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Let's see what Home Assistant and Shelly TRV Smart Temperature Control really are. If you have radiators in your home, read on because the things you see here could save you money or time or even both in the long run as we're going to talk about smart climate control with Home Assistant and Shelly TRV.

TRV stands for Thermostatic Radiator Valve and Home Assistant stands for... You know, or if you don't know, watch my FREE webinarhttps://automatelike.pro/webinarwhere I talk about it in detail.


VRT Types

Back to TRVs: they can be set manually, which is the boring old way...

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With this manual TRV, for example, you have to go through each radiator and close the valve every time you want to open the window..On the other hand, a TRV can be smart and remotely controlled via a mobile app or, even better, a centralized system like Home Assistant.

Shelly TRV

A great example of a TRV or Smart Radiator Thermostatic Valve is the new Shelly TRV and guess what, I got my hands on one to test.

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As always, I'll add it to Home Assistant and run some real Home Assistant automations for you, but first let's look at the good and bad qualities of Shelly TRV.

How do I install Shelly TRV?

I will list a few features of the Shelly TRV that caught my eye when I first saw it. The first thing I want to mention is that installing Shelly TRV was very easy.

  • All I had to do was remove my old TRV - fully open the old valve and unscrew the metal ring.
  • There are several adapters included in the Shelly TRV package, namely RA, RAVL and RAV
Home Assistant and Shelly TRV: smart temperature control - Kiril Peyanski's Blog (3)
  • Haya PDF with many photoswhere you can check if the Shelly TRV fits your cooler. Check this first and if necessary mount the correct adapter before installation.
  • In my case the adapter worked and I didn't have to change anything.
  • So I had to install the Shelly TRV by tightening the metal ring clockwise.
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  • With that done, I quickly pressed the reset button to turn the unit on and then heard the motor inside go through the calibration process.
  • When the calibration process is completed successfully, the screen will appear.Pennsylvania. This means that the device is ready to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
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To connect the device to your WiFi, you can use the Shelly Mobile app, which is available for free from the Apple and Android stores. I will not go through the pairing process as it is very very easy. You just have to follow the instructions that Shelly's mobile app gives you.

Instead I'll move on to the other things I liked about the Shelly TRV and next up was the battery.

A Shelly TRV battery

Shelly TRV is a battery powered device and this battery can last up to 2 years. After that, just charge it with a USB-C cable. It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery.

However, the Shelly TRV can be a bit large due to the battery (Dimensions (HxWxW): 62x53x94mm) and if you're short on space this can be a problem, so check beforehand.

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O Software y API Shelly

Shelly is a very well known brand in the smart home world as they already have some amazing products like their smart relays (check out mineArticles about Shelly Plus devices).

But not only that, its software and APIs allow you to connect your products to virtually any decent smart home hub without Shelly device modifications. Custom firmwares flash likeTasmotáoENGHomeIt's not necessary either, as you can use REST, MQTT and CoAP protocols natively to connect Shelly TRV to any smart home system you want. Of course, integration with language assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home is also officially supported and possible. Shelly TRV supports Home Assistant right out of the box and now is the best time to show it to you in detail.

Shelly TRV Home Assistant-Integration

Before proceeding, make sure that you have successfully connected the Shelly TRV to your WiFi. After that, follow these steps:

  • First update your Shelly device to the latest possible firmware. This can be done through the device's web interface or through the Shelly mobile app. Do not skip this step as problems may arise.
  • Then open TRV's Shelly web interface by typing the device's IP in a new tab/browser (or use the Shelly mobile app).
  • Gonnainternet and securitymenu andEnable CoIoT. Enter your Home Assistant IP as the remote address and as the port5683. You should end up with something like YOUR_HA_IP:5683. When you're done, hitsave to computerGusto.
Home Assistant and Shelly TRV: smart temperature control - Kiril Peyanski's Blog (7)
  • Then reboot the TRV device.
  • In Home Assistant, press the button "C' on the keyboard and start typingThe integration, then selectExplore integrations>add integrationand searchconcha. Alternatively, you can click the My Home Assistant button below, which will take you to the same correct place.

Home Assistant and Shelly TRV: smart temperature control - Kiril Peyanski's Blog (8)

  • If your device is not detected automatically, click"No, set up another instance of Shelly"Link and enter the IP of the Shelly Thermostatic Radiator Valve.
  • Activate the Shelly device by pressing any of its buttons and clickingOf you.
Home Assistant and Shelly TRV: smart temperature control - Kiril Peyanski's Blog (9)
  • If all goes well, you should have added the Shelly TRV in Home Assistant as a two-unit device.
  • If you click on the newly added device, you'll see some readings like the current temperature, battery level, and heating target. You can of course add it as a card to the Home Assistant panel by clicking the buttonAdd to LovelaceGusto.
Home Assistant and Shelly TRV: smart temperature control - Kiril Peyanski's Blog (10)

Where to buy?

If you want to buy Shelly TRV or other Shelly products, you can use the affiliate links to Shelly's official store below. This gives me a small commission on your purchase at no additional cost to you.

Shelly TRV Home Assistant Automation

There is no use adding Shelly TRV to Home Assistant and nothing else. That's why I'm going to show you two real Home Assistant Shelly TRV automations that I think you'll find useful.

Automations are based on temperature. The Shelly TRV has a built in temperature sensor, but any radiator mounted thermostat will have a slight deviation from the actual ambient temperature as the temperature measurement is taken very close to the radiator. To get around this, I use my $6 DIY temperature and humidity sensor that's already added in Home Assistant () as an external temperature sensor to control the Shelly TRV more precisely.

Based on the temperature sensor reading, if the temperature in my room goes above 22 degrees Celsius, the automation stops the Shelly TRV and the radiator. When the indoor temperature drops below 20 degrees, Home Assistant's Shelly TRV automation starts. But let's see it in action.

  • Copy and paste the following YAML code into yoursautomations.yamlarchive and reload your automations.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Home Assistant visual automation editor, as shown in my video.
# automatics.yaml input alias: 'Shelly TRV above 23' description: '' trigger: - platform: numeric_state entity_id: sensor.living_room_temperature #change this to your previous sensor: '23' condition: [] action: - service : weather .set_temperature Date: Temperature: 0 Ziel: Entitäts-ID: Wetter.shellytrv_60a423d92bfe #Wechsle zu deinem Shellymodus: Single

The following automation starts Shelly's thermostatic valve when the inside temperature drops below 20 degrees.

# automatics.yaml input alias: Shelly TRV below 20 description: ''trigger: -platform: state numeric entity_id: sensor.living_room_temperature #switch to your sensor below: '20' condition: []action: -service: weather.set_temperature data: temperature: 30 target: entity_id: weather.shellytrv_60a423d92bfe #Wechsel zu deinem Shellymode: unique

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If you're a bit lost with the words and abbreviations I've used in this article, go tohttps://peyanski.com/glossarand download my glossary in PDF that is completely free.

I'm Kiril and I've finished writing. Bye bye!


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