How to play the C -Major Guitar Scale C C. (2023)

Lesson: Play the largest C scale on the guitar

The largest C scale is a big initial guitar scale for beginners because many other instruments such as the piano are played on key C.This helps you to play together with other instruments in the course of your guitar.

Part of what makes the C scale greater for beginners on a large scale is that it does not contain any cuts or apartments (remember to play the white keys on a piano).Listen to your purest state

In this lesson we examine the notes on the larger C scale and the positions of the hands and fingers. After you master the basic concepts, you can add chords with the same notes to create a larger scale of harmonized C.C. You can (and scale any other scale for this problem) and add chords that contain scaling notes (we get this below!).The first step to learn a scale is to understand which notes will play.

C main notes notes

  • C

  • D

  • mi

  • F

  • Gramm

  • A

  • B

    (Video) Windhand Forest Clouds Guitar Lesson & TAB - C Standard Tuning

Then we will analyze the positions of the main kala C on so that you know which shapes and fingers each grade reproduce in every chain.

C main scale positions

In order to touch the largest SC scale, you need a fundamental understanding of how you can read the diagrams of the guitar scale on the neck. In Example, the numbered points represent how the standard appears on the display which are used for each note. Use this key to determine the correct placement of the fingers:

  1. Indicator finger

  2. Middle finger

  3. Bell sound

  4. Pinkie

  5. Thumb

The open chains represent white dots in the diagram.

As with all guitar scales, the largest C scale consists of different fingers. To reproduce the scale, she builds up the skills of her fingers to cross her fingers with the right dishes to reproduce a larger scale.

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There is a different scale position for each of the grades on the largest scale C (C, D, E, F, G, A and B).

In this lesson we will address six main positions of the main kala C.C.

Free place

If you play bigger in an open position, you will restrict your fingers to the first three dishes. Use your index finger to reproduce the notes on the first finger, your second finger for the second finger and your ring finger for the third waistband.

How to play the C -Major Guitar Scale C C. (1)

First place

Larger C In the first position, add the fourth waistband. You can see the notes that touch this position in the following diagram.

How to play the C -Major Guitar Scale C C. (2)

Fourth position

Play C larger in the fourth position will require more fingertips.However, if you learn this position, you can improvise and touch on the guitar neck! In the fourth position, use the index finger to reproduce notes by involving the fifth waistband.One to touch the grades in the eighth waistband.

In order to reproduce the grades in the third sequence, you have to change your fingers. I have the index finger to the fourth covenant to reproduce grade B and reproduce the middle finger to reproduce grade C in the fifth trast.Become with the seventh of your little games. Then change your index finger back to the fifth covenant in the first and second chain.

How to play the C -Major Guitar Scale C C. (3)

Seventh position

Play C larger in the seventh position uses the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth covenant.

How to play the C -Major Guitar Scale C C. (4)

(Video) I Decided To Tune My Baritone Guitar To C Standard.

Eighth position

If you play the C scale in the eighth position, typing 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13 is used.


In position 12, use the first four fingers to reproduce the grades in Bünden 12, 13, 14 and 15, as shown below.

Laden ...

Big big guitars

The largest C scale is not only touched on a rope, but can also touch several combinations based on various strings while working on the neck of its guitar. Here we will touch the largest C scale with the help of various guitars.

C larger scale from the low and sixth rope

Starting with the high rope "and" You would touch the largest C scale like this. (Then he reproduced in the descending order to hear it).

C larger scale of the chain of the or 5.

To listen to the largest C scale in a lower recording, you can touch it on the rope as follows:

C larger scale from the low rope D or 4.

Starting with D (4th string) you can play the largest C scale. The majority of your finger focuses on changing your positions on rope B, which covers between 10 and 13.

C larger scale of the low rope G or 3.

Another possibility of reproducing the largest C scale is to start in G (or in the third rope), starting in the fifth waistband and concentration of the finger at the level of the rope "and", which the fifth and eighth burstsCover, by G.

C main caliles chords

The largest C scale has several chords connected to this specific scale. Since the largest SC scale has 7 comments, there are 7 chords or guitar triads in the largest scale.

C larger

An important chord has three parts: the root note, the third third and the perfect fifth.How to play the Corte de C largerHere.

(Video) Beginner Bluegrass Guitar: C to F Transition Notes (Play Like Billy Strings and Johnny Cash)

D moll

For D -Minor, the root rating is D, the third is the smallest is F and the perfect fifth is A. CheckHow to play the chord (or dm)Here.

My minor

Another lower chord that corresponds to the largest scale is the chord and smaller (or in).Game instructions.


Change of smaller chords that work on the largest C scale, we transfer the gears to the main caps.How to play the big finger chordHere.

G Mayor

For G -Dur, the root g is evaluated, third 3 is b and the perfect fifth.Here are hereHow to play Choria GS Major.


For the smallest chord is the degree of root A, the third smallest is C and the fifth is perfect E. LearningHow to play the little chord (Am).

B took off

This chord consists of the root note of B, the third smallest and the 5th F. F. Perfect, this diagram shows how the fingers are placed correctly to play B dim.

C main exercises of the main scale on the guitar

In order to join everything and help them learn the largest scale, we try some guitar exercises. We continue to exercise the main chords and earlier guitar positions before we have learned these exercises by heart, he helps, help, after these exercises, he helpsto keep his agile fingers and find it easier to find along the guitar arm.

The best way to learn the highest C scale is to literally practice from the lowest degree from the root to the highest root quality and to touch the notes in ascending and descending order. We will do that in these exercises!

C climbs and descending scale

To reproduce the highest C-LAD-F-E-D until I come back to the smallest C C.

With regard to the table of the previous scale, you can practice these exercises and exercises in open positions, first, in room or in other people. Try to play everyone forward and back to see how everyone in relation to sound and eighthSounds. In which position do you play on the largest C scale?

Playing these scales in different positions helps you to train your ear to listen to the same note in various publications.

(Video) Melody Guitar Book 2, Lesson 36 | C Scale + Dotted Quarter Notes (page 49)

If you want to learn to play even more chords,Search for the fender play -chord library, learn the types of chords and find advice on the domination.

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