Official Site | pbs (2)

    For five seasons, Robson Green played the lovable, cranky detective Geordie Keating who, despite his tough exterior and anything but, is actually the best friend who will always be there, whether it's Sidney Chambers or Will Davenport. Before your days of solving murdersGrantchester, Green was best known for being one half of the English pop duo Robson and Jerome in the 1990s.soldier soldierCoprotagonista Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones, Ripper Street).

    His fame came to him soon after he sang "Unchained Melody' in his seriesSoldier Soldier, in 1995. Fans were dying to buy the song and wanted more. Record producer Simon Cowell pursued them until they agreed to a recording deal, and the duo delivered a handful of #1 hits and two albums in the mid-1990s.

    Playing an on-screen detective and courting crowds like a pop star isn't where Green's resume ends. An avid fisherman, Green has hosted a number of series includingExtreme fishing with Robson Greenand thenRobsons extreme fishing challengemiRobson Green: extreme angler, who narrate all their adventures while traveling the world and participating in sports.

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    In addition to his work inGrantchestermisoldier soldier, Green is also recognized for roles intouch evilmiIrresponsible. She also appeared in the humannext topoldunkelhe played Aidan Turner.

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    Al Weaver como Leonard Finch

    Grantchester, Season 5 | Meet the Cast of Grantchester Season 5 | masterpiece | Official Site | pbs (3)

    In addition to his role as the universally lovable Leonard Finch, Weaver is best known for his role in the filmColettenext topoldunkelestrella eleanor tomlinson,mrs wilsonStar Fiona Shaw andmiserableDominic West star. MASTERPIECE fans will also recognize Weaver in his role as journalist James Edwards.Press.(True eagle-eyed MASTERPIECE detectives will also recognize it from an episode ofsherlock!)

    Weaver's mentor in drama school was none other thanGrantchesterco-star Tessa Peake-Jones. The two remain good friends to this day, on and off screen, even sharing rides to and from work! "She buys me cream every morning," Weaver revealed in an interview.MASTERPIECE Studio Podcast in 2019.

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    Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs. C (formerly Mrs. M)

    Grantchester, Season 5 | Meet the Cast of Grantchester Season 5 | masterpiece | Official Site | pbs (4)

    Prior to her role as Grantchester's resident caretaker, Peake-Jones was known for her roles in the 1980 film.pride and prejudice, as a seriesjust fools and horses, and her role in season 1 of MASTERPIECE Mystery! seriesunforgettable.

    When asked if he knew that from the beginningGrantchesteras successful as ever: "Of course you never know, you hope you have the right ingredients, sometimes you get terrific shows and they don't reorder," he said. "It's a show we're all proud of, we love the stories, we love the new guests every week and Tom [Brittney] has settled in wonderfully after taking on the new role of vicar. I think he's doing very well and there's a lot of energy into the show and it could go on forever, maybe we'll keep our fingers crossed."

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    Lauren Carse as Ellie Harding

    Grantchester, Season 5 | Meet the Cast of Grantchester Season 5 | masterpiece | Official Site | pbs (5)

    Newcomer Lauren Carse stars in season 5 as Ellie Harding, a plucky journalist who attracts the attention of a certain celibate minister. In front of herGrantchesterDays Carse worked on a number of series includingdoctors,mallorca filemiVera.

    Casting on a popular series in its fifth season wasn't easy, but it was the opportunity of a lifetime, and she had a co-star who could relate to her situation. "She was so excited. I called everyone and no one picked up!" she said inside of interview with this morning. "I talked to [Tom] about it because the same thing happened to him last year. Obviously there was pressure to conform because it's a very popular show with a huge following, but everyone is so nice. It's the biggest thing I've ever done."

    One co-star in particular gave her some sage wisdom that has stayed with her. "I met [Robson Green] in rehearsals and he said to me, 'Look, you'll never have a job like that again, that's very special.'Grantchesterand you're going to have a lot of fun, so enjoy it."

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    Kacey Ainsworth como Cathy Keating

    Grantchester, Season 5 | Meet the Cast of Grantchester Season 5 | masterpiece | Official Site | pbs (6)

    We may know and love Kacey Ainsworth as Geordie Keating's charming, kind and supportive wife, and also a freelancer, but before her time inGrantchester, Ainsworth has appeared in a number of series, including the long-running British soap opera.EastEnders.She's also no stranger to the role of solving crimes. AroundHi Blue,Ainsworth played Police Inspector Jenny Black, etc.AccidentShe played DS Annie Reardon. (Watch out Georgy! You have competition.)

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    Oliver Dimsdale as Daniel Marlowe

    Grantchester, Season 5 | Meet the Cast of Grantchester Season 5 | masterpiece | Official Site | pbs (7)

    Before playing the love interest of Leonard's photographer Daniel Marlowe, fans of THE MASTERPIECE will recognize Dimsdale from his role as the Prince of Wales in the Season 4 Christmas episode.downton abbey, and as Mr. motivatedSr. Selfridge. She has also appeared in serials likethe last tsarsmiharley street.

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    Dimsdale is married to actress Zoë Tapper, who stars in episode 3 of this season ofgrandchesters,and who was thereSr. Selfridge(as Ellen Love) and ininspector lewis.

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    Nick Brimble como Jack Chapman

    Grantchester, Season 5 | Meet the Cast of Grantchester Season 5 | masterpiece | Official Site | pbs (8)

    Before playing Mrs. Maguire (now Mrs. Chapman) as Jack Chapman inGrantchester, starring Nick Brimble in 1991Robin Hood: Prince of Thievesas Little John alongside Kevin Costner's Robin Hood and in 2001A gentleman's storyas Sir Ector, alongside stars Heath Ledger andvictoryRufus Sewell himself. Most recently he starred insunken shipalong with other MASTERPIECE stars like Olivia Colman (miserable), Miles Jupp (The Durrells in Corfu) y Charlotte Spencer (Sandton).

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    Jemma Redgrave como Amelia Davenport

    Grantchester, Season 5 | Meet the Cast of Grantchester Season 5 | masterpiece | Official Site | pbs (9)

    Last season's introduction of the new vicar of Grantchester, Will Davenport, also meant introducing his family, including his mother Amelia Davenport, played by Jemma Redgrave. Redgrave is best known for her work in the 1992 film version.Ende Howardas Evie Wilcox, starring Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter, and her real-life aunt, Vanessa Redgrave. She has also appeared in serials likedoctor whoI sat downHoly city.

    Redgrave comes from a successful acting family, including her father, actor and activist Corin Redgrave, who appeared inFoyle's War,Four weddings and one death., zA Forsyte Saga; Aunt Lynn Redgrave, who appeared in movies likegods and monstersmigeorgian girl; Aunt Vanessa Redgrave who co-starred incall the midwifemiatonement; and her late cousin Natasha Richardson, daughter of Vanessa Redgrave, who co-starred in the lead roles.The parent trapmiRaised in Manhattan, and won a Tony Award for her performance as lead actress Sally Bowles in the 1998 revivalCabaret,neben MASTERPIECE Mystery! Moderator Alan Cumming.

  • Don't miss the premiere ofGrantchesterSeason 5 Sunday June 14 9/8c on MASTERPIECE Mystery! Now you can also catch up on the previous four seasons of the series by watchingPase PBS, an added benefit for members.

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