The 9 best 'Poldark' characters, ranked from Demelza to Elizabeth (2023)

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These characters kept us coming back for more of the intense drama.

The 9 best 'Poldark' characters, ranked from Demelza to Elizabeth (1)

poldunkelIt was one of the most popular historical dramas of recent years. The characters are so diverse and extremely well written (although in this version they are quite different from the books written byWinston Graham). Nobody is perfect in this series and all protagonists have strengths and weaknesses. This story perfectly shows the complexity of people from all walks of life. Demelza (Leonor Tomlinson), the poor girl who is beaten by her father and becomes a lady, to the courted and admired Isabel (Heide Stock) that cannot escape its conditional loop, let's look at itpoldunkel9 best characters.

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9. Hugo Armitage

The 9 best 'Poldark' characters, ranked from Demelza to Elizabeth (2)

Hugo Armitage (Josh White House) is a great character mostly because of the effect he had on Demelza. Though his presence on the show is short-lived, he's the reason she feels wanted and loved, which she hasn't done in a long time. Although Ross (Aidan Turner) thinks that Hugh is Demelza's revenge for her affair with Elizabeth (and the fact that her baby is most likely Ross's child), for her Hugh is much more than that. She is too honest and loyal to take revenge with anyone , especially since it's been so long since her night with Elizabeth. Hugh Armitage courted Demelza in a way Ross never did. He knew her as a lady and not as a girl. It's the first time they want her like a lady. Hugh is an artist and sees the world as such. When he sees love in front of his eyes, he goes after it, simply because he's a utopian who wants to seize the day. In this case, it wasn't about revenge, it was simply about attraction and the connection of two souls. When Hugh dies, Demelza is heartbroken and even shares her grief with Ross. In a way, Hugh was the reason Ross realized he was taking Demelza for granted.

8. Verity Poldark / Guilt

The 9 best 'Poldark' characters, ranked from Demelza to Elizabeth (3)

TRUE (Rubin Bentall) is perhaps the character most similar to Elizabeth. Like her, she is controlled by the males of her family. But he's also the kindest, most sensitive person living at Trenwith House. He never judges people, he doesn't care about social classes, so he doesn't seem to belong to this family. She believes in love and equality. She is the first to congratulate Ross and Demelza on their marriage and actually becomes Demelza's closest friend. However, her resemblance to Elizabeth ends the day she meets Captain Blamey (Richard Harrington) over his controlling and selfish brother Francis (Kyle Soller). Leaving Trenwith and this company for a man she loved was the only way to be happy. She didn't choose her fate based on what people expected of her and wrote her own happy ending with the help of Demelza.

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7. Elizabeth Chynoweth/Poldark/Warleggan

The 9 best 'Poldark' characters, ranked from Demelza to Elizabeth (4)

Elizabeth is an essential character. The series begins because she was Ross' first love. She is the quintessential 18th-century lady stuck in her condition: many court her, but she never marries the only man she has ever loved. Elizabeth was always unhappy because she never got what she wanted. She pretended she would like to make faces for many women of her social class, but she never got over Ross's return from the war. Your life is full of unhappy moments. The two men she married, Francis and George (Jack Farthing), never let them get involved in family/business affairs. You're never really in control of your home, you don't have your own money, and you don't even get to choose your children's education. Marrying George was probably the only real decision she ever made because she did it to ensure a decent future for her children. Elizabeth is written to be constantly questionable no matter what choices she makes. She's one of the best characters on the show simply because she's so obvious. Since you are unable to choose your own life, you must choose what makes your life easier: money and a position in good society. She is constantly the victim of the machinations and manipulations of her two husbands. While fans cheered for Demelza, they also felt sorry for Elizabeth, who never lived the life she wanted.

6. Morwenna Carne

The 9 best 'Poldark' characters, ranked from Demelza to Elizabeth (5)

Als Morwenna (Elise Chappell) appears in Poldark and meets Drake (Harry Richardson), it feels refreshing and amazing the way these two were written for each other. Like Drake, Morwenna is kind, caring, and intelligent, although she is more realistic about her relationship with Drake. Although she initially tries to fight her feelings for him, she soon begins to believe that there is hope for their love. But after her horrifying marriage to the horrid Osborne Whitworth, the happy and innocent Morwenna we knew is utterly heartbroken and withdrawn. Your situation is absolutely heartbreaking and upsetting. Nobody but Dr. Enys (Lukas Norris) would listen to her. Unfortunately, divorce or prison weren't options for the monster husband back then. In fact, Morwenna had children before marrying Whitworth. After marrying the love of her life, Drake, she opens a school and teaches the children to read and write, giving her life a new direction, a new ambition. After a while he even has his own family with Drake. If there's one character that really needed a happy ending, it was definitely Morwenna.

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5. Caroline Penvenen/Enys

The 9 best 'Poldark' characters, ranked from Demelza to Elizabeth (6)

Karolina (Gabriella Wilde) is a great character. When she first appears in the series, you might even think she's more of a caricature of the rich heiress who only cares about high society, like we've seen in many other historical dramas before. However, Caroline is also the embodiment of a woman of her time who theoretically has a lot of power and yet cannot make her own decisions unless her uncle agrees to them first. Beneath her cold, ruthless, ladylike vibe, she is a strong, kind, and generous woman who knows how to use her stature and money to help those she loves and those less fortunate. Anonymous charities even became his trademark. She hates that Dwight can only consider her the lucky heir, but her upbringing made it difficult for her to show her feelings and vulnerability. Unlike her husband, Caroline masks her feelings with sarcasm, although she opens up more when she marries Dwight. When he goes missing in France, Caroline will move heaven and earth to find him. When he returns, Dwight is suffering from intense trauma and Caroline is distraught over the situation. While she usually pretends to poke fun at feelings and emotions, this time we really see how worried and scared she is about losing her husband.

4. Erpel Beef

The 9 best 'Poldark' characters, ranked from Demelza to Elizabeth (7)

Drake Carne, Demelza's brother, is an innocent, kind, and romantic young man. His love for Morwenna is the purest in the series. He believes their love can break the social barrier between them. However, Morwenna is forced to marry the abusive Whitworth. Although his family wants him to leave Morwenna, Drake understands that he could never love anyone the way he loves her and decides to wait for the young woman as long as possible. When Whitworth dies, Drake finally gets a second chance with his true love, but the latter suffers from PTSD after being subjected to so much horrible abuse at the hands of his late husband. When Drake finally sees his lifelong dream come true and marries Morwenna, he makes sure to never push her and be as patient as she is still afraid of physical contact. They finally welcome a boy and Drake gets the happy ending he deserves.

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3. Dra. Dwight Enys

The 9 best 'Poldark' characters, ranked from Demelza to Elizabeth (8)

Probably the most unyielding, honorable, humane and ethical character ofPoldark -dr Enys is progressive. His methods are often questioned by those who consistently oppose medical changes and advances. He is also Ross Poldark's most loyal friend. He is always there for you, even in the most dangerous situations. He pledges to treat his poor patients as he would treat the wealthier ones. In fact, his education and social status would have guaranteed him a future in the most prestigious places, but Dwight's unwavering principles could never be withered by wealth and luxury. Of course, Dwight is only human and makes the mistake of having an affair with the already married Karen. When her husband accidentally kills her, Dwight is deeply affected and blames himself for a long time. Once again, Dwight perfectly represents how the show was written to have characters with layers and nuance. His marriage to Caroline, the love of his life, is also fraught with difficulties and heartbreak, but Dwight always finds a way to remain solid and loyal to his patients, his wife, and his friends.

2. Ross Poldark

The 9 best 'Poldark' characters, ranked from Demelza to Elizabeth (9)

Fans definitely have mixed feelings about Ross Poldark. Yes, he is everything we look for in a hero: brave, noble, incorruptible, equal. But he is also often unpleasant, arrogant, prone to tantrums, and disloyal to Demelza. His way of blowing hot and cold makes him very difficult to love at times. In fact, one could say that the best thing about Ross is his love for Demelza. His marriage is full of ups and downs, especially after he vented his frustrations with Elizabeth on his system in season 2 and ended an unfulfilled romantic relationship. Realizing she will lose Demelza, she hides her shame and sadness with pride, making it even harder to forgive him.

While this paragraph seems to paint a bad picture of Ross, he's actually one of the best characters. He has flaws, but he is a very good man who despises even his own social class and hypocrisy. Are you looking for a profound change in society. He wants equality and justice so badly that he always seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, which shows how empathetic he is. Written as a complex, layered man, his flaws as well as his strengths make him one of the best and most relatable characters ever written for television.

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1. Demelza Carne/Poldark

The 9 best 'Poldark' characters, ranked from Demelza to Elizabeth (10)

Let's face it, Demelza ispoldunkelis the greatest strength. Talk about character development! Demelza evolves from the poor and uneducated young woman who wanders the streets with her dog to the most compassionate, intelligent, and dignified character on the show. Demelza's strength lies above all in her way of staying true to herself and her beliefs and never looking down on other people when she becomes Ross Poldark's wife. He never forgot where he came from and actually used his past to make a difference and cause good in the upper class. She never lets her marriage to Ross dictate who she is meant to be. Your integrity and goodwill are so natural. Demelza is definitely a diamond in the rough at its best. She is more loyal to Ross, although she has to deal with his short-temper. It's impossible not to be heartbroken for Demelza afterwards.Tnight hatwith isabel He was always there for Ross. She's lost her daughter and supported the family through thick and thin, and yet she's been through a lot of heartbreak because of Ross. Demelza is such a lovable character that you can't help but cheer for her when her relationship with Ross is at its peak.


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