Star Wars producer explains the retcon [spoiler] in the bad lot Disney+ Premiere (2023)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for theStar Wars: the bad going.

Another day of the Star War achieved the galaxy and thus the fascinating debut ofThe bad lot.


The eagerly awaited direct sequence forGalaxy war, clone declineBring the faces of the Clone power family 99 in the early days of the empire at the center of attention. The extended debut episode of the seriesTest the unit that questions your beliefs and your role in the galaxyWhich leads to fear and intrigue.

But bad lot was not the only family figures who returned to animation. Under many friends and recognizable enemies,Caleb Dume appearancesAnd his teacher Dep, Billaba, had an impact after the episode opened when ordering 66 was explained.

So exciting that they were the moments, many fans gave that there was a direct contradiction to an earlier star in Canon -Kanan, Marvel Comics '2015 Viteo A.RebelOne of the most important creative chiefs in the series has already been inaugurated in the distant galaxy, Far Away's newest canonical rectifier.

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A difficult decision for the greatest good

Star Wars producer explains the retcon [spoiler] in the bad lot Disney+ Premiere (1)

In an interview withFan club, Like this,The bad lotThe executing producer Jennifer Corbett announced that the opening sequence with Caleb Dume was the slowest appearance of the pilot of the series:

“I can tell him that this special sequence in which we spent more time with the pilot, from writing to production, to edit and restart, because there was a lot about how we were talking about this crucial moment with Dave Filoni and Bradwanted to represent ...

Corbett explained that every choice was made for a certain reason, but the creative team still wanted to stay true toKananComic -Serie:

"Everything we did was for a certain reason and this may not match 100%, but only to honor what existed, but also give another version in this story."

How was Canon the Stern Canon?

Star Wars producer explains the retcon [spoiler] in the bad lot Disney+ Premiere (2)

When Lucasfilm announced a start of the official Star War history in 2014, the measure came with the understanding that all stories published from this moment would be part of the new canon.Cancel and this movement was an effort to maintain full continuity.

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Seven years later, many new stories have joined the canon about their stories about Star War, various membership levels.

The first big change in history came whenSpoilThe prologue was used by the siege of Mandalore ARC in pensioners in pensionersClone warsThe final season.

With the prologue, which was told as a flashback, there is enough for Dave Filoni to quote the book as a faulty memory, and in fact the event version of the program improved things.Ruin, Filoni didn't know that he would have the opportunity to get readyClone warsThen there are some maneuvers in terms of creative decisions.


There was also the slightly changed background story of Cobb Vanth, as can be seen in "Chapter 9"MandalorianThe local marshal of Mos Pelgo acquired the silly armor fat for a battleAfterTrilogy, butMandalorianAlthough.

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Another new one and with a lot of Retcon Mais Atroz was the survival of the emperor ofThe return of the Jedi.This is one of many JJ Abrams inSkywalkers originTogether with the true legacy of the king, the origins of the sensitivity of Snoke and Finn strength.Somehow returned [he]"Lucasfilm is still in the process of explaining this worrying return and doing it to do itEpisode VIAnd the story of Anakin Skywalker.

This now leads us to the last RETCON, as can be seen in the first episode ofThe bad lot: The death of Holy Billaba and as Caleb Dume (which some may know how Kanan Jarrus) survived order 66. The comicKananHe presented the sequence that occurs in a fire in which Caleb and his teacher advocate the surprise attack of their comrades.


Just as things happenThe bad lotIt is completely different. On the other hand, the presence of the unity of the socode is completing the sequence of its clones, including Captain Gray (whose color of the classification and armor in the comics was different) instead of killing many while defending themselvesKanan.

Canon error with Kanan Jarrus?

Star Wars producer explains the retcon [spoiler] in the bad lot Disney+ Premiere (3)

Not that thatKananIt is bad in itself; in fact, Caleb Dume's contempt for surprise and another 66 order time, which is shown on the screen, was extremely well done and certainly had an impact on the violent clone 99 soldiers.But the decision to change things raises a big question: why?

There was no way to integrate the events ofKananWithout animation problems, while lending the bad presence of the lot? The experience of Kanan's order 66 is excellent for the character, but the branches that will continue the sequence seem to expand a trend that Lucasfilm wanted to avoid.

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George Luke has certainly done his right part in the past; Luke and Leia did not intend to be brothers, or Vader was his father, and mouth came back from a certain death, but Lucas was never very concerned about the books into cancel the EU because he only saw the six films andClone warsAs official history.

Advance to the acquisition of Disney Lucasfilm, the cleaning of the black of clean continuity and the same problem remains.

Lucasfilm changes to a staggered system as a lively and lively project, it will no longer be easier, since almost a dozen programs for Disney+are in various production phases, also several films that will be published in the coming years.


This is less a criticism of the approach of the opening sequence ofThe bad lotThis is an investigation of the future of the franchise. It will be interesting to see whether Lucasfilm tackle continuous problems with the rate or whether things are played in interviews with creative customers who are calling decisions.To change the original plan for the new canon and will only be a matter of time until the current state is clear.

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