Janet Jackson's Best Songs: 20 Groundbreaking Jams to Unite a Rhythmic Nation (2023)

Born May 16, 1966,janet jacksonHe began his solo career in 1982 and is said to have sold over 100 million records since then. After opening her Metamorphosis residency in Las Vegas last year, she said the shows charted her own "path to self-love, empowerment, motherhood and activism amidst the challenges ... of her personal journey." songs were made throughout his career.

In honor of Janet Jackson's achievements, we present a countdown of the top 20 Janet Jackson songs.

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20: Insomnia (2015)

In 2015, Janet Jackson released her eleventh album,unbreakable, the first for his own Rhythm Nation label. Her meeting with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, with whom she hadn't worked since 2006, immediately lit up the US charts. On "No Sleep," Jackson does what she does best: sounds seductive over a nocturnal beat she co-wrote with Jam and Lewis and also features American rapper J. Cole. The song reached number one on the US Adult R&B Songs chart.

Janet Jackson - "No Sleep" feat. J. Cole (music video)

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19: The Pleasure Principle (1986)

"The Pleasure Principle" was written by former Time keyboardist Monte Moir, who had written Alexander O'Neal's 1985 killer ballad "If You Were Here Tonight".to controlThe dance floors powered by Jam & Lewis. It also featured a rock-style guitar solo by Jellybean Johnson of The Time. issued asto controlAs a sixth single, it reached No. 1 on the US R&B chart and immediately cemented its place among Janet Jackson's best songs.

Janet Jackson - Das Lustprinzip

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18: Well (1989)

Propelled by a thunderous swing beat and peppered with samples, "Alright" was the album's fourth single.Rhythmusnation 1814Album. A song about romantic bliss, "Alright" maintained the formula that defined their Jam & Lewis-era material, fusing an irresistible chorus and sweetly harmonized vocals into a pulsating, rhythmic track.

17: I'm Feeling Lonely (1997)

With prominent backing vocals from R&B supergroup Blackstreet, "I Get Lonely" was another example of Jackson's ability to write romantic ballads with compelling stories. This time the song had a gospel tone and a purer R&B sound. The song was co-written by Jackson with Jam and Lewis and her then-husband René Elizondo, Jr.the velvet ropeand topped the US R&B charts in 1998. Its place among Janet Jackson's best songs was forever secured when it became her eighteenth consecutive Top 10 hit in the US, a feat never seen before.

I feel lonely

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16: Scream (1995)

When Janet Jackson came to duet with her older brother,miguelShe was a superstar herself. "Scream" brought the "King of Pop" into the studio with her sister producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who co-wrote the song with the Jackson brothers. True to its title, "Scream" is an upbeat beat that appeared on the 1995 Michael Jackson compilation.HISTORY: Past, Present, and Future, Book 1.

Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson - Scream (Official Video)

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15: Anytime, Anywhere (1997)

Topping the US R&B singles chart in 1997, 'Any Time, Any Place' is a quiet, atmospheric ballad in which Janet Jackson reveals a more sensual side to her persona against a soft backdrop of lush, glowing keyboards. The song was co-written by the singer with her co-producers Jam and Lewis, who have been involved in many of Janet Jackson's best songs; became the fifth single to be chosenher self-titled debut on Virgin Records, janet.

Janet Jackson - Any Time, Any Place (Vídeo musical oficial)

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14: The Best Things in Life Are Free (1992)

between herrhythmic nationYJanetOn the album, Jackson duetted with soul singer Luther Vandross on this upbeat, Jam & Lewis-led song taken from the film's soundtrack.more mass, a comedy starring brothers Damon and Marlon Wayans. The song was co-written by Jackson's producers with formerNew Editionmembers Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe (then two-thirds of the Bell Biv DeVoe group) and was nominated for a Grammy. It also spent a week at the top of the US R&B chart.

13: Together Again (1997)

This was the second single from Jackson's 1997 album,the velvet rope, a heartfelt confession that addressed the singer's alleged battle with depression, as well as topics ranging from domestic violence to sexual identity. Lighter in tone, however, is "Together Again," a dance-pop excursion with touches of Motown and house music in its musical DNA. Although the song peaked at number 8 on the US R&B chart, it rose to number 1 on the Hot 100. It was also popular in the UK, where it reached number 4.

together again

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12: Control (1986)

"When I was 17, I did what the people told me to do," sings Janet Jackson on the title track of her platinum 1986 album, adding, "I did what my father said and I did what my father said. Dad said? Mom shaped this... but that was a long time ago." Not as intrusive as "Nasty", "Control" still packs a sonic punch with its edgy, sequenced rhythms. Sounding a bit like a rhythm track with female vocals, in praise of independence and reflecting the singer's desire to express herself freely, it was also Jackson's fourth single sinceto controlalbum and their third to top the US R&B chart.

Janet Jackson - controle

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11: Oops Now (1993)

An old-school Motown vibe permeates this one of Janet Jackson's most catchy songs. Although it is included in the track list of the British and Japanese editions ofJanet, in the US it was ahidden clueon the US CD version. "Whoops Now" was not released as a single in America, but it performed well abroad, where it was released separately, topping the pop charts in New Zealand and reaching the top 10 in France, Austria, Belgium and the UK.

go now

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10: Until It's Over (1997)

The title of this song was directly inspired byion mitchellThe 1970 protest song "Big Yellow Taxi", whose chorus ("You don't know what you've got until it's gone") was sampled. With a mellow hip-hop-inspired beat, Jackson, who started performing as Janet instead of Janet Jackson, is joined by A Tribe Called Quest rapper Q-Tip. The track reached number 3 on the US R&B chart and number 6 in the UK.

9: I Miss You So Much (1989)

Three years laterto control, Janet Jackson met with Jam and Lewis at their Flyte Tyme Studios in Minneapolis to recordRhythm Nation 1814 de Janet Jackson. Thematically an album much deeper thanto control, It focused on pressing sociopolitical issues, but, regarding the singles, it started with a languid love song, "Miss You Much". The song was delivered over a pulsating dance beat that echoed the aggressive style and sparse sounds ofto control. It also propelled Janet Jackson to the top of the US pop and R&B singles chart in September 1989.

Janet Jackson - I Miss You So Much

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8: All for You (2001)

Sampled from disco group Change's 1980 hit 'The Glow Of Love', this catchy dance number was the first single and title track from Janet's double-platinum 2001 album. status. tones that characterized their controversial previous album.the velvet rope. It also illustrated Jackson's willingness to experiment and take creative risks. The song peaked at #1 in the US (and #3 in the UK) and was Jackson's 14th top R&B chart.

anything for you

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7: Escape (1989)

Despite its focus on social justice, therhythmic nationThe album had some lighter moments, epitomized by the aptly titled "Escapade," a carefree love song fueled by a strong backing track. Like the previous "When I Think Of You", it proved that Janet Jackson could pull off a lively pop crossover without sacrificing her R&B credibility. The song topped the pop and R&B singles charts in the United States.

Janet Jackson - Fuga

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6: Rhythm Nation (1989)

Janet Jackson's sixth non-consecutive US R&B debutColumpio New JackPhenomenon, then a highly influential component of American R&B. There was also a distinct hip hop element to the song due to its sampled beats and orchestral "hits". "Rhythm Nation", an uplifting protest song about coming together through music to achieve social justice and "breaking the lines of color", not only reached No. 1 on the R&B chart, but also reached No. 2 on the charts. .

Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation

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5: Mal (1986)

"My first name isn't Baby, it's Janet... Miss Jackson, if you're mad," sang Janet Jackson in an angry voice on "Nasty," her second consecutive #1 single on the US R&B chart. not just one of Janet Jackson's best songs, but one of the best songs of the era. Sonically, the song was unmistakable: driven by industrial-sounding drum machine rhythms and metallic synth lines that expressed catchy licks. Contrasted with that robust, almost robotic sustain is an appealing human element in the form of Jackson's female vocals. A sensational video showing Jackson performing some energetic but carefully choreographed dance moves accompanied by male dancers helped boost the song's popularity.

4: When I Think of You (1986)

Like all uptempo songs onto control, "When I Think Of You" had an archetypal '80s dance beat, but essentially the song was much less aggressive than "Nasty", which preceded it as a single. "When I Think Of You" is essentially a euphoric love song based on two alternating piano chords and driven by a lithe bassline. Jackson's voice, punctuated by synthesizer horns, is sweet but never cloying. although one ofto controlThe catchiest songs from , failed to top the US R&B chart and peaked at No. 2, but they went to the top of the US pop chart and gave Janet Jackson her first crossover at No. #1.

Janet Jackson - When I Think of You

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3: Let's Wait a Little (1986)

A beautiful ballad written by Janet Jackson with her co-producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, this song, along with another excellent slow jam, "Funny How Time Flies (When You're Have Fun)", was an oasis of respite.to control, a loud and soulful album. After the raucous "Nasty", the serenity of "Let's Wait Awhile" comes almost as a relief, clearly emphasizing the sweetness contained in Janet's voice. the fifth singleto control, "Let's Wait Awhile", was their fourth hit on the US R&B charts and reached No. 3 in the UK.

2: What Have You Done For Me Lately (1986)

Janet Jackson's transformation from reluctantly naive to daring sex kitten came about through her alliance in Minneapolis with former Time members Jimmy "Jam" Harris and Terry Lewis in 1985 during the recording of her third A&M album.to control. This was her first hit from the album: Jackson's Alleged Response to the Breakup of Her Marriage to James DeBarge. Sonically, it's a pulsing piece of techno-funk with an infectious chorus mixed with jazzy piano snippets. Janet's first song to top the US R&B charts, "What Have You Done For Me Lately", was also her first hit in the UK, peaking at #3.to controlThe album went platinum and topped the US pop and R&B charts.

Janet Jackson - What have you done for me lately? (Official music video)

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1: That's How Love Happens (1993)

Lured by A&M with the promise of a $40 million contract, Janet Jackson's move to Virgin in 1991 paid off immediately with this, her first single for her new label. At the top of our list of the best Janet Jackson songs, "That's The Way Love Goes" topped the US R&B chart for four weeks and topped the US Top 100 Pop Singles chart for two months. Contrary to what some may have said. Unsurprisingly, given its previous form with energetic dance breaks, the song was a smooth, mellow ballad characterized by subtle jazz undertones and a hypnotic beat. It was the first single to be resolved.Janet, his third collaboration album with Jam and Lewis. The song propelled Jackson back into the UK Top 10 for the first time since 1987's "Let's Wait Awhile" (it peaked at number 2).

that's how love works

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