Montreux by Freddie Mercury (2023)

MontreuxWith its magnetically mild climate, it attracts tourists to the east coastMore Genevasince the 19th century. But a quiet resort in the foothillsSwiss Alps, or "sleepy old town", soqueenfrontmanFreddy Mercuryfirst mentioned, achieved new fame in 1967. It will be known as the place of birthMontreux Jazz Festival, one of the world's greatest celebrations of jazz music, second only to its jazz music rivalMontreal.

Freddie Mercury did not experience love at first sight in Montreux. But over the years he has come to appreciate the soothing charm of the Swiss Riviera

Founded byClaude'a Nobsa, Jazz FestivalSwitzerlandsoon opened up to other styles of music and invited many influential artists to perform. FROMElla Fitzgerald,Nina Simone,miles davisIRay Karel, alsoLed Zeppelin,David BowieIPrins, the variety of big names playing in Montreux was amazing. However, one visitor left a special mark:Freddy Mercury I MontréalThey will develop a romance until death do them part.

queencame to it for the first timeSwiss Rivierain 1978. Attracted by the Juliaura of the Montreux Jazz Festival, they decided to record the group's seventh album in this city. They gave it an understandable title:"Jazz".

Used to the pace and nightlife of the Queen's hometownLondonFreddie Mercury did not experience love at first sight with Montreux. But over the years, particularly after being diagnosed with AIDS, Freddie came to appreciate the calming charm of Montreux. It became a place where everyone retreated, an ideal place to buy a house.

Released after his death in 1991"A Winter Tale"al"Made in Heaven"The album (1995) sums it up well. In some of his final lyrics, Freddie Mercury wrote, "So still and peaceful, peaceful and blissful, what a truly magnificent sight, a breathtaking scene."

Welcome to Freddie Mercury's Montreux!

If you are in Montreux, a mustVisit Chillon Castlenear! This is Switzerland's most popular historical tourist attraction!

Top 10 things to do in Montreux for Freddie Mercury fans

1. Join Freddie Mercury's official tour of Montreux

The easiest way to relive the era of one of Switzerland's greatest rock legends is to join the groupFreddie Mercury Tour through Montreux.

w 2020 r.Lucien Muellerleft the IT business and started a businessFreddie's travels, a successful interactive tour programFreddy Mercury concert tour in Montreuxfounded by Father LucienNorbert Muellerv 2001.

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (1)

Today, Lucien runs tours of Freddie's Montreux daily, up to three times a day on Saturdays. Equipped with interactive audio guides (in English, French, German, Italian or Russian), up to 20 guests follow in the footsteps of the unforgotten superstar and visit the iconic places that shaped Freddie's time in Montreux.

The English version of the guide is annotated byPetera Freestone'a. Freddie Mercury's personal assistant has been providing an authentic look into his friend's life and legacy for 12 years, complete with exclusive photos and videos.

A one-hour guided tourstarts atCovered market in Montreuxit costs 29 Swiss francs (30 euros). When you're insideExtended versionFor Freddie Mercury tours of Montreux you need to reserve 2.5 hours of your time and pay 49 CHF (50 €). The meeting point for this is at2m2x Montreux Music and Congress Center, in front of the Montreux Jazz Festival banner.

It's also a fun way to explore Montreuxscavenger huntYou can go on. It's like a standalone sightseeing app and only costs 14 euros.

2. Take a selfie with the Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux

Freddie Mercury-Statue in Montreux, overlooking Lake Geneva (known locally asLac Leman), has become the iconic start and end point of every Freddie-inspired pilgrimage to Montreux.

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (2)

Frozen in bronze as if time had stood still in that year 1985life supportLondon concertStadion WembleyFreddie Mercury appears in his recognizable pose of triumph and pomp. With one fist in the air and the other with a microphone stand, the monumental image dominatesBase.

A 10 foot tall statue honoring Freddie, the work of a Czech sculptorIrena Sedleckawas revealed on November 25, 1996, exactly five years and one day after Freddie's death. The singer's parentsWeilIBomi Bulsara, SisterKashmirQueen guitaristBrian Mayaand drummerRogera Tayloraand also opera singersMontserrat Caballewho recorded"Barcelona"with Freddie, were present at the ceremony.

(Video) Queen - Live at Montreux Pop Festival 1986

While most visitors show their respect by leaving flowers under the statue, mostly in the singer's favorite color - yellow - the Freddie Mercury statue has also been vandalized on numerous occasions. In both February 2017 and during the 2019 Montreux Jazz Festival, someone spray-painted the monument green.

What is on the Freddie Mercury statue?The inscription on the Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux reads:Freddie Mercury. Bonvivant - songstress. 1946-1991Born Farrokh Bulsara on the East African island of Zanzibar, Freddie Mercury went on to become one of the greatest rock music artists in the world. His career as the lead singer of the band Queen spanned twenty years and together they have sold more than 150 million albums worldwide.As an innovator, showman and musician extraordinaire, he left a fascinating legacy and had a huge impact on the next generation of rock artists.Queen acquired Lakeside Mountain Recording Studios in 1978 and Freddie's strong connection to the city continued until his death. Appreciating the kindness and discretion of the townspeople, Montreux became his refuge, second home and final workplace.

3. Learn in the exhibition Queen Studio Experience Montreux

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (3)

"The Queen: The Studio Experience"where the exhibition is locatedKasyno barrier Montreux, the Legendary's former homemountain studies. In addition to Freddie and the gang, many well-known musicians have recorded their songs here, includingBBKingIMichael JacksonAgainAC/DCIRolling Stones.

The casino was actually the original venue for the Montreux Jazz Festival until a fan fired a flare gunFrank Zappaconcert in 1971, and the venue burned down.dark purpleLied"Smoke on the Water"a sad event immortalized.

The venue reopened in 1975 and Queen was the official owner of the studio from 1979 to 1993. The British band recorded some of their most successful songs at Mountain Studios and have released a total of six albums.

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (4)

Z"bike race", a song that inspired FreddieTour de FranceMotorcyclists passing through Montreux i"Negative pressure"This was the result of an impromptu encounter withDavid Bowieto Freddie's last recorded song"mother love"(the posthumous album Made in Heaven), which elicited the last drops of creativity from the dying artist, Mountain Studios truly remained the Queen's domain in Montreux.

Since 2013Mercury Phoenix-Fonds, a foundation supporting global HIV/AIDS initiatives, operates Freddie Mercury's recording studio in Montreux as a museum.

Whimsical costumes, handwritten lyrics, an original microphone, musical instruments and other Queen memorabilia are complemented by a replica recording studio where visitors can mix the band's hits to their liking. In a small cinema, excerpts from"Queen - Days of Our Lives"Documentaries will be shown.

Admission to Queen: The Studio Experience is free and the venue is open daily from 9am to 9pm.

4. Write a message on the Queen Tribute Wall

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (5)

The east wall of Casino Barrière Montreux, right where the original entrance to Mountain Studios was, is a special place for messages left by the many Queen fans around the world.

It began spontaneously with the inscriptions on the studio door, then spread to the surrounding walls and finally spread to the entire east facade of the casino, known today asA wall in honor of the queen.

From messages of praise to song lyrics, from dates and captions to Instagram and TikTok handles, from dozens of hearts to more or less accomplished portraits of Freddie Mercury — the ways to express love and respect for the late singer are like this varied as the imagination allows. .

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (6)

Graffiti has always been a temporary art form with a limited lifespan. Of course, old news fades in the rain. What ever,Who Wants Eternal Life?The older fan was obviously quite upset with the newer posts vying for space, paradoxically writing about it: "Don't delete older fan posts new damn fans!"

When you pay your respects at the Queen Tribute Wall, try to respect the people who did it for you. Find a blank piece of wall and leave your mark. But if you come back in a few years and find it's gone, don't take it personally. After all, it's just a wall!

5. Stroll along the promenade of Montreux on Lake Geneva

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (7)

In his early years in Montreux, Freddie Mercury was bored and more into partyingMünchenSo he later appreciated the tranquility of the Montreux Riviera.

He could go onMontreux walkon Lake Geneva without fans tugging at his sleeve or paparazzi photographers lurking around every corner. This kind of anonymity came as a surprise to the global superstar. Freddie Mercury was finally able to reach his recording studio without a taxi.

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (8)

"If you want peace of mind, come to Montreux," Freddie told Montserrat Caballé. Freddie, overwhelmed by his illness, often retreats to Switzerland. This place uplifted him and inspired his creative genius.

Take a stroll along the lake shore and feel the elements that occupied Freddie's dreamy eye in his latest writing. Do you see the "bright red sky" and the "silky moon", the "flying seagulls" and the "passing swans"?

(Video) Freddie Mercury's former Apartment in Montreux!

Montreux was indeed a sanctuary where Freddie Mercury could bring forth both inner and outer peace in a whirling world, as well as words that would continue to inspire people for decades to come.

If a walk by the water calms you down, visit northern Switzerland too! The walk along the Rhine promenade is one of the most beautifulFree activities in Basel.

6. Find Freddie Mercury's apartment in Montreux

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (9)

After spending money renting villas and hotels during his visits to Switzerland, Freddie Mercury decided to do it in late 1989Apartment in Montreux. He chose a penthouse in the Belle Epoque building at ulBlumenhofBoardwalk in 1900.

The Queen frontman enteredtowerslive with a partnerJima Huttonaand personal assistantPetera Freestone'a.

On the top floor of this waterfront building, they had 207 square meters of living space, with balconies offering uninterrupted views of Lake Geneva and Toothy MountainDents du Midi.

Unfortunately, the inside of Freddie Mercury's Montreux apartment is not open to the public. In 2020, the loft was auctioned after the renovation for 2.5 million Swiss francs. The happy new owner is an entrepreneur withGeneva.

7. Choose a queen bed

Even if you can't see Freddie Mercury's final home in Montreux, there are accommodation options where you can get closer to the star.

duck house

The most famous place in the area is probably the so-calledWilla Duck HouseWClarence'a, just 3.5 km from Montreux. Queen (and other bands) often stayed at this four-bedroom lakefront home when visiting the recording studios. Due to the large amount of duck toys and memorabilia in the mansion, the team gave it a nameDuckingham-Palast.

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (10)

The Duck House is featured on the cover of Queen's latest album Made in Heaven. But don't be fooled by the silhouette of the Freddie Mercury statue. As mentioned, this is located in the marketplace and a miniature replica was used for the photo on the album cover.

Duck House is a 200 square meter villa that can accommodate 7 people. You need to withdraw 800 to 1100 euros per night and the minimum stay is 3 nights. For more photos of Villa Duck House and rental rates for desired dates,Click here.

Fairmont Le Montreux-Paleis

Fairmont Le Montreux-PaleisThis is another place where the Queen liked to stay. Built in 1906 in the heart of Montreux, this hotel offers a magnificent view of the lake and the Alps. It features a large spa, garden and outdoor pool.

Fairmont Le Montreux Palace has both standard rooms and larger suites for rent, including Freddie Mercury's suite on the seventh floor. There are separate living and dining areas and a bathroom with a spa bath.

Depending on the time of year you are interested in, you can pay anywhere from 900 to 2300 euros per night for an apartment. AccountYou can find the exact price for your appointment here.

Freddie Mercury-Hotel

Another hotel worth seeing in Montreux isFreddie Mercury-Hotel. Built in 2018 on platform 1 of Montreux train station, the hotel is clearly the hotel that Freddie Mercury never stayed in, but from which it drew great inspiration. Five floors are themed and the third floor is inspired by cats, Freddie's favorite pets.

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (11)

The hotel mainly focuses on accommodating students from the hotel school and also occasionally accommodates guests. So don't get your hopes up too high! When the rooms were last on the market, they cost between 220 and 800 euros.

However, there is still one exhibition that might be of interest to you and that you should definitely visit. The hotel has 120 photos from Freddie's private album, compiled by the Queen's managerJim Strand(who gave the nickname to Freddie MercuryMiami Strand).

When the Freddie Mercury Hotel starts renting rooms to the general public again, you'll find themavailable via this link. Success!

A stay in Montreux isn't just for the rich and famous. If you want to find cheaper accommodation options,Check them out here!

8. Toast Freddie

Freddie Mercury's favorite restaurant in Montreuxno longer exists. TheBrasserie BavariaIt was located near Mountain Studios and served authentic traditional German food that Freddie and Queen loved.

(Video) Freddie Mercury – Portrait einer Rocklegende | Kulturplatz | SRF Kultur

RestaurantMost BrentaIt may not be the same as it was in Freddie's day, but it still exists and you can eat in the building where the Queen frontman liked to eat.

When it comes toFreddie Mercury's favorite bar in Montreux, that could be the titleFunky Bar Claude's, officially known asHarry's Bar in New York, part of the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace. Queen reportedly loved relaxing here with a drink while they filmed in Montreux.

Finally, if you want to toast with Freddie Mercury's favorite local wine, then you shouldSaint-Saphorinwine withDomaine Bovy. The best way aroundVisit the tasting roomLavauxHe's with Freddie Tours, accompanied by Peter Freestone, and tells lots of anecdotes between sips. The Bovy family has been making their wines for three generations and Freddie is said to have sent many cases to his home in shed.

9. Celebrate Freddie Mercury's birthday party

If you're a Queen fan and want to make the most of your time during your visit to Montreux, give it a try while you're at itMontreux-Festival, an event that essentially represents Freddie Mercury's big birthday party.

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (12)

The annual Freddie Mercury Festival in Montreux, also known as Freddie Celebration Days, takes place around September 5, the late singer's birthday. Every year since 2001, Queen fans have met in Montreux to get carried away.

Expect numerous mostly free events and activities in the covered market, such as tribute band concerts, jam sessions, flash mobs, silent disco and even Zumba fitness with Queen music! If you tire of dancing, there are food trucks and bars to replenish your energy levels.

At the same time, the Montreux Casino is hosting an "Official Freddie Mercury Birthday Party" with its own live entertainment. As this is a ticketed event, it will sell out quickly.

During the Freddie Mercury memorial days, Peter Freestone organizes boat tours of Montreux as an additional way to see the Swiss city from the Queen's perspective.

The Montreux Celebration 2022 is scheduled for September 2-5.

10. Don't leave without a souvenir of the Queen

Freddie Mercury's visit to Montreux should not be complete without taking home a piece of memory.

Montreux by Freddie Mercury (13)

One of the best places to shop for Queen memorabilia in Montreux isSwiss bazaar, gift shop conveniently located on Main Street (Main road), just above the market roof.

(Video) FREDDIE MERCURY'S house in Montreaux and QUEEN's Mountain Studios

Among the cuckoo clocks, music boxes, Swiss Army knives and similar trinkets typically offered in such shops, Bazar Suisse has an exclusive collection of Queen memorabilia on its shelves. From Freddie Mercury Montreux replicas and party masks to t-shirts, badges and postcards, we have products for every budget.

Since 1975, Bazar Suisse has been managed by Norbert Müller, a fan of the Queen, who initiated both the celebration of Montreux and the continuation and modernization of the tours through his son Lucien.

The neighboring town of Vevey also had a famous citizen – Charlie Chaplin. These areThe 9 best places that all Chaplin fans should visit in Vevey!

Montreux by Freddie Mercury - End

Switzerland is traditionally the favorite travel destination of the kings and queens of the world. The last German EmperorWilliam II,empress Elizabeth of Austria,Astrid from Sweden,Queen Elizabeth, IKing's VictoriaThese are just a few of the royal names that have attracted the landlocked mountains of Central Europe. The Swiss loved their Blue Blood guests.

But the crowned heads of the most valuable stone thrones in the world have left their mark that goes beyond politics. British band Queen were among the most significant royalty to attract the Montreux Jazz Festival, but also among those who have consistently chosen to return.

And not just for holidays in Montreux! The city became an indispensable address for the band's activities and a way out of world fame into a more tolerable semi-anonymity.

These days it's almost impossible to list Montreux attractions that somehow don't feature Freddie Mercury's name

Freddie Mercury wasn't the only one who recognized the healing power of distancing yourself from the screaming world. Like him, pop stars like Nina Simone and David Bowie have chosen to move to the Montreux area where one can find “peace of mind”.

The link between Freddie Mercury and Montreux has made the town on the Swiss Riviera a legal pilgrimage site for all fans of the late Queen frontman.

These days it's almost impossible to list Montreux attractions that somehow don't feature Freddie Mercury's name. The traces of the legendary singer have become valuable reference points and his resting places have become almost sacred places not to be missed in Montreux.

"I long for peace before I die," sings Freddie Mercury in his last song. And it was this tranquility that was the strongest appeal of Montreux, a lakeside town with "really nice views."

Are you planning to visit Montreux with Freddie Mercury?
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Montreux by Freddie Mercury (14)

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Montreux by Freddie Mercury (15)
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(Video) Filmato"Freddie Mercury - La Duck House di Clarens,Montreux. " (Parte 2) Video Italiano


What did Freddie Mercury say about Montreux? ›

If you want peace of mind, come to Montreux”, said Freddie Mercury (1946-1991). As well as living in Montreux, he also recorded six albums there with Queen, including “Made in Heaven”. In memory of his presence, Freddie Mercury's bronze statue has stood on the lakeside promenade since 1996.

Why does Freddie Mercury have a statue in Montreux? ›

He fell in love with Montreux and Lake Geneva and decided to settle here. He said, among other things, "If you want peace of soul, come to Montreux". To commemorate his time in Montreux, a bronze statue of Freddie Mercury was placed by the waterfront in 1996.

What hotel did Freddie Mercury stay in Montreux? ›

Freddie Mercury's holiday home with a view of Lake Geneva

While Freddie Mercury was not a fan of the calm and quiet during his first stays in Switzerland, the singer finally found the inner peace there that he needed. The Queen singer came to Duck House at 165 rue du Lac in Montreux many times.

What songs did Freddie Mercury write in Montreux? ›

It was while contemplating the lake and the mountains from his new Montreusian base that he was inspired to write the lyrics for A Winter's Tale. This song is an ode to the city of Montreux. It will appear on the posthumous album "Made in Heaven", released in 1995.

What was Queen's last song with Freddie Mercury? ›

Bohemian Rhapsody

The ultimate Queen song, performed with Mercury on vocals for the last time.

Did Freddie Mercury tell the band he was dying? ›

Mercury kept his condition private to protect those closest to him; May later confirmed that Mercury had informed the band of his illness much earlier. He knew how ill he was, and that this was the last time he'd ever be in front of a camera. He must have had terrible pain, but you don't see that.

Was Freddie Mercury faithful? ›

Freddie was faithful at first, but his attraction to men couldn't be ignored for long and he began to sleep with people without her knowing. Mary has said she had her suspicions, but never had the courage to confront him.

What was the religion of Freddie? ›

How Queen Front Man Freddie Mercury's Zoroastrian Faith Shaped His Music - World Religion News. Singer-Songwriter Was More religious Than You Think Unless you have been living in a cave, you know the rock band, Queen.

Why did Freddie call himself Mercury? ›

At about the same time, he legally changed his surname, Bulsara, to Mercury. It was inspired by the line "Mother Mercury, look what they've done to me" from his song "My Fairy King". Shortly before the release of Queen's self-titled first album, Mercury designed the band's logo, known as the "Queen crest".

What happened to Freddie Mercury's mansion? ›

After his death, mourning fans covered the wall with graffiti messages. The house was inherited by Mercury's close friend Mary Austin following his death at the house in 1991. Bridget Cherry, writing in the 1991 London: North West edition of the Pevsner Architectural Guides described the house as "well hidden".

Why did Freddie Mercury move to Montreux? ›

Freddie Mercury, the singer of the rock band Queen, settled in Montreux because of its serenity. He acquired a recording studio, where he made his last album with Queen: "Made in Heaven".

What song did Freddie Mercury wrote when he was dying? ›

"Mother Love" is a song by Queen, from the album Made in Heaven, released in 1995 after Freddie Mercury's death in 1991. It was written by Mercury and Brian May. Mercury recorded two out of three verses before becoming too sickly to continue recording, so May recorded the final verse himself later.

What is the most famous Freddie Mercury? ›

1: Bohemian Rhapsody

“Bohemian Rhapsody” is regarded as one of the masterpieces of 20th-century popular music – yet Freddie Mercury admitted that he almost rejected it in its early stages. “People still ask me what 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is all about, and I say I don't know.

Could Freddie Mercury read music? ›

In answer to Olly's question regarding Freddie writing his music, Freddie could read music, as he shad piano lessons when he was young, but generally when he was composing his songs he created the music around chord progressions, and as everything he played was recorded, he had no need to write the notes down.

What is the saddest Queen song? ›

Top 10 Saddest Queen and Freddie Mercury Songs
  1. 1 The Show Must Go On. ...
  2. 2 These are the Days of Our Lives. ...
  3. 3 Too Much Love Will Kill You. ...
  4. 4 Love of My Life. ...
  5. 5 Who Wants to Live Forever? ...
  6. 6 Bohemian Rhapsody. ...
  7. 7 Save Me. ...
  8. 8 No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young)

What did other bands think of Queen at Live Aid? ›

“You bastards, you stole the show”

It wasn't only Queen who realized they had been sensational. Paul Gambaccini, who was part of the BBC broadcasting team at Live Aid, recalled the awe among other superstar musicians watching backstage. “Everybody realized that Queen was stealing the show,” said Gambaccini.

Did Queen release any music after Freddie died? ›

Queen also released Made In Heaven their fifteenth studio album November 6, 1995. This was the band's first release after Freddie Mercury died but with Freddie's vocals.

What happened to Jim Hutton after Freddie died? ›

Three years after Freddie's death, Jim published a book about his time with the singer titled Mercury and Me. He worked as Freddie's gardener after moving into the singer's Kensington mansion, and preferred to stay away from the rock and roll lifestyle.

What were Freddie Mercury's last word? ›

In his private life he was the real opposite of that provoking star. He was very considerate. Others have referred to Freddie's last words in his last video, “These are the Days of Our Lives,” being, “I still love you.”

What is the hidden meaning of Bohemian Rhapsody? ›

'Bohemian Rhapsody' WAS Freddie's confessional. It was about how different his life could have been, and how much happier he might have been, had he just been able to be himself, the whole of his life. The world heard this song as a masterpiece of imagination, a great command of musical styles.

Did Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury like each other? ›

Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson's lives were intertwined in only the way two of the world's biggest star's could understand. The Queen star and King of Pop bonded over superstardom, their love of music – and even collaborated on duets together – yet both stars rarely spoke about their friendship.

Who was Freddie Mercury's favorite band? ›

“I would say that Led Zeppelin are the greatest, and as a rock band they deserved the kind of success they got,” said Mercury. “Robert Plant is one of the most original vocalists of our time. He was always my favourite singer.

Who is Freddie Mercury's best friend? ›

With a study friendship spanning 15 years, fellow singer Peter Straker was Mercury's best buddy. The West End star had bonded over the 1970s and survived it all. As Mercury's star soared, their friendship never faltered. Straker scored leading roles in musicals such as The Rocky Horror Show, Tommy and Hair.

What did Michael Jackson say about Freddie Mercury? ›

Originally it was MJ who pursued Freddie. Rolling Stone reported that when Jackson was spotted backstage at a Queen show in Los Angeles and asked if he was a fan of the band, he replied: "I'm a Freddie Mercury fan."

What did Freddie Mercury say about his songs? ›

"You can do what you want with my music," he said, "but don't make me boring." He got his wish. Twenty-one years later, Mercury is still the rock star's rock star, exerting enough magnetism to reel in new fans who are too young to remember him firsthand.

Where did Freddie Mercury spend his last days? ›

In the days leading up to his death, Peter recalls Freddie's last days and the singer's request for one last look at his beloved Kensington home. "Freddie was downstairs in Garden Lodge on the 20th November, as he wanted to see some of his artworks for one last time," he says.

Did Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury ever meet? ›

First spotted backstage at a Queen concert in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson (25) confessed to being a Freddie Mercury (37) fan. He went to several shows before finally meeting Mercury, alongside his bandmates, Roger Taylor, Brian May and John Deacon.

What Queen song did Michael Jackson like? ›

Speaking in the latest episode of Queen The Greatest, Roger Taylor said: “Michael came to several shows I think at the Forum in LA, and he loved Freddie. And he kept saying, 'You guys, you got to put that song out! ' “And I wasn't particularly enamoured with it, so I said 'No, you're kidding, that's never a single.

Did Freddie Mercury like Prince? ›

Mercury would often comment on how impressed he was by the musical talent of Prince, and he loved the star's semi-autobiographical film Purple Rain.

Did Freddie Mercury have a favorite song? ›

'Toto' – Africa. 'Kashmir' – Led Zeppelin. 'I Get Around' – The Beach Boys.

Did Freddie Mercury's teeth actually help him sing? ›

It turns out that Freddie's voice didn't arise from extra teeth or a big mouth, but from his use of a body part that's usually not accessed – the so-called “false” vocal cords.

What did Freddie Mercury's dad always say? ›

Freddie's father had raised his son with the often stated teaching: “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.”


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