Yoda would have defeated Palpatine if he had never left Coruscant (2023)

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The arrest of Darth Sidious in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith didn't go as planned, but Yoda could have stayed on Coruscant.

Yoda would have defeated Palpatine if he had never left Coruscant (1)

Mace Windu failed in his mission to arrest PalpatineStar Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, but Yoda could have done better. As powerful as Darth Sidious may have been, it's easy to forget that he actually seemed afraid of Master Yoda. as seen in...Rache der Sith, Palpatine initially thought he could deal with the ancient Jedi Master, and when Yoda proved capable of countering the Sith Lord's bolt of power, he fled. He just defeated Yoda by maneuvering the fight to take place inside the Senate building and arming the entire area against him.


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givenPalpatine's apparent fear of Yoda, it's fascinating to imagine how different things would have been if the Grand Master had stayed on Coruscant instead of going to Kashyyyk. Palpatine had already revealed his ultimate plan, meaning he would have plenty of leeway to adjust. With Yoda on Coruscant, there's a good chance his master plan failed.

Yoda had a better relationship with Anakin than with Mace Windu

Yoda would have defeated Palpatine if he had never left Coruscant (2)

Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu's relationship was complicated as the two never seemed to see eye to eye as all of Anakin truly looked up to the Master of the Temple. Yoda wasn't exactly Anakin's best friend and his advice often came off as platitudes, but the two had a much better relationship. InStar Wars The Clone Wars, Anakin was the one Yoda trusted to help him on an unorthodox mission that required sneaking out of the temple. There, he spoke openly about elements of Anakin's character that he admired.


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This understanding means that Yoda would have treated Anakin Skywalker very differently when he approached him with the news that Palpatine was the Sith Lord the Jedi had been searching for for years. Yoda benefited from centuries of wisdom and experience in dealing with attachments, and he must have sensed the turmoil in Anakin's heart; He may even have realized why when he realized Palpatine had a reason to tell him. The conversation would have been difficult, but Yoda's more cautious and cautious approach would have made Anakin less volatile.

Yoda may not have left Anakin alone

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Generallywar of the galaxiestimeline, Mace Windu made the mistake of telling Anakin to stay in the chambers of the Jedi Council. He leaves Anakin alone, isolated, contemplating the possibility of losing Padmé and questioning whether he should have trusted the Jedi or Palpatine. Yoda, on the other hand, would probably have the wisdom to ensure Anakin isn't left alone. It's unclear who he might have left Anakin withMaestro Jedi Kelleran Beq, Rector of the Temple, but that would have helped relieve Anakin's stress.

Yoda would have led the mission to arrest Palpatine, not Mace Windu

Yoda would have defeated Palpatine if he had never left Coruscant (4)

The biggest change is of course the one in this alternativewar of the galaxiesIn the timeline, Yoda would be the mission leader against Darth Sidious, not Mace who could still be on the mission. Yoda's experience would have made him much more cautious, and he might have looked around the Chancellor's quarters carefully and finally realized thatSith relics in Palpatine's offices. This may have prompted Yoda to see the possibility of cheating, the kind of cheating that proved deadly when Mace took on this mission for him.

Palpatine would not have been able to defeat both Mace Windu and Yoda

Yoda would have defeated Palpatine if he had never left Coruscant (5)
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It is reasonable to assume that Palpatine would not be able to defeat Mace Windu and Yoda. There is intense debate as to how the duel between Palpatine and Mace Windu actually took place; Some argue that the Sith Lord faked his apparent defeat, while others insist he actually stood on the brink of defeat. However, the addition of Yoda would definitely be too much even for Darth Sidious. The aging Jedi Master would tip the scales on the light side, leaving Palpatine in a difficult position.

However, here is the alternativewar of the galaxiesthe timeline becomes much more opaque. Palpatine would know he was up against Yoda and Mace Windu, and would likely sense that Anakin would not come to his rescue. The most likely scenario is that he set the same trap for the Jedi and tricked them into allowing him to register a coup attempt before engaging them in combat and exploiting an escape route. If he escapes, he could issue Order 66, prompting the clone army to attack the Jedi. His position would have been more precarious but he still had chances to win.

Yoda would have arrested Palpatine

Yoda would have defeated Palpatine if he had never left Coruscant (6)

Arguably Mace Windu's biggest mistake was his refusal to arrest Palpatine. With Yoda, the two could have arrested Palpatine without premature bloodshed. Yoda would probably realize that Palpatine should have died, but that could have happened later.

If Anakin had come when Yoda and Mace were defeating Palpatine or about to defeat Palpatine, Yoda would have been smart enough to recognize the young Jedi's fragile state and comply with his pleas to arrest Palpatine rather than kill him. Nonetheless,Mace has legitimate intentions to kill Sidiousin total. This would have saved Anakin from certain destruction from the dark side, the Jedi Order, and the entire galaxy. Even if Yoda didn't want to arrest Palpatine with Mace, the two could have killed Sidious before Anakin could stop him, since Anakin arrived just before the scene before Mace had a chance to run his lightsaber through him. .

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Anakin Skywalker would have fought Order 66, not led it

Yoda would have defeated Palpatine if he had never left Coruscant (7)

This is the most important thing to understandwar of the galaxiesTimeline Mace Windu was right when he insisted that Palpatine could never stand trial. The Sith Lord had spent the last decade controlling the courts and Senate, and had the support of Order 66 to rely on should the Jedi discover his true identity. The Republic had already fallen, the Jedi just hadn't noticed. If Palpatine escaped Mace Windu and Master Yoda, he could turn the clones against the Jedi and use the political system to cover up his actions.

However, one of Palpatine's plans would have failed in this timeline; Anakin Skywalker would not have been by his side when Order 66 was issued. Instead, Anakin would still be in the Jedi Temple and, ironically, the attack would have resolved the conflict in his heart. Anakin has always been driven by a desire to protect and defend, and Order 66 would mean he would be in a position where he could stop thinking and simply react to the hail of gunfire. If the chosen one led the defense of the Temple instead of attacking it, many more Jedi would have been spared and the new days would have been all the more dangerous for Palpatine because those Jedi would have been able to move against him.Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the SithHe may have yet seen the Sith triumph, but his reign may have been much shorter.

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