Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (2023)

This list will contain a series of main contentsnaruto yborutoCharacters, both protagonists and antagonists, who have already appeared in the franchise. You'll discover their exact ages throughout history and birth dates, their exact height and of course some of their main powers.

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Boruto character

naruto&Naruto Shippudencharacters

In this section, we will give you the basic information about the main characters ofnaruto(Part I) andNaruto Shippuden(Part II). Although most of these characters are still aliveboruto, this section only contains the information for the first two series.

Naruto Uzumaki12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)October 10th5'90"
Sasuke Uchiha12–13 (Part I), 16–17 (Part II)July 235'97"
Sakura Harano12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)March 28th5'41"
hinata hyūga12–13 (Part I), 16 (Part II)December 27th5'34"
kakashi hatake26–27 (Part I), 29–31 (Part II)15.095'93"
Orochimaru50–51 (Part I), 54 (Part II)October 27th5'88"
tsunade senju51 (Part I), 54–55 (Part II)August 25'34"
rock-lee13–14 (Part I), 17 (Part II)27.115'80"
Minato Namikaze24January 25th5'87"
There is50–51 (Part I), 54 (Part II)November 11th6'26"
gaara12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)January 19th5'64"
kaguya otsutsukiunknownAugust 15thunknown
neji hyuga13–14 (Part I), 17–18 (Part II)July 3rd5'64"
Madara UchihaunknownDecember, 245'87"
Itachi Uchiha17–18 (Part I), 21 (Part II)June 9th5'10"
Other (Longing)35 (Part II)19.095'9"
HanzounknownFebruary 12th5'80"
kabuto yakushi19–20 (Part I), 23–24 (Part II)February 29th5'80"

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (1)

Full name:Naruto Uzumaki
Birth date:October 10th
Years:12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)

Powers and Abilities:Because Naruto has Kurama sealed within him, he is able to access a large source of chakra that allows him to perform ninja techniques that someone his age would not be able to perform.

However, he only uses his chakra reserves when angry.Live🇧🇷 Thanks to the same energy, he also has the ability to summon some types of toads through "Kuchiyose no Jutsu". Also, as the story progressed, Naruto acquired thekyuubiMode that would give it its characteristic yellow flame appearance.

One of the best techniques Naruto learned is the "Rasengan", a sphere of energy that concentrates a large amount of chakra.

Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (2)

Full name:Sasuke Uchiha
Birth date:July 23
Years:12–13 (Part I), 16–17 (Part II)
Height:1,82 metros

Powers and Abilities:Sasuke is able to understand and practice ninja techniques with ease. Furthermore, as a member of his clan, he possesses a successor technique known asSharingan, giving him a variety of advantages in battle.

After Itachi's death, Sasuke develops theMangekyō Sharingan, an evolved form ofSharinganallowing you to perform higher level techniques such asAmaterasu, which consists of creating powerful black flames that consume everything in its path.

he uses it tooTsukuyomia powerful illusionJutsu, as much assusano'o, a large skeletal creature that gradually transforms into a flaming warrior that protects and fights for its summoner.Before I skip town, o enseña su sensei Kakashi HatakeChidori, a technique consisting of a series of chakra bolts that build up in the hand.

Sakura Harano

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (3)

Full name:Sakura Harano
Birth date:March 28th
Years:12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)

Powers and Abilities:During the first part, Sakura's abilities are almost nil, although she possesses ample chakra control, as shown in the few fights she participates in. However, it is only in the second part that he learns to use this ability to her advantage. After training with Tsunade for two and a half years, Sakura gains two abilities.

The first is his ability to heal his wounds, earning him his position on their medical ninja team. As she is a medical ninja, her team cannot pit her against each other in battle. On the other hand, her second ability is her supernatural power, with which Sakura can easily turn obstacles into rubble by focusing her chakra into her fists and releasing them.

hinata hyūga

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (4)

Full name:hinata hyūga
Birth date:December 27th
Years:12–13 (Part I), 16 (Part II)
Height:1,63 metros

Powers and Abilities:Hinata is part of the powerful Hyūga clan, whose members are named after a hereditary dōjutsu.Byakūgan🇧🇷 With courage and will, and with the help of her cousin Neji, Hinata was finally able to progress and master the clan's most powerful secret techniques.

hinataByakūganshe is often useful during missions with her team to warn of approaching enemies or dangers; He can see up to 10 km and thus can penetrate illusions (Genjutsu🇧🇷 In anime, you can also use it to see micro details very close up or as infrared vision. In addition to her fighting skills, Hinata is shown to be quite intelligent.

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In the anime, he is also capable of using the Mystic Palm healing technique and has successfully mastered twohe got up, fire and lightning.

kakashi hatake

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (5)

Full name:kakashi hatake
Birth date:15.09
Years:26–27 (Part I), 29–31 (Part II)

Powers and Abilities: Sharingan left eyethat Obito Uchiha gave him is one of the things that made him famous. Giving you the ability to mimic the movements andJutsuOf the others, Kakashi has a huge advantage in battle thanks to the Sharingan.

Furthermore, Kakashi developed theMangekyō Sharinganafter accidentally killing his teammate Rin Nohara. With this form, which evolved from the Sharingan, he can use a technique called "Kamui" that sends any object or person to another dimension.

Although most of Kakashi's abilities were gained from the Sharingan, he managed to develop two techniques himself.Raikiriis a compilation of chakra bolts in hand and an updated version ofChidori.


Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (6)

Full name:Orochimaru
Birth date:October 27th
Years:50–51 (Part I), 54 (Part II)

Powers and Abilities:Orochimaru is an extremely powerful ninja. His powers, which can easily be described as Kage level, were so great that the Third Hokage feared that no one in the village could defeat him or fight on equal terms.

He was able to fight Naruto Uzumaki with Four Tails. Since fights are rarely shown, he demonstrated only a limited number of techniques, though it stands to reason that he would strive to learn all of the available ones.Jutsu, his arsenal of skills has probably made him one of the best ninjas around.

His fighting style is very fluid and he is nearly invulnerable to most conventional techniques, even when impaled. And he showed that he could use ninjutsu without a hand seal despite being paralyzed with the Reaper's Seal of Death technique.


Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (7)

Full name:tsunade senju
Birth date:August 2
Years:51 (Part I), 54–55 (Part II)

Powers and Abilities:Expressly the most effective technique used by her.Ninpo: Souzo-saisei🇧🇷 The technique consists of using a large amount of chakra that has accumulated in your forehead for a long time to use as a medicinal potential, which not only restores your cells but also stimulates your body's proteins to greatly increase the rate. cell division and reconstruction.

Another technique he uses isKuchiyose kein Jutsu, with which he manages to summon Katsuyu into battle, a very obedient giant slug with the ability to split into many mini-clones, spit acid, and transfer healing chakra released by Tsunade.

Finally, one of his most prominent combat skills is his immense strength, capable of opening huge cracks and holes the size of houses in the ground, causing tremors and launching the enemy into the air with a single blow.


Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (8)

Full name:rock-lee
Birth date:27.11
Years:13–14 (Part I), 17 (Part II)
Height:1,77 metros

Powers and Abilities:Lee cannot use magic or illusion arts, only martial arts. Like his master, he always wears ankle weights, which can only be removed in extreme cases; Upon discarding it, his already impressive speed increases incredibly, becoming so fast that he is almost invisible to the human eye.

Part of his fighting style involves opening the body's eight defensive gates or overcoming natural limitations on the amount of chakra a ninja can draw from their body, resulting in superhuman strength and speed. Out of a total of eight doors, Lee has shown that he can open five.

He also knows two lotus techniques. He also has a natural disposition for Drunken Style and also seems to be able to fight even when barely conscious.

Minato Namikaze

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (9)

Full name:Minato Namikaze
Birth date:January 25th

Powers and Abilities:According to Masashi Kishimoto, Minato was the strongest ninja in Konoha history. Like Tobirama Senju, Minato has shown himself to be a high-level sensor type, capable of detecting the presence of people in an area simply by placing his finger on the ground.

And he managed to take the technique of this Flying Thunder God Jutsu to a new level, realizing that he had better speed and acted quickly.

Although Minato has never been shown to be powerfulJutsuor techniques, it is estimated that his tremendous power was due to the ability to exploit the skills he had, such as focusing on his speed to surprise the enemy, or analyzing things quickly and efficiently, allowing him to know how and when to attack is the only way to who showed such a fighting style.

Also in the movies, he demonstrates the ability to erase a person's memories with the Memory Eraser Seal and is a foiinjutsu expert who learns the Uzumaki clan's techniques from Kushina.

There is

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (10)

Full name:There is
Birth date:November 11th
Years:50–51 (Part I), 54 (Part II)
Height:1.912 metros

Powers and Abilities:Jiraiya is one of the three legendary ninja or sanni. When Jiraiya was little he was very clumsy (almost like Naruto at the time), he always fell into the same traps that were set for him and told the Third Hokage that he was amazing for it.

He developed a transparency technique so that he could spy on women without being noticed. But over time, Jiraiya became a great ninja, being so good that after the Third Hokage's death, members of the village's Council of Elders asked him to become the Third Hokage's successor, but he refused.

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He is considered an S-class ninja and one of the best and most powerful shinobi. He is a genie who summons toads. In the fight against the six pain bodies, Jiraiya uses theSenjutsu, Hermit Techniques, where he also used the Slash Barrier, which destroyed a Pain Body by crossing it, thus defeating the one who summoned it.


Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (11)

Full name:gaara
Birth date:January 19th
Years:12–13 (Part I), 15–17 (Part II)

Powers and Abilities:By using Shukaku, Gaara can control sand. To attack his opponents, Gaara uses the sand to bury them, then compresses it to crush them in the process. When attacking Gaara, a sand shield is automatically activated, blocking attacks and preventing anything from damaging him.

Additionally, Gaara covers his skin with a layer of sand as a preemptive defense should the Shield of Sand be pierced. At the end of the first part, Gaara demonstrates the ability to use sand to transport himself, allowing him to fly. like the othersjinchūriki, Gaara can manifest certain qualities of the beast imprisoned within him.

While covered in sand, Gaara can assume Shukaku's appearance, but in miniature form, increasing his stamina and speed.

kaguya otsutsuki

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (12)

Full name:kaguya otsutsuki
Birth date:August 15th

Powers and Abilities:In the anime, Kaguya manifested extraordinary powers long before she consumed the fruit of the God Tree. He could perform interstellar travel, put people to sleep, hypnotize them, erase their memories or even release a powerful shock wave from his eyes, capable of repelling or even killing his enemies.

Kaguya gained such unparalleled power that she was able to severely injure Isshiki, though he was unprepared; as well as the pacification of the world torn apart only by war, which makes people worship her with fear. Hagoromo, a legendary figure himself, praised his mother's power as superior to all others, including his combined with his brother's.

neji hyuga

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (13)

Full name:neji hyuga
Birth date:July 3rd
Years:13–14 (Part I), 17–18 (Part II)

Powers and Abilities:Neji owns themByakugan, his clan's innate ability that grants him nearly 360-degree vision, and a special fighting style called "Juken" that allows him to damage his circulatory system and internal organs from chakra.

Neji knew how to use the Byakugan from a very young age and knew all of the main branch's secret techniques (such as the Celestial Rotation and the 64 Palms Technique). His Byakugan is more evolved compared to the other members of his clan: in fact, he has developed the ability to see enemy escape points perfectly, and in his youth he has a vision range of 50 meters at 358º and can reach up to 1 km. all straight

Despite his great abilities, Neji has one weakness which is the 2nd's remaining blind spot on his back. Indeed, in this case, Neji is in trouble. Although in the second part he manages to learn the "Hakke Kushō" technique to compensate for the weakness.

Madara Uchiha

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (14)

Full name:Madara Uchiha
Birth date:December, 24
Height:1,79 metros

Powers and Abilities:Madara has been cited by several characters as one of the most talented ninja in history and it has been noted that he was born with one.particularly strong chakra, which he describes as the reason for his "stubborn refusal to die".

Even the Nine-Tails mentioned that Madara's chakra is even more sinister than hers. Madara has shown to be capable of defeating several powerful opponents. Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, describes Madara's visual abilities as something even the best ninja can talk about, while Gaara has said he has the power of a god.

For her part, Tsunade doubts that Tobi is really Madara Uchiha and that he only uses his name because the name "Madara Uchiha" is synonymous with power while Obito carried out his plans.

Itachi Uchiha

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (15)

Full name:Itachi Uchiha
Birth date:June 9th
Years:17–18 (Part I), 21 (Part II)
Height:1,78 metros

Powers and Abilities:Itachi Uchiha was considered a genius in his village, even within the famous Uchiha clan, a skilled fighter. He could easily learn a new jutsu through mere observation and quickly rose through the various ninja ranks. His skill rivaled that of Shisui Uchiha, who was considered the strongest Uchiha of his time. He was particularly versatile: excelling in taijutsu, ninjutsu, seals, and genjutsu, he was praised by his allies and enemies alike.

Orochimaru, one of Konoha's three legendary ninja, openly admitted that Itachi was stronger than he was. Tobi reveals to Sasuke that although he was weakened by the illness, Itachi could have killed him during the fight if he wanted to. Even as they held on, a Jonin team was pushed back into their entrenchment by the latter.

Other (Longing)

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (16)

Full name:Nagato Uzumaki (Dolor)
Birth date:19.09
Years:35 (Part II)

Powers and Abilities:According to Jiraiya, he would have mastered all six chakra nature changes and the five elements at just ten years old, thanks to his Rinnegan, a feat unique in ninja history. He is able to manipulate six corpses at once, which he calls Pain after implanting dozens of extremely resistant black piercings (chakra transmitters and receivers) all over his body and face.

Likewise, he controls many summons that can be used by any of his bodies. When the six paths of pain come together, they form Pain Rikudo. After the death of his best friend Yahiko, Nagato will make his corpse the main body of the six.

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Although she stays in the hidden village of Ame most of the time, if Nagato wants to handle the corpses in an isolated location, she should also leave the village and keep a reasonable distance from the corpses, in a location as far away as possible. 🇧🇷 as high as possible to maintain full control over them.


Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (17)

Full name:Hanzo
Birth date:February 12th
Height:1,77 metros

Powers and Abilities:Hanzō's skills and techniques are not shown throughout the franchise, but he is portrayed as a character of great power and abilities, befitting his legendary shinobi fame. The so-called three Sannin (Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade) were no match for him and barely survived.

The character's favorite weapon was a large kusarigama (a weapon from Japan). He used the weapon both offensively and defensively, or even to immobilize opponents. The main characteristic of the character is a bag of poison that he carries in his body. Hanzō used it to poison his enemies or his own kusarigama.

However, this was also a double-edged sword for Hanzō, as if the water were to break, the poison would paralyze Hanzō, though it was not fatal to him. On the other hand, the poison was highly lethal to anyone, causing incredible pain and paralyzing the body.

kabuto yakushi

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (18)

Full name:kabuto yakushi
Birth date:February 29th
Years:19–20 (Part I), 23–24 (Part II)
Height:1,77 metros

Powers and Abilities:His character's first glimpses in the play reflect a low-level ninja with very basic knowledge, but this was a guise under which he could act as a spy for Orochimaru. Your main tool in battle is usually your wits. Kabuto is extremely insightful and calculating, always improvising and adapting in battle.

In combat, he leaves nothing to chance and is capable of analyzing his opponents in an instant and knowing how to anticipate their movements in almost all circumstances. His main attribute is his skill as a doctor, so Orochimaru wanted to make him his apprentice.


In this section we will do the same.borutocharacters. Now some of the characters you'll see in the table are repeated from the previous table, but with new information; However, these characters are not analyzed individually, rather those that appear exclusively inboruto.

Naruto Uzumaki19-21 (blank), 32-33October 10th5'90"
Sasuke Uchiha33July 235'97"
Sakura Harano33March 28th5'41"
hinata uzumaki33December 27th5'34"
boruto uzumaki12, 16 (Flashforward)March, 27 th4'10"
sarada uchiha12March 314'9"
himawari uzumaki10unknown4'6"
Konohamaru SarutobiunknownDecember 30th5'9″
Mitsuki12July 25th4'10"
gaara32–33January 19th5'64"
Momoshiki Otsutsukiunknownunknown5'9"
isshiki otsutsukiunknownunknownunknown
go to the boneunknownunknownunknown
sumire kakei12June 124'9"

boruto uzumaki

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (19)

Full name:boruto uzumaki
Birth date:March, 27 th
Height:1,63 metros

Powers and Abilities:Descended from both powerful bloodlines, Boruto is a child prodigy credited with the ability to achieve anything he sets his mind to in a remarkably short amount of time. Having inherited his paternal grandfather's genius and his father's unpredictability, he scored top of his class in the Genin exams and is considered head and shoulders above the rest of his generation.

As a genin, Boruto is considered an elite class, excelling in all areas of combat. His skills proved crucial in defeating formidable opponents such as Momoshiki, Urashiki, and members of Kara. His potential is also seen as a threat to the Ōtsutsuki clan.

sarada uchiha

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (20)

Full name:sarada uchiha
Birth date:March 31
Height:1,47 metros

Powers and Abilities:Sarada inherited her father's prodigious talent, to be able to compare with him in his prime, and her mother's intelligence. Sarada placed third in her academy class and her teachers stated that she would pass. He passed the Genin Exam with ease and had what it takes to fulfill his dream of becoming Hokage.

As the kunoichi of the Uchiha clan, she is considered an elite genin, excelling at anything that can reach the final round of the chūnin exams and judged by the highest ranks for having chūnin-level combat analysis and leadership skills. As she gains more practice with her Sharingan, he is able to defeat experienced shinobi such as Buntan Kurosuki, Ashimaru, and Kirara.

himawari uzumaki

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (21)

Full name:himawari uzumaki
Birth date:unknown

Powers and Abilities:Himawari unknowingly woke up her byakugan while fighting with Boruto because the latter didn't want her to bring her favorite stuffed animal on the day of the ceremony where her father would become Hokage and she felt her stuffed animal tear from sadness and anger that she had to do it . she awakened her Byakugan.

Himawari was also seen using the Gentle Fist when it hit her father, who got between her and her brother and hit one of his vital points, her father losing consciousness. received in this coup.

Konohamaru Sarutobi

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (22)

Full name:Konohamaru Sarutobi
Birth date:December 30th

Powers and Abilities:At the start of the series, Konohamaru had little knowledge of abilities, most notably some bad techniques and the shapeshifting technique. After an encounter with Naruto, most of her technical arsenal consists of very sensual techniques that she learned from Naruto's basic techniques or concepts. He had some trap-setting skills.

However, after learning the meaning of true determination, Konohamaru's abilities began to improve significantly over time, suggesting that he may have inherited his grandfather's natural talent, the Third Hokage.


Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (23)

Full name:Mitsuki
Birth date:July 25th

Powers and Abilities:While most of his abilities are unknown, Mitsuki is said to have stood out among his peers due to his exceptional talent. He is shown to be quick on his feet and able to stretch his body, being able to shift and straighten his joints and lengthen his limbs using his chakra. Mitsuki possesses the ability to use the hermit transformation; however, he can only awaken this ability unconsciously.

Unique to him is that he is covered in a shell of chakra in the form of ethereal serpents around his entire body to aid him in his ranged attacks, with a single horn growing from his forehead. His speed increases dramatically, as shown when he managed to snatch a scroll and a key from Orochimaru before noticing that Mitsuki had moved.

Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (24)

Full name:Momoshiki Otsutsuki
Birth date:unknown
Height:1,76 metros

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Powers and Abilities:Momoshiki was an extremely powerful being who, along with Kinshiki, was seen as almost as big a threat as Kaguya, the ancestor of chakra. He could hold his own against multiple Kage at once. After absorbing Kinshiki, he was able to fight Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki, who used the hermit Rikudō's chakra. Additionally, Momoshiki possesses the power to levitate, as shown when he attacked the Chūnin Exams with Kinshiki.


Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (25)

Full name:kawaki
Birth date:unknown

Powers and Abilities:While not a ninja, Kawaki is still a remarkably powerful fighter, having undergone rigorous combat training by Jigen, both armed and unarmed, to master his various techniques. In the past, he was able to destroy dozens of dangerous robot dolls.

With the power he possesses, he would have killed Team Konohamaru in a single strike if Boruto hadn't taken advantage and absorbed his own kama, Delta openly praised Kawaki's power. Kawaki would potentially be an amazing shinobi if he could learn to use ninjutsu in addition to his kama and ninja artifact.

isshiki otsutsuki

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (26)

Full name:isshiki otsutsuki
Birth date:unknown

Powers and Abilities:Isshiki's power is so great that, despite the various upgrades he received to become immensely powerful, Jigen's body has a hard time containing it, preventing him from using his full power for very long. 🇧🇷 While holding back, he can simultaneously take on Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, the two strongest shinobi in history, and with more practice decisively defeat both of them, sealing the former and nearly killing the latter.

Amado described Isshiki's power as so immense that, if he could fully utilize his true powers, he could destroy the Earth without anyone being able to stop him.

go to the bone

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (27)

Full name:go to the bone
Birth date:unknown

Powers and Abilities:A clone of one of the sannin and a member of Kara, Koji is said to be a powerful monster with superhuman abilities. He was able to defeat one of Konoha's best jōnin with ease. In the anime, he was considered a very troublesome opponent by Kakashi Hatake.

He appears to be one of the strongest boarders, as he easily defeated and killed Victor and was confident that he could defeat Delta. Even Isshiki Ōtsutsuki himself recognized Koji as a competent man, capable of killing his ship after it was severely weakened and even holding his own against Isshiki himself.

sumire kakei

Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (28)

Full name:sumire kakei
Birth date:June 12
Height:1,47 metros

Powers and Abilities:Trained from a very young age, Sumire is a very stealthy and capable kunoichi. Thanks to her relationship with Gozu Tennō, Sumire can summon Nue to help her, in addition, she has shown her power to create a kind of dark chakra snake that she uses for various offensive and complementary actions.

On the other hand, Sumire showed great hand-to-hand combat skill and was able to fight on equal footing with Mitsuki for a few moments. However, her strongest characteristic is her deceitful and manipulative character, which allowed her to create a new identity. At the same time, she is very stealthy and cunning and can hide her presence.


Naruto, Shippuden and Boruto Characters: Age, Height, Birthday and Powers (29)

Full name:Kinschiki
Birth date:unknown
Height:2,31 metros

Powers and Abilities:Kinshiki was an extraordinarily powerful being who, along with Momoshiki and (in the anime) Urashiki, was considered a greater threat than Kaguya. He was able to contain a perfect jinchūriki, take on multiple Kage-level opponents at once, and block Sasuke Uchiha.

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How tall is Naruto at 19? ›

Naruto Uzumaki is a manga and anime character who is known for being a powerful ninja. As an adult, Naruto stands at 6'2", making him one of the tallest characters in the series.

How old tall is Naruto in Boruto? ›

In Boruto, it's known that it's been 15 years since the Ninja War, which had Naruto at about 17 years old. Since then, Naruto managed to get married, become the Hokage, and have not one but two different children. Because of that, Naruto is currently around 32 years old.

What is Kakashi height? ›

Kakashi's only listed height is 181 cm (~5 ft 11 in).

How tall is Neji? ›

Neji Hyūga
editNeji Hyūga
AgePart I: 13–14 Part II: 17–18
HeightPart I: 159.2 cm1.592 m <br />5.223 ft <br />62.677 in <br />–160.1 cm1.601 m <br />5.253 ft <br />63.031 in <br /> Part II: 172.1 cm1.721 m <br />5.646 ft <br />67.756 in <br />
30 more rows
Jun 18, 2018

Is Naruto 34 years old? ›

Given that Naruto celebrated his seventeenth birthday during that time, it's presumed that he is around thirty-two years old at the beginning of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

How tall is Minato in Naruto? ›

Minato Namikaze
Age24 (Death)
Height179.2 cm
Weight66.1 kg
13 more rows

Who is the tallest girl in Naruto? ›

Mei Terumī
editMei Terumī
BirthdateMay 21
AgePart II: 31
HeightPart II: 174 cm1.74 m <br />5.709 ft <br />68.504 in <br />
26 more rows

How tall is Himawari? ›

Himawari Uzumaki
editHimawari Uzumaki
HeightBlank Period: 93 cm0.93 m <br />3.051 ft <br />36.614 in <br />–102 cm1.02 m <br />3.346 ft <br />40.157 in <br /> Boruto Movie: 123.8 cm1.238 m <br />4.062 ft <br />48.74 in <br />–138 cm1.38 m <br />4.528 ft <br />54.331 in <br />
Kekkei GenkaiByakugan
22 more rows

How tall is Sakura Haruno? ›

Haruno Sakura: 150.1cm. Hyuuga Hinata: 148.3cm. Gaara: 148.1cm. Uzumaki Naruto: 147.5cm.

How tall is Kiba Boruto? ›

4/7 Kiba Inuzuka: 5 Feet, 8 Inches

This is mostly due to his beloved animal companion, Akamaru, and the unique combat style that he gains access to due to their bond.

How tall is obito in feet? ›

Obito Uchiha
Height6' (182 cm)
6 more rows

Is Boruto 16 years old? ›

Boruto is 12 years old during Boruto: The Movie and the bulk of the series thus far. He is two years older than his younger sister, Himawari, and was the firstborn child to Naruto and Hinata. Boruto is the main character of the show, taking in his father's footsteps (no matter how much he tries to avoid it).

How tall is Rock Lee? ›

How tall is Rock Lee? Rock Lee is 6'10" (2.08m) tall.

How tall is iruka? ›

Iruka Umino
editIruka Umino
HeightPart I: 178 cm1.78 m <br />5.84 ft <br />70.079 in <br />
WeightPart I: 66.2 kg145.946 lb <br />
Blood typeO
OccupationAcademy Teacher Headmaster
28 more rows

How tall is zabuza? ›

Zabuza Momochi
Height1.83 m
Weight72 kg
6 more rows

Is Kakashi a wife? ›

While many fans seem to have gotten mixed feelings due to a girl named Hanare, Kakashi is canonically single in both the manga and anime series.

How tall is Kawaki? ›

After the timeskip, Kawaki is 183cm tall, much taller than Naruto and Sasuke at 17.

How tall is Temari? ›

BirthdateAugust 23
AgePart I: 15–16 Part II: 19–20
HeightPart I: 157.3 cm1.573 m <br />5.161 ft <br />61.929 in <br />–159.3 cm1.593 m <br />5.226 ft <br />62.717 in <br /> Part II: 165 cm1.65 m <br />5.413 ft <br />64.961 in <br /> Blank Period: 170 cm1.7 m <br />5.577 ft <br />66.929 in <br />
30 more rows
Jun 18, 2018

Who is Neji's crush? ›

Neji's first childhood crush seemed to have been Hinata, since he appeared infatuated with her and really willing and happy to protect her, calling her cute. They were occasionally implied to often train together as they are shown fighting side by side during the war.

Is Naruto for 10 year olds? ›

Naruto Shippuden is recommended for all ages.

Does Naruto have an age limit? ›

Naruto. Type: Television series. Rating: PG. Age range: 11 years and older.

How old is Madara? ›

Madara Uchiha
Kekkei GenkaiSharingan Mangekyo Sharingan Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan Rinnegan Wood Release
ClassificationJinchuriki (Formerly) Missing-nin Sensor Type
15 more rows

Who is Minato son? ›

When Naruto learns who his parents are, he finally realizes his significance to Konohagakure as the son of Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage and hero who stopped the Nine-Tails.

How tall is Killer Bee? ›

Killer Bees (professional wrestling)
Killer Bees
Brian Blair (left), Jim Brunzell (right)
Tag team
MembersJim Brunzell B. Brian Blair
Billed heightsBrunzell: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m) Blair: 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
4 more rows

Who is 6 Hokage? ›

The Elder declares Kakashi Hatake as the 6th Hokage.

Who is the god girl in Naruto? ›

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki is the overarching antagonist in the Naruto franchise. She is the source of the whole conflict and the biggest threat faced by the heroes, however she is not the final villain of the series as Sasuke Uchiha is fought after her defeat.

How tall is Gaara in Boruto? ›

AgePart I: 12–13 Part II: 15–17
HeightPart I: 146.1 cm1.461 m <br />4.793 ft <br />57.52 in <br />–148.1 cm1.481 m <br />4.859 ft <br />58.307 in <br /> Part II: 166.1 cm1.661 m <br />5.449 ft <br />65.394 in <br /> Blank Period: 172.5 cm1.725 m <br />5.659 ft <br />67.913 in <br />
35 more rows

How tall is kurenai? ›

The leaves then turn orange-red in fall. 'Kurenai jishi' is a dwarf Japanese maple that will only reach about 4 feet tall at maturity.

Who will Himawari marry? ›

It is also said that Himawari marries Kazama when she grows up.

What is Himawari age now? ›

Well to Clarify In the Manga Himawari is a Toddler and in The anime she's 2 years younger than Boruto making her 10 in the anime and 4 or 3 in the manga. Who is best suited to inherit Kurama's power, Boruto or Himawari?

What height is Uzumaki? ›

Naruto shows Naruto Uzumaki's life during two separate stages: As a pre-teen, and as a teenager. In part one of the manga and anime, Naruto is illustrated at just four feet and nine inches. By part two, he is five feet and six inches. These both coincide with Naruto's age.

How tall is might guy? ›

Might Guy
Height6' (184 cm)
Weight167.6 lbs (76 kg)
6 more rows

How tall is mitsuki Boruto? ›

HeightGaiden: 149 cm1.49 m <br />4.888 ft <br />58.661 in <br />
Kekkei GenkaiJūgo's Clan's Kekkei Genkai
ClassificationMedical-nin Sage Sensor Type
AffiliationOtogakure Ryūchi Cave Konohagakure
25 more rows

How tall is Choji? ›

Chōji Akimichi
editChōji Akimichi
AgePart I: 12–13 Part II: 16–17
HeightPart I: 150.6 cm1.506 m <br />4.941 ft <br />59.291 in <br />–156.3 cm1.563 m <br />5.128 ft <br />61.535 in <br /> Part II: 172.3 cm1.723 m <br />5.653 ft <br />67.835 in <br /> Blank Period: 178 cm1.78 m <br />5.84 ft <br />70.079 in <br />
30 more rows
Jun 13, 2018

How tall is akamaru? ›

AgePart I: 3–4 Part II: 7–8
HeightPart I: 28 cm0.28 m <br />0.919 ft <br />11.024 in <br />–29.1 cm0.291 m <br />0.955 ft <br />11.457 in <br /> Part II: 127.2 cm1.272 m <br />4.173 ft <br />50.079 in <br />
WeightPart I: 5.1 kg11.244 lb <br />–5.3 kg11.684 lb <br /> Part II: 80.5 kg177.472 lb <br />
24 more rows

Is Naruto for 12 year olds? ›

Naruto Shippuden is recommended for all ages.

Is Naruto 13 years old? ›

At the age of thirteen, he enters the chunin exams, a process by which young, inexperienced genin ninja can advance in rank and undertake actual ninja assignments. Throughout the remainder of Naruto, the character remains thirteen years old. Naruto: Shippuden begins after a time skip that also occurs in the manga.

When was Naruto 13 years old? ›

At the start Naruto is 12. He turns 13 at some point around the Chunnin exams as he then goes on a 2 1/2 year training journey and is stated to be 16 when he returns.

Is Naruto 16 years old? ›

At the end of Naruto Shippuden and before The Last: Naruto the Movie, Naruto is 17 years old. His birthday is on October 10, which happens to be the same day that the Fourth Great Ninja War ended.

Does Naruto swear? ›

Swearing is not excessive but still present and includes words such as hell and damn.

Can my kid watch Naruto? ›

Most anime is based on a manga that, while read by most ages in Japan, has a rating of “T” or “T+”. These mean that, for American audiences, these manga are rated “Teen” or “Teen and Up”. Most go even further than that and specify “16 and Up”. Naruto falls into that category.

How old is Kurama? ›

With Kurama having no such limitation, we know for a fact that he was around 1000 years old before he reincarnated into the body of a human.

When did Naruto turn 16? ›

So it obviously went through in a few months inside of the show. After the time skip when he arrived back with Jiraiya, he was 15 but turned 16 shortly as shown when he met his dad. He turns 17 in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

How old is Gaara? ›

BirthdateJanuary 19
AgePart I: 12–13 Part II: 15–17
34 more rows

How old is Itachi in Naruto? ›

In Naruto, the first half of the anime series that includes "Naruto" and "Naruto Shippuden", Itachi Uchiha was 18. In Naruto Shippuden, he was 20 to 21.

How old is jiraiya? ›

Jiraiya was born on November 11th. For part one of the show, he is between 50 and 51 years old. Come part two, he's 54.

How old is Rock Lee? ›

Growing up alongside Team 8, Rock Lee is between 13 and 14 years old in Naruto. In Shippuden, he's 17. One of the most likable characters in the series, Lee is endearingly optimistic and relentlessly driven to prove to everyone that he can overcome any shortcomings.

Is Gaara older than Naruto? ›

Gaara is 1 year younger than Naruto, so was born the year after him in Year 66.


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