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A cat litter that doesn't break your back from watering? For cat owners accustomed to carrying, scooping up, and cleaning heavy traditional kitty litter, it sounds too good to be true. But over the past 75 years, cat litter has slowly evolved to meet the needs of a growing market. Among the many types of litter pet owners can choose from are heavyweight options that weigh a fraction of most average cat litter options. At the top of the pack is Tidy Cats Light Litter.

If you're wondering if light kitty litter is okay, so are we. So we researched the many varieties of the leading brand and tried three styles of Tidy Cats lightweight litter.

Litter Tidy Cats: What is the mark?

The Tidy Cats brand is truly at the forefront of the industry. It has been around since 1954 when it was introduced by Ed Lowe, the original inventor of cat litter. Over the past 70 years, Tidy Cats has grown exponentially and is now the #1 selling cat litter brand in America.

Innovation has always been part of the Tidy Cats success story. The brand offers a wide range of cat litter options to suit virtually every preference: clumped or unclumped, scented or unscented. there is even aCommon care convenienceFormula specially developed to feel and smell better for cats.

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Tidy Cats is also focused on sustainability. By 2025, the company aims to supply all factories with electricity from renewable sources and offer 100% recyclable packaging for its products.

But perhaps the biggest boon for cat owners (and their backaches) came with the introduction of Tidy Cats cat litter, which offers all the benefits of clay-based cat litter and is half the weight of the leading cat litter.

The Scoop on Tidy Cats Litter leve para gatos

While there is no shortage of lightweight cat litter options on the market today, Tidy Cats was one of the first to perfect the clay-based lightweight litter when it first released Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter in 2013.

With a long history of developing innovative cat litter options, it's no surprise that this gentle formula has earned our title.Overall, the best lightweight cat litter. As such, we were excited to explore the full range of Tidy Cats light litter options.

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Tidy Cats Light Litter Formulas

The brand currently offers seven varieties of Litter Lightweight Tidy Cats, including:

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Two fragrance-free options:

Perfect for pet parents with a sensitive sense of smell and cats who don't like scented litter, as these unscented formulas are fragrance and color free. Instead, they use natural activated carbon to absorb odors.

Two Glade-scented options:

These scented options feature light, pleasant scents from Glade, a leading air freshener brand. But if you're worried that the trash is just covering up the bad smells, don't worry. This litter also contains a 14-day ammonia blocker that does the heavy lifting to combat litter box odors.

A formula for continuous odor control:

Promising continuous odor control for up to 10 days at a time, this litter uses clay and deodorant to lock in unwanted odors, even in multi-cat households.

An Instant Odor Control Formula:

This formula fights odors on two fronts: odor neutralizers work as soon as odors appear, and ammonia blockers prevent odors from developing later or lingering.

A formula designed to combat and control four specific nuisance odors:

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Designed for multi-cat households, this scented litter uses natural clay and minerals and a deodorant to eliminate the noxious odors most notoriously associated with cat feces: fecal, bacterial, urinary and ammonia odors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tidy Cats Lightweight Kitten Litter

For helpful information about this lighter cat litter option, we've rounded up answers to the questions pet owners most often ask about Tidy Cats cat litter.

What is Tidy Cat litter made of?

Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter is made from a proprietary blend of clay and minerals. At the heart of this lightweight sand is perlite, a naturally occurring mineral formed from lava to create a type of absorbent volcanic glass. Tidy Cats combines it with sodium bentonite to increase absorption.

How often should Tidy Cat litter be changed?

Tidy Cats recommends removing the litter box daily, but a complete litter change is recommended every two weeks. Some cat owners choose to adjust this frequency based on the number of cats they have and other variables such as: B. how often the kittens remove the litter from the box.

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What sizes does Tidy Cats litter come in?

Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter is available in 17-pound boxes or resealable plastic pails, as well as easy-to-use, recyclable plastic containers in 6- or 8.5-pound sizes.

Is Tidy Cats Light Litter good for cats?

Yes, Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter has been carefully designed to be safe and non-toxic for cats, while effectively removing litter and litter box odors. According to Tidy Cats, it isThe most recommended brand by veterinarians for cats and personal use.[1].

Tidy Cats Litter Test

All products featured are selected at the discretion of the Great Pet Care editorial team and do not reflect direct endorsement by the author. However, Great Pet Care may receive a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

For this review, we tested three Tidy Cats light litter formulas:

I have two 3 year old shorthair cats, Cosmo and Stella, who are sisters and are generally pretty easy going. Still, when it comes to changes in feeding or birthing routines, some cats can be finicky at best and violently rambunctious at worst.

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Fortunately, we already use the traditionalTidy Cats Free & Clean Odorless Cat Litter, so we weren't too concerned about switching to the light formula.

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We gradually added other types of bedding to our cats' existing bedding over the course of a few days. Remarkably, Cosmo and Stella made a smooth transition to the new scented arenas; However, my husband and I had some adjustment issues!

Tidy Cats light, clean and odorless cat litter

Considering we already use the heavier version of this formula at our house, we felt comfortable jumping in and completely switching our litter box litter to the light formula as our first litter test.


  • The transition to light bedding was easy; Brushing was much easier.
  • We noticed right away that this litter nestles well.
  • The highly absorbent litter was a champion in the fight against odors.
  • No overpowering artificial perfumes or air fresheners.

things to consider

  • The pellets are really light, and that means a bit more spread tracking than usual.
  • The light weight is more expensive than normal clay cat litter. But if your budget allows it, it's a great convenience.

Tidy Cats Ligero with arena for cats Glade Clean Blossom

We were a little skeptical about trying this formula from the start, as my husband is very sensitive to perfumes and dyes. Therefore, we generally avoid scented trash. But I know scents and intensities vary, and it's often hard to tell from the description if the scent will be overpowering or subtle. So we thought we'd give it a try.

Again, our cats had no problem adjusting to the scented option. We expected the arena to be heavily scented, as Glade is known for its air fresheners and home fragrances. However, we found the pleasant floral aroma quite subtle. While it was still too pronounced for our unscented noses, the scent would likely appeal to cat owners who regularly purchase scented kitty litter.


  • As with the other formulas, we found the light sand super easy to load, pour, scoop, and dispose of.
  • Although we prefer fragrances, the smoothness of the Glade perfume surprised us. In fact, we prefer it to the scent of Tidy Cats 4-in-1 Light Kitty Litter.
  • Our cats didn't seem to notice the change in their litter.
  • Available in two fragrances (Clear Springs and Clean Blossom)

things to consider

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  • If your cats are used to scented cat litter, you can switch directly to your regular brand. Otherwise, introduce the sand a little at a time.

Tidy Cats 4-in-1 Light Cat Litter

While our two kitties don't really create enough waste to test this multi-feline formula, we were curious to see if it lived up to their specific odor control claims. According to Tidy Cats, their lightweight 4-in-1 formula targets the main culprits in litter box odors: feces, bacteria, urine, and ammonia.

Well, we don't get those specific odors, so the product definitely does what it says on the tin. However, within an hour of mixing this garbage with our odorless garbage, its odor has become too strong for us to tolerate.

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What is advertised as a "complex floral scent" smelled more like fruity bubblegum in our nostrils. Again, we're particularly sensitive to odors, so this might not bother someone more used to scented litter, or in homes where the litter box is out of the way or in a separate room.

And maybe that scent, along with the odor neutralizers in this litter's formula, help overcome the smell of litter box litter just as effectively. But we wanted to mention it because it blew us away, especially compared to the more delicate scent of Glade's scented formula.


  • All of the lightweight formulas seem to be consistent in performance as well as clumping and cupping ease. Whichever formula you try, you can count on it.
  • We didn't detect fecal or bacterial odors, nor did we detect a hint of urine or ammonia.

things to consider

  • The smell was strong and might be too strong for some pet owners.

Tidy Cats Light Litter Weighing – Our Verdict

After testing three different formulas for Tidy Cats Light Litter, we can confirm that the products we tested definitely lived up to the brand's product claims. Overall, Tidy Cats Light Litter is excellent at absorbing, clumping, and controlling odors. In particular, this dog is much easier to handle. You no longer need to be a bodybuilder to carry toddler-weight containers from the store to the car or fill the litter box. Digging also requires less effort.

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The lightweight litter is perfect for those who can't lift weights, as well as any cat owner who would rather spend time enjoying their kitty than lifting heavy litter. While the lighter loose grains tend to rut, we didn't notice any extra dust. And most importantly, our cats seemed to have adjusted well.

With household expenses on the rise these days, it's important to keep in mind that you're paying more for the convenience of Tidy Cats lightweight litter. However, it is just as effective as traditional heavy clay cat litter when it comes to excellent odor control and easy cleanup, yet it is half the weight. So if your budget allows it, Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter can definitely make caring for your cat easier on you...and your back!

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The author received compensation from Great Pet Care for his services in writing this article.


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