Julia Haart's 10 best shoes and where to buy them (2023)

Julia Haart is the star of the Netflix reality showthe TV showmy unorthodox lifethat follows the life of a fashionista and businesswoman. The exhibition also examines the lives of Julia's four children as they navigate a new lifestyle different from their upbringing. Although the show gave her more exposure, it was only after she renounced her Jewish background that she became famous.chase the shine. Julia is doing well after deciding to leave everything she knew at the age of 43.

One thing everyone talked about after watching the TV show is her shoes. Unique designs and structures are always on point. Have you ever wondered where Julia Haart buys her boots? You may be surprised to know that she had a shoe line. If you're hoping to snag some of the shoes you see on her, then you've come to the right place. First, let's talk about the power plant itself.


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  • 2 Julia Haart's personal life
    • 2.1 Julia Haart net worth after becoming CEO
  • 3 Julia Haart's 10 Best Shoes
      • 3.0.1 1. Plateauppumps em nude
      • 3.0.2 2. Detached platform jump
      • 3.0.3 3. Crystal Embellished Pumps
      • 3.0.4 4. Motochic-Stiefel
      • 3.0.5 5. Vintage Genuine Black Leather
      • 3.0.6 6. Wedge sandals
      • 3.0.7 7. Crystal Bombs
      • 3.0.8 8. Heeled sandals
      • 3.0.9 9. Slingbacks with platform
      • 3.0.10 10. Bizarro's Tall Boots
  • 4 Where to buy Julia Haart's shoes

Julia's broken shoe

Growing up in a Jewish community, Julia was all she knew until she gave up this life to pursue her dreams. Julia saved money by selling insurance coverage while she lived in the Haredi community. As fashion fueled her pursuit of success, Julia's plans for her shoe designs were put into effect as soon as she left. Julia designedhis shoe line; He visited factories in Italy and worked with them.ski bootsto create comfortable and chic heeled shoes. Ski Boots is an Italian company that uses a unique gel developed by NASA in its shoes. He launched the shoe line in 2013, naming it after himself, and selling it in 17 countries around the world.

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The collaboration has also attracted many big brands, with Julia working as a marketing professional and public relations manager for their shoe line. She chose La Perla to work on the shoe line and the Spring 2016 collection; Later, she got a job as a creative director.

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Julia Haart's personal life

Heart moved around different counties at a young age, but was born in Russia. Later, her family settled in Monsey, New York, when she was 7 years old. She is the eldest of eight children, but she lost one of her brothers at a young age. they lived closedcommunitywho literally practiced Jewish law and was very conservative in everyday affairs. For years, he complied with those laws and acted in accordance with them. Haart married her first husband, Josef Hendler, at the age of 19 and had four children. (Batsheva, Shlomo, Miriam and Aron)

She was fine with her practices while she lived in the community, not until her children were grown. She's seen it impact her life, and for her daughters, it's been the same repeated cycle of actions they thought were the right thing to do. So she left the company to focus on her dreams and it paid off because of all her success. She suffered from mental health problems after being isolated from her community for running away, but to this day only one of her brothers speaks to him about her.

After his big break at La Perla, he fell in loveSilvio Scagliaafter a series of disagreements. They later became lovers and got married in 2019 when he announced her as the CEO of her modeling agency. However, on February 9, 2022, she filed for divorce after being fired from her as CEO.

Much is speculated about his departure, from his incompetence to his theft of the company. Confirmed sources are unable to reach Julia to confirm the news. I hope she releases a statement soon. Also, the TV show can be set to reveal the detailsits second season, which has already begun filming amid the strains of their relationship, or we'll have to wait for their memoir.shamelessly, scheduled to fall in April 2022. There are also complicated petitions, restraining orders, lawsuits and complaints between partners.

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Julia Haart Net Worth After Becoming CEO

Julia and her husband own a conglomerate of models and talent calledElite World Group. With Julia Haart as CEO and representing more than 5,000 talents. They also signed big names like Rita Ora andKendall Jennerin your fold Julia always hopes to expand and get more business by managing social media influencers.

In addition to her shoe collection, she designs womenswear and is the creative director ofe1972 luxury fashionBrand. Since her departure from Orthodox life, Julia has been valued at some $600 million.

Julia Haart's 10 Best Shoes

Julia Haart's 10 best shoes and where to buy them (3)

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Julia'sshoe linesupports and helps distribute weight, just like shoescomfortable to wear. The luxury collection has been sold out since joining La Perla, but she wears elegant shoes every day. All of the shoes in the Julia Haart line are excellent, so here are 10 of the best, found in no particular order.

1. Plateauppumps em Nude

These heels are everything Julia said about elegant and comfortable shoes. The design features a pointed toe and shaped heel. It's also made with suede for durable, long-lasting use. you can use theseshoes with clothesfor dates or a formal outfit for work.

Julia Haart's 10 best shoes and where to buy them (4)

2. Slingback platform heel

A slingback sandal is a must for those days when you want extra support, and this design from La Perla de Julia has you covered. With its cage detail that extends to the adjustable rear buckle. EITHERPlateausohleand supportive heels provide the support you need. If you like to look bold, this shoe will look great with your outfits.

Julia Haart's 10 best shoes and where to buy them (5)

3. Crystal Embellished Pumps

Everyone needs a fancy shoe or two for one.balanced shoe collection; They are not suitable for regular use. But it certainly hits the mark when you use them. The design uses crystals to adorn a suede toe shoe to create a stunning shoe. Even the heels are elegant as they are hourglass shaped. The shoe comes in various colors, but red stands out.

Julia Haart's 10 best shoes and where to buy them (6)

4. Motochic-Stiefel

Add an avant-garde piece to your collection with the chic motorcycle boot with chain detail. The unique design features metal hardware that crisscrosses the boots to complement the laces and heels. It comes in two styles, tall and ankle-length, so you can choose the length that best suits your style. You can quickly conjure up a chic miniskirt andAttirewith this boot

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Julia Haart's 10 best shoes and where to buy them (7)

5. Vintage Genuine Black Leather

Your evening wear gets a dose of style when paired with Julia Haart stilettos. Her shoe is made of python-embossed leather with extended detailing. She also has ankle straps for added support, making the heels comfortable to wear all day. When the next time you havean elegant occasionplanned, this pair must be your choice.

Julia Haart's 10 best shoes and where to buy them (8)

6. Wedge sandals

Trust Julia when it comes to adding a wedge design to your shoe collection, as she has a passion for comfortable heels. The shoes are perfectly shaped to allow your legs to sit while you wear them. It also has metal-lined sides that combine with the straps to create cute wedge sandals. TOSandal like this can be your summerfirst choice for spring.

Julia Haart's 10 best shoes and where to buy them (9)

7. Crystal Bombs

Agirl can neverThey're so sparkly when paired just right, and these Swarovski Crystal Court Shoes are the perfect shoe for those pairings. It's one of the most comfortable stilettos you could ask for. These shoes can be saved for special outings or to celebrate memorable moments, as the sparkling crystals will enchant your looks.

Julia Haart's 10 best shoes and where to buy them (10)

8. Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals are always stylish shoes you can wearcomplete your clothes. The sandals have tiny straps that are secured in the middle with a piece of leather that extends to the buckle for support. It is well structured so that you can add a balanced iteration of Julia Haart to yourstyle needs.

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Julia Haart's 10 best shoes and where to buy them (11)

9. Slingbacks with platform soles

If you like lace details on your shoes, these platform sandals will suit you. It's made of leather with python skin print and it has a slingback heel that holds the heels. This shoe matches your jeans andT-shirts-SuitsThe clothes.

Julia Haart's 10 best shoes and where to buy them (12)

10. Bizarro's Tall Boots

Your boot collection needs a pair of these Julia Haart Bizarres. Except for its hardware and the brown accents scattered aroundthe boots, the soles are artistic. The heels of the shoes are made of a geometrically shaped metal to offset the thick soles of the forefoot for added comfort. This is a boot for all your fall to winter rides.

Julia Haart's 10 best shoes and where to buy them (13)

Where can you buy Julia Haart's shoes?

Following the countless times, fans of the unorthodox life show andtu red socialcommented on Julia's shoes. We've scoured a few places to get Julia Haart's daring shoes.

Oshoe lineThey are created with La Perla and are available for purchase at retail sites such as:amazonas, Poshmark and Farfetch. They are also wearing various Julia Haart shoe designs. Browse the site and get the high-heeled beauties you want. After buying your shoes, you can go to the checkout at any time.e1972For some of the clothing worn on the TV show, e1972 is a luxury fashion brand and a subsidiary of Elite World.

NB: All shoe images are courtesy of the Julia Haart shoe line

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