How Giuliana Rancic revamped her career after controversy - The List (2023)

How Giuliana Rancic revamped her career after controversy - The List (1)

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Giuliana Rancic's journalism career didn't begin with red-carpet glamor; Instead, she emerged from national news coverage at the White House. However, it didn't take her long to find her place among Hollywood's biggest celebrities. In 2002, Rancic landed a co-hosting position with Ryan Seacrest on E! News." A year later, she hit the big screen in Malibu's Most Wanted. Though she has had several other film and television appearances, Rancic's work has remained rooted in journalism, earning her the role of co-host on Fashion Police with Joan Rivers in 2010. Rancic's fame has become so tangible that his fans crave the most intimate details of his personal life.

As her reality show grew, so did her lust for Rancic. She co-hosted "Miss USA" four years in a row, "Miss Universe" in 2012 and even had a guest appearance on "Chelsea Lately." In 2014, Rancic received the seal of approval, a Daytime Emmy, with the unspoken promise that she would only get better from there. But less than a year later everything changed. The rapid development of her career launched him on a new path. What Rancic intended as another of her light-hearted jabs would spark controversy that is still debated today.

A few words were enough to lose almost everything

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We've all said things we wish we hadn't said. Most are lucky enough not to go on the air for the next 10 years for the world to criticize them. Giuliana Rancic is not one of those people. As the co-host of "Fashion Police," her job was to poke fun at celebrities, and in 2015, she earned a reputation for cutting words. But there's an art form to being sarcastic: a secret ingredient for turning criticism into humor. And a big part of that has to do with what you're mocking. It's fun to point out a celebrity's cold personality or cruel design, but ridiculing a person's identity or body turns the passage from funny to problematic.

When she caught sight of Zendaya's gorgeous dreadlocks on the 2015 post-Oscars episode of Fashion Police, the titular co-host showed off her typically caustic attitude. Everything would have been fine if she had focused on Zendaya's dress as her co-hosts, but Rancic's attention was on Zendaya's hair (viaYouTube).

She didn't think it would work, going so far as to say, "I have a feeling it smells like patchouli oil. Or grass" (viaLos Angeles Times). He probably didn't think much of the date or his comments until they were all over social media. The people did not laugh. Many responses saw the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes about black women and marijuana, rather than a sarcastic take on Zendaya's fashion. What started as a normal day would change her career forever.

how it all fell apart

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Zendaya didn't hear the comment on the red carpet, but Giuliana Rancic's words finally confronted the 18-year-old, and she wasn't amused. Zendaya acknowledged the media's history of stereotyping black people with marijuana. The actor wore locks as a nod to black women and to celebrate his identity, but Rancic's comment was an attack on black women's hair.

Instead of reacting immediately, the young actor launched a jab. This was a moment for Zendaya to use his celebrity status to highlight a timely issue not only in the media, but also in the daily life of his community. Zendaya got fatInstagramto discuss the "fine line between funny and irreverent". He discussed the complex impact an irreverent comment like Rancic's has on the black community. Zendaya concluded by reminding all people of color that their engines are powerful and "good enough" and urged others to think before speaking on the subject.

The post blew up, but before the major unions took up the story, Kelly Osbourne, one of Rancic's co-hosts on Fashion Police, commented on Twitter. She made it clear that she wasn't the one who made the comment and considered leaving the show entirely. immediately afterTuit of Osbournes, Kathy Griffin, another Fashion Police co-host, andKelly Osbourne leaves 'Fashion Police'specifically about the comment.

Making a mistake before doing it right

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Before her words gained national coverage, Giuliana RancicI went to twitterbe in front of them. She tried to explain the situation as a huge misunderstanding. “Dear Zendaya, I'm sorry I offended you and others. I meant a bohemian chic look. she tweeted.

Rancic's knee-jerk reaction wasn't very good. People tweeted in response that it wasn't enough, that it was too late, or that he avoided responsibility altogether. Her tweet framed the encounter as a misunderstanding on Zendaya's part rather than addressing Rancic's own words. But the responses to his apology and the mainstream media coverage challenged Rancic: As a member of the press, his words were his responsibility.

Before making any further public comment on the matter, Rancic took time to try to absorb what others were saying, time to consider the implications of his words and his role as a media representative. in aVideo posted on YouTube, Rancic finally patched things up. He sincerely apologized and acknowledged that results are more important than intentions. While Rancic never intended for anyone to have the kind of connotations Zendaya pointed out, they were real concerns. He filled in their knowledge gaps and their need to learn and grow.

faros outfits

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Although Zendaya accepts Giuliana Rancic's apology (viaGore) and urging others hurt by Rancicto to find it in their hearts to forgive the "Fashion Police" co-host, the controversy has not abated. For the rest of the year, the story was recycled in the headlines. The public continued their barrage of insults, even walking behind his body and making baseless comments about how littleGiuliana Rancic eats in one day. In the late summer of 2015, Rancic joined E! News” back.

Whether the two were linked or not, dimming the spotlight while the scandal was still making headlines may have saved her career. When controversy affects a brand like Rancic's, staying in the spotlight only highlights the issue. The more a brand backtracks, gives audiences time to breathe, and finds new topics to focus on, the better the chances the brand will come back. Those who fail to escape will be tainted by their mistakes for the rest of the time.

Rancic would not end up like Nike, which will always be remembered for its decades-long labor scandal. He would fight for his career for another day instead of basking in the spotlight amid the controversy. In 2015, he left E! News", but stayed close to "E! Hosting Live From the Red Carpet and Fashion Police, where her presence was at least partially overshadowed by the biggest names interviewed.

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The reflection was crucial for his career.

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After the controversy, Guiliana Rancic said in her apology that she needed time to grow and learn. She did. After 13 years as a household name, co-host of E! News "to the many events she hosted for the movies and TV series she starred in, Rancic stopped appearing in new media work.

Rather than let scandal get in the way, Rancic took the time to pursue what would become his passion project. and without this jobGiuliana Rancic's transformationit may never have happened. She spent years devoting her time to the long hours and difficult conversations of a daily television show. It's off E! News opened up her schedule to more hands-on work with her business and his family. She took the opportunity to focus on the passions that drove her.

While it's easy to dismiss these sentiments as empty platitudes meant to deal another blow to his work, it may have allowed Rancic to revisit his career in the aftermath of the controversy. A recent review of the literature and studies onlimits of psychologyshows the strong connection between passion and success. The review focuses on the impact of entrepreneurial passion, the exact kind of passion Rancic found in the work that followed the controversy. Looking back at all the big steps in his post-scandal career, it's clear, at least from the anecdotes from his story, that passion was exactly what Rancic needed to make it big.

Rancic has renewed his career with a new brand

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When a brand is embroiled in scandal, the best thing to do is acknowledge failure and show the world significant change. Some name changes happen quickly, while others take time to cultivate authenticity in the new person, such asWhartonHe points this out in his guide to rebranding. Giuliana Rancic's near-fatal comment required a slow rebuild. Although the apology acknowledged her mistake, the death threats and other backlash showed that the public was unwilling to forgive her.

The timeout would be key to Rancic's comeback. Until then, his work had focused on appearances and media recognition. For the most part, it was Rancic's words that shaped his brand. But now he could take a new form. She showed the world that there is much more to acknowledge than his witty personality and biting comments from him. Although Rancic's career in the entertainment industry has one list of hits after another, she also had a list of other accomplishments that deserved her attention. She was so much more than his TV personality. Rancic was a woman who built several successful businesses early on and a mother who fought and beat cancer. She didn't need a film crew to be successful; Rancic had to build an entire empire and reach out and give back an entire world.

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A time to correspond

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Shortly after Giuliana Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, she invited the public to join her on her journey. When she finally made it and became a mother to her, the television personality decided to return all the gifts and achievements in life to her. Rancic used her fame and prestige to found the non-profit organization Fab-U-Wish, an organization dedicated to fulfilling fashion, beauty and celebrity wishes for cancer patients and survivors. She opened a year before Rancic's downfall, but the controversy didn't stop her from pulling out of the project.

While she could have focused on issues of racial justice in response to the scandal, she latched onto something where her experience would help her understand the populations she sought to serve. Instead of ending up as a white celebrity speaking out about the voices of people of color, she stayed the course in her nonprofit organization. She worked to make an impact in a community to which she belonged, rather than trying to leave a new mark on the backs of those she had hurt.

Fab-U-Wish was not a vain project either. She continued to invest in it and found new ways to give back. She used her celebrity status and knowledge of fashion to generate significant income and bring attention to the non-profit organization. In October 2022, the Fashion Police celeb resold her most iconic red carpet outfits.He, with all proceeds going to Fab-U-Wish and all the dreams the nonprofit makes come true.

Love passes through the stomach, they say

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While charity helped Guiliana Rancic reshape her career, not all of her future accomplishments would come from philanthropy. She was a savvy businesswoman, ready to see her businesses continue to prosper. Inspired by the reactions to their reality show, Giuliana Rancic and her husband opened their first restaurant in 2012. The goal was to create a small, authentic Italian restaurant that served the kind of food that would make fans drool while watching the show. the couple. Rancic wanted to share her home country food in a small, intimate setting, but things changed quickly when Lettuce Entertain You Enterprise joined the team.

The cozy Naples-inspired restaurant has been transformed into RPM Italian, a 10,000-square-foot contemporary restaurant in a hip Chicago neighborhood. Their association with the famous Lettuce brothers Entertain You Enterprise and their fame caused such a stir that they eventually received a call from the Secret Service about then-President Obama's visit to the restaurant. Just as Rancic's career transitioned from politics to entertainment, RPM Italian transitioned from President Obama to Lady Gaga, who graced the blockbuster venue with her presence.

RPM Italian was so successful, and the steaks on the menu came so fast, that RPM Steak at Rancic opened soon after. Over the years, the popularity of RPM Italian has taken the restaurant to Washington DC, West Palm Beach, and the seedy restaurant capital of Las Vegas. In general, the Rancics openedsix busy restaurants, including RPM Seafood, the latest addition to the RPM line.

Helping mothers around the world enjoy a glass of wine...or two

How Giuliana Rancic revamped her career after controversy - The List (10)

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Giuliana Rancic was inspired to help all mothers enjoy a glass or two of wine after a long day at work in the many roles she plays. It's wine for the working mom, the stay at home mom, and all other moms out there.

Rancic founded XO G in close succession with her and her husband's first restaurant and Rancic's clothing line. It was a busy time in her career that she probably needed the very product that she was developing. The intent behind a truly amazing innovation was to allow moms (and everyone else) to enjoy a single glass of wine without messing up the whole bottle. These smart bottles are not bottles. Instead, they are stacked jars, each with a lid. So you can enjoy a single glass or as many glasses of wine as you like without worrying about running out of bottles.

Just over a year after the scandal, Rancic's wine has received rave reviews. In 2020, XO G was covered byPeopleand extended to multiple providers. Then came Giuliana's Prosecco line, her August & Leo home line, and her skincare line. Rancic has made accessibility a key feature of his clothing, housewares, wine and Prosecco lines. To this day, he takes customer feedback seriously, uses his insights to improve his products, and works tirelessly to make his brands accessible to everyone. Well, that's the kind of payback we can all enjoy.

Rancic's Big Return on E! News

How Giuliana Rancic revamped her career after controversy - The List (11)

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After a three-year hiatus, Giuliana Rancic returned in 2018 as the co-host of E! News” back. It was an exciting step in her career and proof that she was back to her former self. But Giuliana Rancic now had more to offer. In the time away from her debut show, she invested in various other businesses that she wanted to continue. Her passion grew beyond the red carpet, the dazzling limelight and modeling for her wild fashion collection. But that didn't mean she wasn't excited to be back on the show.

It was a celebration of champagne and cheers that one would expect from old friends. "Rehosting 'E! News is just as exciting for me today as it was 16 years ago," Rancic enthused.PeopleHe called his co-host Jason Kennedy one of his best friends. He seemed like he was so excited to tell the interviewers how long he had been waiting for this moment. Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived.

Build your career your way

How Giuliana Rancic revamped her career after controversy - The List (12)

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Prior to the 2015 incident, Giuliana Rancic returned to work just days after undergoing breast cancer surgery, a dedication to her job that cannot be denied. At the time, it was probably the best move of her career. But with so many years in the business, Rancic was ready for more flexibility in her work. When the E! News revealed her plans to move to the East Coast in 2019, a year after she returned, Rancic decided not to join the team, she said.Instagram. Saying "no" may not sound like success or career development, but it is and so much more. “No” maintains boundaries and gives you control over where your work takes you. Her decision to tell E! News” is proof of the success that we should all cultivate in our lives. Finally,What really happened to Giuliana Rancic?it was incredible growth.

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The achievements will always be impressive, but success at work and in personal life is the "everything" that most mothers (women, adults in general) do not achieve. Rancic recognized the time she would waste on her many business ventures and it was more than she was willing to lose. By staying behind as "E! News" rolled on, she made one of the most significant career moves you could make: she took complete control. She made herself available for better opportunities and took the reins of her career, which she now controls herself. firmly.


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