Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (2023)

AhNaruto, the prolific anime/manga series about a boywith a fox demon trapped insidewho dresses in bright orange and screams all the time. It is a series about Naruto trying his best to become the strongest "Hokage" or Shinobi.of which there were many candidates.And while Naruto Uzumaki doesn't exactly fit the stereotypical image of a ninja/shinobi (nor does Boruto), they both do a fantastic the relatively airymain character in their respective series, and Naruto is obviously strong enough by the end of the main seriesbeing considered the "strongest" as a Kage should be.

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In all major arcs and events inNarutojNaruto Shippuden, there were a ton of different openings, some more memorable than others, so here's a look at the best of the best.

Updated February 12, 2021 by Jacob Buchalter:Now that I think about it, there really are a lot of openings throughout the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series. And because so many people grew up with them, almost every surgery holds a special place in someone's heart. But now, just likeBorutoIt's about the next generation, it's time for the next generation ofPeople growing up in Boruto to get their representation,Therefore, some of your surgeries are now included in this list as well.

Disclaimer: Spoilers fornaruto,Naruto Shippuden,jBoruto: The next generation.

13 Boruto Opening 5: Golden Time

Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (1)
  • Artist:Fuji fabric
  • Covered Episodes:101-126
  • Visuals:also +
  • Animation:B-
  • Music:C

many ofBorutoThe openings are full of homages and references to moments whenShippudenOpenings, and Golden Time is no different. The slow introduction of characters turning into a chorus once the main cast engages an epic enemy in combat is pretty much par for the course for almost everyone.Naruto/BorutoOpening. But the real tributes come in the part of the opening song where Boruto chases his father's back as he so often does, as well as that little crystal of light just to make it disappear in his hands.

This is an allusion toShippudenOP 18, line with all characters next to itNarutoThe vents are constantly chasing their goals/dreams (personified as this crystal of light) with sheer desperation. At the end of this OP, Naruto manages to confidently grab his likely wishful thinking for him to become Hokage (although he may not be the best father), while Sasuke destroys his for revenge (although he ultimately pursues the force for a different reason).

However, Boruto doesn't destroy his dream of being a great man like his father, but he doesn't quite achieve it either, which shows that he isn't like his father and that he still has a long way to go. That being said of course the OP itself is fantastic as Fujifabric does a great job with unique energetic music. The only real downside to this OST entry is that the graphics really have nothing to do with the story.

12 Boruto Opening 7: Beginning and Growing

Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (2)
(Video) Naruto Shippuden Opening Songs 1-20 Full Album
  • Artist:Sambo Master
  • Covered Episodes:151-180
  • Visuals:A-
  • Animation:also +
  • Music:B-

Just as the Golden Age had this unique energy and flowed into it, the initiation and growth of the Sambomaster doubles and even amplifies this energyby Borutoseventh op. Somehow this OP manages to capture the bright, clear colors that many of Boruto's earlier OPs are known for, while also capturing that "things get real" energy that shares many similarities with one another.NarutoOP namens Rhapsody of Youth.

And there are many important clues to upcoming events, such as Kawaki's dark introduction at the beginning, Boruto's steady karma progression,or even the simple fact that the ever lazy chocho doesn't run around like the rest of the is the firstBorutoThe opening feels like a true sonic leap into something more serious, and bears many similarities to Pain's Invasion of the past.Shippudendays. The only problem is that this opening is a bit provocative as the actual events unfolding in the OP wouldn't happen until a bunch of filler is gotten out of the way. Anyhow, as a companion product, Start and Grow is absolutely fantastic.

11 Boruto Opening 10: Gold

  • Artist:Flow
  • Covered Episodes:231-Real
  • Visuals:A
  • Animation:C
  • Music:C

Finish with the latest.BorutoPening named Gold, boy is so pretty to look at. The first twenty or thirty seconds of this OP is incredibly impressive visually, they do a great job introducing the characters and their gimmicks (Wie Saradas Sharingan), and the plot that follows (along with the chorus) is equally interesting in another way.

There's a real change in tone with this one, how it feelsBorutoPenings have completely transformed into their own version of the classicShippudenOP. And for every fan ofBorutoManga, this opening looks like things are finally getting better thanks to the appearance of Kawaki. And while this OP suffers from the same problem as Golden Time, where the kids just fight random mobs instead of actual main characters, it's just as good to watch. On top of that, he does a fantastic job of letting viewers know that Kawaki and Boruto have something in common, eventually becoming close enough to get his way.towards the always elusive goal of being one of the best anime duosas Naruto and Sasuke.

10 Shippuden Opening 20: Empty Heart

Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (4)
  • Artist:anly
  • Covered Episodes:480-500
  • Visuals:B+
  • Animation:also +
  • Music:also +

It's weird that the last Shippuden series opening song is so far behind in the rankings, but this is where it falls. Empty Heart is a bittersweet farewell and celebration of the series/journey so far. Many different parts of the song pay homage to other openings in the series, which is a really nice touch.

This was the opening of the final arcs of the main series, which basically just cleaned up the characters' backstories to set it up.Boruto: The next generation. The music itself is beautiful and fits perfectly with the tone the visuals are aiming for, and the entire opening just paints a clear picture of how much things have changed for these characters since this all began.

9 Shippuden Opening 9: Lovers

Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (5)
(Video) Top 20 Best Naruto Opening Themes
  • Artist:You are ops
  • Covered Episodes:206-230
  • Visuals:B
  • Animation:B
  • Music:B-

Moving on is "Lovers," the opening that was there for most of the Five Kage Summit up until the start of the Fourth Shinobi World War. as usual withNarutowritten, begins with Sasuke and Naruto facing each other in that pure blue sky, with Sakura (one of the least used characters of the series) literally right in the middle of the frame. From there, the opening music moves from group to group, introducing Akatsuki, Sasuke's "Taka" group, the Kage and their closest advisors, and the important members of Konoha.

Referring to the song, the group dubbed it "7!!" AKA "Seven Oops" does a fantastic job creating an incredibly memorable song with a unique groove and lots of heart.

8 Shippuden Opening 3: Bluebird

Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (6)
  • Artist:Ikimono-Gakari
  • Covered Episodes:54-77
  • Visuals:A+
  • Animation:C
  • Music:A

Next on this list is "Blue Bird", a song that is very popular with many.Narutofans. a lot of itNarutoThe opening stands for symbolism over the over-the-top animated sequences, which mostly work and lend something of the similar emotional appealReichsherzen IIopening film. In all honesty, the symbolism in this particular OP is so iconic that Boruto's openings in current episodes still pay homage to it.

The main disadvantage of this opening is the fact that it is a "filler arc" opening. However, the filler arc of Twelve Guardian Ninja is one of the least offensive, as it has interesting characters and stretches outNaruto Wind Chakra Rasengan Traininglong before the manga. Still such a fantastic opening wasted by use during a filler arc.

7 Shippuden Apertura 6: Signo

Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (7)
  • Artist:FLOW
  • Covered Episodes:129-153
  • Visuals:B+
  • Animation:B+
  • Music:B+

Just the thought of that next opening song generates a lotNarutoFans all with tears in their eyes. "Sign" was the sixth opening for theShippudenseries and covered some pretty significant storylines, most notably the "Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant" (one of the best teacher characters in anime) and the "Preordained Battle Between Brothers". These two arcs are some of the most emblematic moments ofShippuden,oder Jiraiyas Konfrontation mit Pain in the Land of Rainor the long-awaited clash between Sasuke and Itachi.

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And while the opening (for the most part) features many clips from the actual anime rather than a single animation, the chorus drops that addition to the setNarutoThe OST is really difficult, both visually and musically.

6 Shippuden Overture 5: A Firefly's Light

Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (8)
(Video) Naruto Shippuden Openings 1 20 Full HD
  • Artist:Ikimono-Gakari
  • Covered Episodes:103-128
  • Visuals:B
  • Animation:A
  • Music:A+

Interestingly, the next opening song entitled "Light of a Butterfly" was also performed by Ikimono-Gakari, the group that sang "Blue Bird". But this OP got seen by a lot more people since it covered a more significant story arc, well...part of it at least.

Most of the opening anime episodes were part of the three-tailed beast arc, another anime-only arc and one of the longest stretches of anime-exclusive content of all time. But from episode 112 things really come to a head. And a lot of that can be seen in the opening, especially atthis spooky spooky scene from the pure sasuke villain arcslowly walking towards the puddle of glowing violet liquid,shows that he is ok with any taboo jutsuor method as long as it gets him closer to fighting Itachi.

5 Original Series Overture 5: Rhapsody of Youth

Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (9)
  • Artist:Sambo Master
  • Covered Episodes:104-128
  • Visuals:B+
  • Animation:A+
  • Music:S

Eventually this list came down to one entry of the originalNarutoseries and not onlyShippuden. while muchfrom ShippudenThe openings are level S, there is a good part that is also level B to C+. Now the classicNarutothe voicings are a bit more extreme, either at the S+ or C-/D level.

"Rhapsody of Youth" is obviously an OP that falls into the S+ category, theNarutoOpening song that covered a large portion of Sasuke's recovery arc, a fan-favorite arc of the original series. And while the music itself is amazing, the fact that this opening has so much original animation not only puts Sasuke/Naruto in the spotlight, but also doesn't spoil the arc too much (something that's common in anime). ) . OPs) means you easily earn a place in the leaderboard.

4 Original Series Opening 3: Turning Sadness into Kindness

Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (10)
  • Artist:bit by bit
  • Covered Episodes:54-77
  • Visuals:A+
  • Animation:C
  • Music:A

"Turning Sadness into Kindness" is one of the most appropriate titles for an anime opening, as far as the OP actually covers. This song, the third OP of the original.NarutoThe series covers Naruto convincing Jiraiya to train him, Naruto's big fight against Gaara, and some of Orochimaru's attacks on Konoha.

This second event involving Gaara and Naruto is the most important for this opening song as most of it focuses on the tragic backstories of the main cast, from Neji to Sakura.with Gaara's childhood and Naruto as Jinchurikias focus. The animation is a little lackluster, but the incredibly catchy music and visual narrative more than make up for it.

3 Shippuden Abertura 2: Si

Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (11)
(Video) Naruto Shippuden Opening 13 Full 『NICO Touches the Walls - Niwaka Ame ni Mo Makezu』 ナルト 疾風伝
  • Artist:daisy
  • Covered Episodes:282-306
  • Visuals:B-
  • Animation:B+
  • Music:A-

Speaking of Gaara, "If" is another opening that often features this character, in addition to the incredible Killer Bee battling Minato, a group of revived characters who participated in the Fourth Shinobi World War, and Naruto in his chakra form . Nine-Tails finally arrives on the battlefield.

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Honestly, that opening covered a ton of the big events of the Fourth Shinobi War, and I really couldn't hope to accurately wrap it all up in one minute and thirty seconds. But overall he did a great job.

2 Shippuden Abertura 16: Silueta

Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (12)
  • Artist:Kana-Boon
  • Covered Episodes:380-405
  • Visuals:B+
  • Animation:A+
  • Music:S

This openness was present throughout most of Naruto's "penultimate" confrontation against Obito, Infinite Tsukiyomi, and Madara Uchiha. This is also the point in the story where Sasuke and Naruto meet the Sage of the Six Paths and discover that they are both reincarnations of his two sons.

It's basically the final opening, covering the climax of the series as a whole, and is probably the most well-known.Narutocurrently open.

1 Original Series Opening 4: Let's Go!

Naruto: 13 Best Anime Opening Songs (13)
  • Artist:FLOW
  • Covered Episodes:78-103
  • Visuals:A+
  • Animation:C
  • Music:S+

"Go!!" Also known to most under the false title "Fighting Dreamers".Narutofandom is the best knownNarutoOpening there, at least among those who saw the series when it first came out. Truly this opening is the Hokage of all Naruto openings.But to be clear, he is a strong Kage like Naruto, not weak like Gaara's father Rasa.

This OP covers Naruto's training with Jiraiya, the two seek out and meet the future Hokage, Tsunade,Battle against Orochimaru along with Kabuto, Sasuke's first fight against Itachi and Naruto finally learns to use the rasengan. Now of course it has to be said that the animation isn't great for this opening, but the graphics are fantastic as the whole OP has this "jump off the manga page" feel.

(Video) Genshin Impact Anime Opening - Naruto Shippuden Opening 13

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